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  1. I wonder, are ‘The Standard’ authors in support of the Assad regime, still sticking with their shallow proto-fascist editorial line?

    And, if they are. What does this say about the political maturity of the The Standard authors regarding the other great political issues of our time?

    (Like climate change for one instance.)

    • Got a viable replacement for Assades democratically elected government?…

      For the last 3 years all forces from Russian/Syrian lead, and western lead forces combating ISIS say every day they are just meters away from taking ISIS positions. But ISIS seems to be carrying on just fine.

      So western forces in the middlest combating ISIS is around 10,000 aprox and they operate out of bases in Saudi Ardia, Germany, Iraq just to name a few places and a handful of special forces units scattered on the ground. In the Muslim world there are 2 billion aprox and they are fighting on there Whenua. Not that I agree with them on anything. It’s just with the force ratio of aprox 2 billion over 10 thousand, ISIS can maintain combate operations casually which makes keeping Assades democratialy secular government in place wise.

  2. Why did James Shaw (Green Party leader) accept an interview to appear on the Nation (TV3) to discuss the Party’s campaign relaunch when he didn’t want to divulge the details?

    One would expect the Greens to have utilise the media coverage to kick off the relaunch.

    Being coy tends to turn voters off.

      • Bloody interesting times here now!!!!!!

        So who is next Political Party to be minced up through the media mincer???

        We don’t really have any quality media any more in NZ sadly.

          • It’s hard to tell what trends and what doesn’t.

            The question is why aren’t pension values trending?

            To answer that question journo’s according to the Burnster ex 2IC TVNZ news room. Journo’s should do an economics degree, journalism degree and then another degree in the field the journo wish to specialise in. Obviously Gower power failed in all those respects. But if you only have one degree then talk about a topic as complex as Foriegn relations or treaty negotiations, then talking about those topics from a point where mainstream economics is in crises. Or talking about foreign relations from a point where journalism is in crises surly is bankrupt ideology.

            I’m not going to out a date on the demise of TV3 but it is dead for all practical purposes.

  3. After a rather depressing week, where the Greens saw one of their co-leader shot to pieces by somewhat nasty mainstream media and political enemies, and where two senior MPs of the party were ushered out of caucus, maybe it is time to ‘reset’, as James Shaw has now decided.

    The Greens should of course hold onto a strong social justice policy direction, but also push hard on environmental revolution, which is overdue in New Zealand.

    There are massive challenges, real and practical challenges to the whole of the planet, and it starts with energy.

    The government makes symbolic gestures, wanting to bring in more electric cars used by government, but the challenge is huge, reading this info:

    A more positive, upbeat report on electric vehicles and their use:

    It seems that electric vehicles may only be one solution to the future energy shortages, as even lithium and other needed resources for batteries especially, will of course also be limited in the medium term. The CO2 emissions that result from battery and vehicle production are also of concern, and despite improvements, I am not sure whether going electric will solve that many problems.

    Even hydrogen and fuel cell powered cars are not such straight forward and efficient solutions, it seems:

    We have debates and policies on ‘swimmable rivers’, royalties on water bottled for exports, and other stuff, but so far neither Greens, nor Labour, maybe not even TOP, have set out to bring in a total ban on plastic bags, for instance.

    If we want to get real on environmentalism, we better start telling the people the truth, that they present lifestyle is completely unsustainable, no matter what people are told by politicians.

    And has anybody considered this issue?

    Nevertheless, it seems all parties, except NZ First, seem to plan further immigration and population growth, urban growth, and so forth, as it there is no tomorrow.

    So can anybody tell this to James Shaw, Jacinda Ardern and her promoter Grant Robertson, perhaps?

    • It seems the truth is closer to no human activity being sustainable in the long term.

      Radical environmentalism is just saying it as it is.

      Effective environmentalism must start with reduction of all consumption and human numbers.

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