The Liberal Agenda – Labour’s 2017 Campaign Launch


This is the campaign of our lives – and we’d love you to be there as we kick it off!

Join Jacinda Ardern at Auckland Town Hall on Sunday 20 August as she caps off a couple of whirlwind weeks by officially launching our election campaign.

As well as Labour’s fantastic leadership team, MPs, candidates, volunteers and supporters, we’ll be joined by a special award-winning musician.

Don’t miss it – it’s going to be great! #LetsDoThis

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WHAT: Labour Party Election Launch

WHERE: Auckland Town Hall

WHEN: 1pm Sunday


  1. Hi Jacinda;

    Please put our regional rail service back in the election as our export regions such as North land, east coast Hawes Bay and Taranaki urgently needs rail as the roads are gridlocked with trucks and our cities are suffering from truck noise, vibration and air polution causing us all sleepless nights from these trucks pollution & noise from 24/7 trucks every night and day.

    These regions are potential wins for labour, so go hard and pledge to do what we heard promised by Phil Twyford when he was Labour transport shadow spokesperson in 2014.

    Foreword to 2016 –

    Labour Shadow for Transport Sue Moroney was invited to Gisborne in November 2016 after we held a rail forum in which Sue pledged again to re-open the Gisborne/Napier rail service, which was closed in 2012 due to a Government (lack of funding) caused a washout of one km of rail, (Phil Twyford confirmed this in a Labour party press statement) in 2014.

    Sue Moroney said in the Gisborne Herald that labour would re-open the rail but first we needed to help to change the government.

    Please help remove the errant National MP Anne Tolley from our region by placing our rail restoration on the election platform to win back our provinces for labour again.

  2. Bugger i live in CHCH now but i hope my old home town comes out and makes a stand to change the government.

    The next few weeks will tell us if this will a MMP landslide or a hung parliament with Winston deciding the direction for the next three years.


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