MUST WATCH: Hit & Run with Nicky Hager


Investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager talks about his recent book Hit & Run; the events it uncovers and the issues raised for New Zealand.


  1. I gather something is coming up on Monday on TV3, Paula Penfold made reference to it and the questions she has been asking a government department and having trouble getting answers. That was on The Panel the other week.

  2. If Jacinda is the next PM she should spend the first year of her government holding enquiries on the last corrupt nine years of this bloody administration and make sure the public is in no doubt as to the actions of Key , English , Joyce ,Collins and others starting with Burnham and Pike.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • It’s not about revenge. More about preventing this sort of shit happening again.
      Doesn’t matter whether it’s Paula Benefit, or Bet Lynch (that thing that used to be head of WINZ ), or the protagonists in the whole Rwanda/Burundi fuckup.
      Revenge never works. Holding people to account does.
      And Christ! NuZull has a shirload of volk that need to be held to account.

      • The battle of Bamiyan is notable for other reasons. Frankly friendly fire was directed at a detachment in pursuit of enemy insurgents sending 25mm rounds from NZLAV/’s into our own solders. If we can’t talk seriously about that then we have no right to talk about killing villages who are also victims of the Taliban.

        All this light deplorable PR is BS. All the attached/detached mounted riffles is BS, shifting the focus from the back office to the front was totally BS. Buying LAVs that can’t be sent strategic distances in C-130’s is BS. Sending our soldiers into a country when Prime Minister Karzai was saying your shooting up to many innocent civilians is BS. Wondering years down the track why all this played out the way it did is total fucking bullshit.

        We all grew up watching America blow shit up on TV because they lost a little bit of global wealth and power to countries still trying to rebuild after the devastating banana republics episode and US meddling in foreign government is generalised right across the world. But suddenly it’s all ok now because John Car Key says gets sum guts? Fuck off. We where all there. We all cheered in some way the slow dismantling of NZDF capabilities and wonder when we send them into conflict zones why things fuck up.

        Nah it’s time for the New Zeland public to drink there share of this cup of sick. I demand focus on NZDF fundametlas, EEZ Patrol, Ocean Tasking and Peace-Keeping. And these things aren’t cheap. But they could be cheaper if bean counters on the 9th floor would listen to defence planners, and zombie liberals would quit listing to dog whistle PR telling em anti-equality=Nazi or some shit like that.

        And the sick thing is. The villages that died or lived onactually wanted a friendly force, well trained, well equip, probably still do want help with the Taliban question.

        We should have been able to learn the listens of Sir Edmund Hilary in how to deal with mountain tribes and jam an airport school and medical centre in there, run 2 weekly return flights out of Pakistan This is pretty much what Edmund Hillary did for the Nepalese. But nah, we had to teach mountain people, western agriculture with no hope of securing base ingredient, minerals and chemicals essential in the production of western agriculture.

        So yeah. Have a nice day you too.

    • Sorry, you must be gullible to the extreme, to expect Jacinda Ardern to hold anyone to account, she wants positivity, not revenge or holding others to account, that is the problem.

      And the ones that should hold others to account, the Ombudsmen, other commissioners, they are usually absent from the crime scene, and come up with all kinds of legalistic excuses to take NO action.

      Nothing much will change under a Jacinda led government, problem is, so many are so damned desperate now, they will vote for any horse or candidate in the race, other than English and the present government, just for ‘change’, but that may just be a change of impression and little else.

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