A vile media pack forced Metiria out


I’m utterly dismayed that Metiria Turei has been forced out of the co-leadership of the Greens by a vile media pack determined to seize the opportunity of Metiria’s personal struggle to drive down the Greens.

This pack has been at work like this several times before in recent years – never to take down the likes of Bill English who rorted the systen for $900 per week or the Rich Listers who pay lower tax rates than beneficiaries.

But a strong, principled, articulate Maori woman who revealed her personal story to speak out on behalf of struggling beneficiaries and their children living in poverty was fair game. They have hounded her family and mercilessly attacked her and the Greens day after day for weeks on end.

The positive gloating by the likes of TV3 political journalists tonight is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen on TV.

I know most of the Greens will be proud to have had her as a co-leader. I’m not a Green but I also felt proud we had at least one MP who put our most vulnerable citizens front and centre of her political life.

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  1. yes..everything you say is true..but you cannot deny the politics 101 epic-fails of/by turei

    and those advising her..was there nobody in those inner-circles who went ‘hang on..!..this could go seriously pear-shaped – and here is why’..?

    and if not – why the fuck not..?..do the greens have nobody there pointing out when someone has dog-shit on their shoes.?

    are they all just yes-people..?..reading/nodding along with the group-think..?

    • I disagree Phillip. If it has stopped there it would have been fine – they went up in the polls – lots of people can identify with them. But do you remember what you did 20 years ago that and those two twits who are MPs for the Greens really set things off. This was not about Metiria Not what she originally said, and those two twits didn’t resign, plese note, until the business of Met voting inanother electorate 20 years ago. Holy than thou apparently neither of them have ever ever broken the law, really, never paid cash for a job by a tradesman, never gone over the speed limit, never ‘misbehaved’ when they were young and students…. I won’t go into all the misdemeanours of Key, English and Collins and who knows who else.

      I am so pleased that Metiria is coming here for a public meeting on poverty on the 31st August at 7pm in the cardboard cathedral.

    • Phillip Ure

      sometimes it’s worth the dog shit – she got her point out there and it was the only way – NOBODY, but NOBODY ever listens to the poor because we are all defined by how much money we have/earn so the less you have the less worthy you are and the less likely to be listened to!

    • Meteria was flushed out by David Seymour and he had extra ammunition. Clear evidence that Seymour had inside knowledge to privileged Winz information. So where did this come from, i’m unsure but given the vitriol from Christine Rankin toward Meteria, well you can make your own mind up.

      This was dirty politics at it’s worst!

      Meteria’s only crime was being forced to admit it, should the same not now happen with another particular National minister, what say you Mr Seymour?

  2. None of the Greens ‘so called fiasco’ has put me off voting for them.
    I like their policies as they are more inclusive of everyone in this country and inclusive of the countries environment also.
    Without a healthy environment, we have nothing – I find it hard that people take so long to grasp this.
    New Zealand has lost a great politican thanks to a bunch of bias ‘owned’ media commentators.
    They might think they’re great. I believe they have damaged a country.

  3. yes…it certainly is…nice–to see Phillip’s–comments–…again…!!

    I agree the Greens bungled this one, they should have put a bullet proof strategy together, and if they could not, used another case that was

    Jeanette Fitzsimons on RNZ was brilliant and told an anecdote of the kind that gets the point across. A solo dad friend of hers was offered two days work, which he did and then declared to WINZ, his benefit was immediately cut for two weeks, yes it was sorted, but do you think he declared such income to WINZ again? Jeanette asked.

    but all that does not negate the urgent need for the Greens “Mend the safety net” policy one bit, or for the other parties to address the sadistic punishment maze that is WINZ/MSD

  4. The most offensive part for me is that Metiria was brown, and she was female.

    That was the only reason she was singled out by the settler media.

    New Zealand cannot consider itself in the least bit civilized while such depraved racism and sexism is enacted by the media.

    Are you all familiar with the term neanderthal?

  5. Metiria was bullied and crucified by the media and the self righteous of this country. If it was a big business avoiding paying tax I don’t think even a small voice would be heard. Who among us has not taken money “under the table ” at some time in our lives.

  6. These wankers that attacked Metiria are not human beings , they are non entities who contribute nothing except to incite hatred in support of their own evil economic and social order.

    John Minto will remember this same type of behaviour that engulfed the country in 1981 , sure a differnt country and era then but the nastiness and intolerance still exisits today and we have seen that in the last three weeks in this campaign against Meriria.

    I will be still voting for her at the election and her parties policies that even more relevant now and need to be in any future Labour led government.

    I will never forget what they have done to this courageous New Zealander and if there was any justice she should be recongnised in a honours list for services to the poor, not services to corruption and wealth.

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