Bootcamps? National want to bring back counter-productive bootcamps? No wonder we have such a high youth suicide rate

By   /   August 13, 2017  /   18 Comments

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Bootcamps don’t help those forced through them, bootcamps don’t stop our insane prison population, bootcamps make angry National supporters feel good.

Bootcamps? Bloody bootcamps? That’s National’s deep thinking on how to stop young offenders from swelling the over 10 000 NZers currently locked up in our racist and ultra violent, underfunded private prison industry.

Folks, Bootcamps don’t work. You know how we know that? Because bloody National tried this before and they totally failed, 50% of those who were forced through the Bootcamps last time reoffended within 12 months.

We also know historically when these Bootcamps were tried in the 1980s they became horror stories of state sanctioned abuse.

The reason National are out trying to sell Bootcamps is because they know that tough on crime bullshit plays well with ‘blue dragon’ Chinese NZers who vote National, it plays well with their snarling rural base and it plays well in the provinces.

If it were up to National voters, public hangings would be brought back.

That’s what makes this announcement so shameful, all academic research plus the experiences of doing this twice before show us that bootcamps are just raw meat pandering to an ignorant and angry electorate.

Bootcamps don’t help those forced through them, bootcamps don’t stop our insane prison population, bootcamps make angry National supporters feel good.

This isn’t social policy, it’s malicious spite chasing votes.

Brothers and sisters – if you honestly believe National’s newly announced ‘bootcamps’ are the solution, then you are the problem.

If this counter-productive shit is what National are putting out as youth policy, it is no wonder our youth suicide rate is through the roof.

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  1. Marc says:

    I suppose if you are suicidal, you need another kick in the guts, aye?

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    Just kindling more hardened criminals for more jails is just where National are going here.

    National need to learn what my departed Mum used to say to me:
    “Treat the cause, not the symptom”

    National are stuffed.

    • bert says:

      Agreed Cleangreen. Attack the cause.

      One of the many issues around crime is the huge increase in service station/dairy robberies. Why? Once upon a time it was money, now it is cigarettes. What caused this? Well clearly it was National punitive approach to “smokefree NZ” and the rapid price rise in cigarettes was going to be the answer. National absolutely no nothing of addictions and the means by which some will go and what some will pay for in the black market. So if they are going after criminals, maybe they should start with their own caucus. Certainly some on the front bench could do with a damn good bootcamp!

    • Nick J says:

      Yes indeed. Quite possibly the most brain dead policy ever. Evidence of the senescence and past their use by date of this crop of blinkers.

  3. OncewasTim says:

    They don’t know how lucky they are. In my day, we had to walk 5 miles to school every day and 5 miles home. We had cardboatd in our shoes we were so poor.
    There was conscription.
    Besides, we will need some canon fodder when Trump starts W3

    • Michelle says:

      the old rhetoric ‘in your days’ well I don’t know what days you are talking about but in my days ( 1960s) we got free milk and fruit @ Kindergarten
      And then when I was a teenager we got subsidized mutton to help the farmers.
      I think people like you Oncewastim need to stop living in the past and move on and leave our young people alone. We are living in different times.

  4. OncewasTim says:

    We could call it the Bull and Mary Battallion

  5. Mike the Lefty says:

    National trot this one out, with minor variations, before every election.
    You know IF National actually did it properly, planned and resourced it properly it could work to some extent.
    But the reality is that National are too lazy and half-hearted to do it properly. We know from experience that National will not fund it or implement it properly and they will just wash their hands of all the details and leave it to an Army organisation not equipped or trained for it.
    National are always strong on vote buying rhetoric but weak on practical details.
    A policy like this is is pitched to the hard right and people like Colin McVicar.

    • Michelle says:

      And Garth Mc Vicar by the sounds of the support coming from the sensible sentencing trust who aren’t so sensible after all. As a victim myself I have been to 4 of their victims conferences (and I liked meeting other victims who have been through the justice system.
      But I have to say there are some good people there but I don’t share their views on many issues namely cultural ones. Harsher sentences for some yes but many Pakeha victims are treated better than us (Maori) by the courts and the NZ police and I say this from experience not once but twice.

  6. Siobhan says:

    Noooo Nooooo Noooo…its not ‘Boot Camps’, even Bill knows they don’t work.
    They are ‘Wrap Around Boot Camps’.
    That’s a different thing altogether.
    Show Bill the evidence that ‘Wrap Around Boot Camps’ don’t work…you can’t can you.
    You people and your science and you fact basedevidence.

    (Come the Revolution anyone who has used the words ‘wrap around’ will have some serious explaining to do)

    • OncewasTim says:

      Nothing yoof want more (and me for that matter) is to have set of Paula Bennett ‘services’ wrapped around me.
      (/sarc for Michelle’s benefit)
      This really is beginning to be 19th C stuff

  7. Sarah says:

    Bootcamps are an evil idea and need to be kicked out like the punitive Govt we have.
    If we were to have a sort of civil defence/search and rescue programme which all were involved in – no matter what age you are but directed to ability – I would be all for it. I think it could be achieved on a community level with whole families involved (then family would recognise individual skills and assets which is a positive). This would mean we would all be able to rescue ourselves, and each other, in times of disaster and work together for the good of all. The military could be utilised as part of this giving people training in things like bushcraft etc which would be far more useful than the war games they play. I saw a control freak come into his own in civil defence so everyone would have a part to play.
    In fact why hasn’t this always been in place? We have a lot of natural disasters and this would not cost a lot to put in place.
    Picking on youth petty crims as a punitive measure which is Natz plan just isolates these people further.

  8. LOSTRELIC says:

    On a related note, bootcamps for beneficiaries have been thriving since this government came into power. They advertise them on TV screens in WINZ offices, and on posters at the doctors/GP offices – sponsored by WINZ, MSD, and rubber stamped by phony right wing think-tanks masquerading as health authorities. It’s a circle-jerk of hate.

  9. Nick J says:

    Nothing beats meaningful use of your time for esteem. And some cash to reinforce the happiness. Years back I built a hut for weather instruments and put it on the side of a mountain. It still gives me a buzz when I see it, the money is long gone.

    I cannot get my head around a government who would pay the cost of a boot camp rather than a community based effort to do some local good, such as cleaning streams with riparian plantings, or cutting bush tracks, or just helping the elderly. So fekkin un-creative. So punitive.

    We have to get rid of this bunch of un-creative bastards.

  10. If it were up to National voters, public hangings would be brought back.

    Only if the Establishment could guarantee that only “the filthy benes” and “lazy poor” would be the ones hung. Then they’d go for it.

  11. Barry says:

    Has Bill thought about resurrecting the birch beatings,my grandfather thought it was the bees knees and it would be a lot cheaper than the proposed wrap around boot camps.