Contrary to a media report, the Coalition for Better Broadcasting does not support Mike Hosking to moderate TVNZ’s leader’s debates. –


Stuff quotes the CBB from a 2014 blog:

“So top marks to Mike Hosking for keeping his views to himself”.

But the next sentence reads:

“The problem was, we already knew what his views were. No amount of poker-face could stop us seeing John Key and David Cunliffe through the Hosking lens.”

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The thrust of that blog is still relevant four years later as the increasingly immoderate Hosking is announced to moderate between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern.

“Hosking can pretend to turn his bias off, just as he turns it on,” says CBB Director, Myles Thomas. “He can control his expressions and challenge both politicians equally.

“But merely by being there his previous, frequently expressed views are present, and the audience are reminded of them every time we see him.

“Ardern will say something and the camera cuts back to Hosking listening. In that instant, our perception of her comment is shaped by his impassive expression.

No matter how hard Hosking tries to remain neutral, he taints everything that Ardern says and strengthens everything English says.

“And with no studio audience, Hosking’s influence is stronger still. He’s our surrogate, the sounding board, the viewer’s guide on how to react to what’s being said. And everyone knows what he’s thinking because he chooses to tell us every morning, noon and night.”

The Coalition for Better Broadcasting finds it deplorable that TVNZ choose such a biased moderator for what is a very important piece of political theatre. It’s also quite shocking that TVNZ lets him broadcast his views every weeknight on Seven Sharp, without any balance whatsoever.

Myles continues, “If there was a brilliant broadcaster who frequently proclaimed the policies of Labour and the Greens, denounced Bill English, and was in favour of pay equity, Māori sovereignty and helping the poor with old-fashioned socialism – would TVNZ use them to moderate the debates? Not likely.

“If they did, those who currently dismiss the criticism of Hosking would be protesting the loudest. And the CBB would join them because we believe there should be no political bias on publicly funded media in New Zealand.”


  1. Great stuff CBB awesome.


    One thing is for sure now!

    Radio NZ/TVNZ has been obviously pressured by SS Joyce who is National’s long standing aggressive “Propagandist” to not attack any of their National Party policies leading up to the election, this is clear!!!!

    I warned this would happen time and time again and have over 16 times beginning in 2015 posted the suggestions that all opposition Parties must get together and “seize” by legal means; – half of the public media known as Radio NZ and TVNZ for them to use leading up to the election!!!!!

    Several bloggers have also agreed with my suggestion, but nothing has been done CBB.

    Can you guys run a petition now please as we need to send a shot across their bow to pull SS Joyce’s interference in and allow the freedom of the press flourish now.

  2. We do not support Hoskings moderating the NZTV Election debates either thanks.

    Use a neutral moderator like Chapman?

  3. Hosking won’t be able to turn this election, probably, but the directors of TVNZ must be cleaned out and the law changed to prevent reoccurance of the blatant political bias at the top of “The People’s TV Network”.

    Giving someone like Hosking so large and broad a pulpit, uncontested, must be at the top of the list of outrages crying out for reform.

  4. Yes CleanGreen

    It must be very depressing for you to realise that every National Voter, every NZ First Voter, Every United Voter, Every ACT Voter, Every Maori Party Voter, Every Corporation; Every Business Man; Every Destroyer of our Land And Environment; Every Fishing Corporation; Most Legal Firms; Every Public Relations Firm; Every University; Every Health Board; Every Police Department; Every Court; Every Judge;

    IS the hostile enemy of New Zealand.

    For all those people are interested in their own selfish personal ill gotten wealth. The badge they all wear is “Pay Staff the Least Possible Income.Make the poor suffer. ”

    Their little one eyed hero is a childish chap known as Mike Hosking. He is highly emotional. He only ever considers one side of any spectrum. He giggles like a girl.

    In so doing he has condoned or passed over everything from leaky homes and buildings; to homelessness; to massive Rental rises; to silence and feigned ignorance of incompetent and corrupt ministers.

    He simply has never grown up. One eyed people should not be allowed on National Tax Payer Media. Unless to play in kindergarten with toy plastic wheelies and tight pants and diapers.

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