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  1. A witch-hunt is now going on & is breaking over on Radio NZ with Metitria on the new allegation that records showed that she was registered as living with a relative while claiming she was another home as a sole occupant in a state house.

    They are using “deep state” fishing expeditions & collusion on her, and she is in trouble!!!

    This is why Winston was needed in a coalition as he is very skillful and has many times beat these “deep state” operatives from destroying his political career.

    Metitiria would be wise to consult with Winston NOW!

  2. Lessons for New Zealand’s inflated, unaffordable for New Zealanders, housing market? ( and this is NOT an issue of “crude racial profiling” as Metiria maintained)

    ‘Toronto Housing Market Implodes: Prices Plunge Most On Record’

    …”less than a year after Vancouver’s housing market disintegrated – if only briefly after the province of British Columbia instituted a 15% foreign buyer tax spooking the hordes of Chinese bidders who promptly returned after a several month hiatus sending prices to new all time highs – just a few months later it’s now Toronto’s turn.

    …To slow down the housing bubble, in April the province of Ontario introduced sweeping rental regulations that included capping rent increases and introducing a foreign investor tax. The move came after the federal government in October put restrictions on insured mortgages, and the nation’s financial regulator also proposed restricting uninsured home loans this year.

    So is this the end of Canada’s housing bubble? Now that upward price momentum is broken, it will take a long time before the blistering price gains seen in recent months in Toronto resume.

    What is more concerning is if the downside – either in Toronto or elsewhere – accelerates.

    With the Bank of Canada finally rising rates after a 7 year hiatus, making mortgages more expensive and adding further downward pressure to home prices, the Toronto home price crash could not have come at a worse time for a country where the housing bubble is a key component to preserving the illionsary “stability” status quo.”

  3. ‘Monsanto leaks suggest it tried to ‘kill’ cancer research about notorious weed killer’

    “Controversial agricultural giant Monsanto attempted to ‘kill’ research on Roundup weed killer, which is suspected of causing cancer, leaked documents show. The company also reportedly influenced EPA officials to conceal information about the cancer risks.
    A trove of documents was released by LA-based plaintiff firm Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman earlier in August. The company is representing people who claimed that they or their relatives got cancer due to Monsanto products.

    In particular, the case concerns the notorious Roundup, a non-selective herbicide which kills weeds that compete with agricultural crops. Its active ingredient is called glyphosate.

    The documents, mostly emails between Monsanto executives and researchers working for or connected with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are dated between 1999 and 2016…

    (however in New Zealand, we have Professor Jacqueline Rowarth EPA )

    ‘Top scientists mystified over EPA stance on herbicide’

    “The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is being criticised for dismissing the finding of World Health Organisation experts that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans.”

    …”However, the EPA’s chief scientist Jacqueline Rowarth dismissed that as just “an opinion”.

    “What I would say is if you don’t find out where the chemical is being used and at what rates and dosage and if label regulations are being followed then you are actually derelict in duty of trying to look at all the facts and the evidence behind the case,” Dr Rowarth said.

    “We’re going back to what is the dosage and exposure – so IARC, and we agree with them at high exposures and dosages cancer could occur – but we don’t have those high exposures and dosages in New Zealand.”

    But Mr Browning said the public deserved better from the EPA.

    “The failure of New Zealand authorities to draw on the IARC finding and protect New Zealanders from chemicals with probable carcinogenic properties means we need to investigate how the EPA and other agencies makes these decisions.

    “Removing glyphosate based herbicides such as Roundup from streets and parks is the least the EPA can do before undergoing a deep review of its processes,” he said in a statement.”

    • The EPA has admitted that Monsanto had influenced the recent EPA decision and public statement. Monsanto provided material and also gave “guidance” to what should be considered.
      The fox providing plans for the hen house.

      The EPA apparently does not know what independence nor co0nflict of interest means in 2017 —- nah!

      If it looks corrupt and smell corrupt then it may well be corrupt. Bought leaders all have their price.

    • Two thirds seem to support her stepping down now, what a surprise, eh. Once guilty always guilty, once an admission, always wrong, logical, by campaign sponsors of Nat Act.

      The public is sadly very receptive to this stuff, very receptive, as they are brainwashed to pettiness.

  4. This is why NZ is NOT a democracy:

    This is a very open discussion on German TV, public TV, on islamism , terrorism, and other issues, and all sides are presented and discussed.

    Where in fucking NZ television and other media do you get such admissible information and discussion, I see and hear NONE.

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