It looks like we don’t need to just change the Government in September, we need to change the media as well

By   /   August 3, 2017  /   13 Comments

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I don’t care if Jacinda has a child while being Prime Minister.

I care what she will do for the 41 000 homeless, the 305 000 kids in poverty, the 550 000 NZers enduring extreme hardship, the 1600 NZers who die from the cold each year, the 1500 unofficial deaths from suicide, the 10 000 in prison and the generations locked out of home ownership.

Hey Project, AM Show and Seven Sharp, how can you shame us overseas tomorrow?


Jewish conspiracy?

Flat Earth?

It embarrasses me as a broadcaster, as a man & as a citizen that in 2017 a female politician would be asked if she’s having kids.

I don’t care if Jacinda has a child while being Prime Minister.

I care what she will do for the 41 000 homeless, the 305 000 kids in poverty, the 550 000 NZers enduring extreme hardship, the 1600 NZers who die from the cold each year, the 1500 unofficial deaths from suicide, the 10 000 in prison and the generations locked out of home ownership.

Whether she has a baby or not while she is dealing with those issues is of zero fucking interest to me.

I’m just staggered that this was the bloody issue male broadcasters believed was the most pressing topic of debate.

It looks like we don’t need to just change the Government in September, we need to change the media as well.


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  1. Kim dandy says:

    We’ve known that all along – MSM joined the government in the gutter when National first got in – it will take a while to scrap them all out.

    • Sam Sam says:

      Dr Garreth Morgan’s Democracy Reset are a set of policies that does exactly that. While it is not perfect in execution, compromise will have to be made if TOP is afforded the cross benches as Garreth has stated.

  2. Marc says:

    But, but, but so many in the MSM are all excited and love Jacinda now, why change?

    • Sam Sam says:

      Sex drugs and rock and roll sell.

      You see journo’s are indeed slave to sex drugs and rock & roll. With out it journo’s have nothing to report with in there respective business models. Andrew little gave journo’s very little besides a few scandals that didn’t sell well. Jacinda gives them new oppertunity to report and click bait for a few extra dollars in add revenue.

      So journo’s are indeed a politicians bitch which is contrary to Journalist code of ethics.

  3. Dspare says:

    In case anyone thinks that Bradbury was exaggerating when he said; “shame us overseas”, I found this in The Guardian particularly apt:

    In 2017, this reduction to biology is just plain creepy. Like being asked if you fear that your breasts will spontaneously lactate over a cabinet meeting, or sessions of parliament be interrupted by the inevitable horde of bears attracted by the scent of prime ministerial menstruation. Madam, your commitment to legislative reform is very sound, but are you not afeard your labia will indent upon the furniture?

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Disgraceful media they are just gutter snipes. Even at radio NZ now!!!

      The new Government must swiftly expex the bad media who act in a reckless inhuman manner and those who are heavily biased like Hoskings and others.

      Now the rot has set into Radio NZ also now.

      Radio NZ needs to be cleaned out with bias is creeping out inside that media platform we see now.

      If anyone has tried to get the RadioNZ journalists involved with any local issues?

      We have been trying hard over transport issues all last month with no success!!!!

      They all run a mile now at Radio NZ, even if you have a press release ready for them and email it into them they bloody well ignore our issues and never cover them.

      So we had to sack the RNZ board and most of the management for a start.

      This was our press release directly told to send it into “Morning report today and I bet they don’t cover it in the morning report tomorrow as the last day of this week.

      Dear morning report
      3rd August 2017.
      Press release for coverage;

      In todays RadioNZ News morning report, 3rd August 2017;

      Your reporters today discussed with Kiwirail CEO Peter Reidy about the benefits of restoring the rail freight services around Kaikoura that will save 2000 trucks off the road a year from using the “inland road freight route.

      Later Guyon Espiner interviewed the manager of the Alpine lodge in Taupo that also had 2000 trucks a year passing through their town and using rail would relieve that impact.

      Napier needs our press cover please, as we are in the same boat with 2300 trucks EVERY DAY now passing through our city and impacting on our residents health and we need the restoring our rail south and north to Gisborne rail as it will relieve our problems here to.

      Please review our press articles enclosed and call me or our MP Stuart Nash’s office please for feedback.

      Thank you for your attention.

  4. WILD KATIPO says:

    The far right wing sycophants are in gear, circling , bobbing , weaving and looking for a point of entry. Among them , – these prize wankers :

    John Armstrong :

    “Labour could do with is a lot more caution before casting its new leader as the Wonder Woman of New Zealand politics , you could have been excused for thinking Labour had just won the general election, rather than indulging in a last-minute exercise in survival ”.

    We should ask him about a fictitious $100,000.00 bottle of wine .

    What a lying slob.


    Then we have the perennial Wanker in Chief , – Hosking ….

    … ” doubts that Ardern is a saviour for Labour, raising questions about her lack of experience, and saying “I am not sure how relatable she is to middle New Zealand , – She’s promising new policy but it will have to be dramatically different than what they’ve already rolled out and judging by her opening comments in her first press conference, it was the same old stuff: closing gaps, more money, an inclusive society “.

    What a way to condemn your own words.

    Yes ,… he would be worried about the Greens catching the middle voters of NZ , while Adern drags women and soft Nat voters away from National ,- who , – actually kind of WOULD like to see a ‘more inclusive society with more money and the gaps being closed between the rich and the poor ‘….


    Then there’s dainty little David Farrar…

    Offering up an Olive branch as a front to appear all conciliatory and moderate … before ramming the dagger between the shoulder blades…

    Still one must admire the snake like approach…

    ” She is untested as a leader. Does the public think she can run the country ? … running a country is vastly different to running a club of youth wings , … will the public think her and Grant Robertson will be better economic managers than Bill English and Steven Joyce ?… she is popular and liked but she did fail to win Auckland Central (a previous safe seat for Labour) in both 2011 and 2014″.


    Untested. Just like John Key was.

    And while Jacinda was earning a Communications degree , running an internationally comprised youth wing , spending time working in the offices of Phil Goff and of Helen Clark as a researcher , and later spent time in London, working as a senior policy advisor , …

    John Key spent his years :

    ‘ working with foreign bankers who led raids on the New Zealand dollar , – and 20 years ago, he worked closely with a famed currency trader who mounted a brutal speculative attack on the Kiwi dollar. The attack, which has entered forex (foreign exchange) trading legend for its scale, audacity and profitability, prompted Reserve Bank alarm that the NZ currency would collapse ‘ .

    -According to an article on Stuff .

    Then we have the infamous homelessness and poverty such as we have never seen before in NZ , under Bill English’s ‘ economic management ‘ … well I dont know about you ,… but I would say ANYONE could come up with a plan that would be better than anything Stephen Joyce or Bill English have done in the last 9 years.

    And so far, Labour has done just that.

    I cannot remember any particular time when National wanted to raise the minimum wage and implement the Living Wage , can you ?


    What we got was more of Bill English and his prized ‘low wage economy’.

    And people dying from the cold because of homelessness , family’s living in cars and young people locked out of buying a home…

    Yeah right.

    That’s real good economic management , alright.

    So if you really want to read the news article that spawned these sorts of cretinous remarks,… read Bryce Edwards article on today’s NZ Herald for a laugh and a giggle . Just have a box of tissues handy to wipe away the tears of laughter…

    • richarquis says:

      John Armstrong? Who the hell let him out of his grave? I thought we were done with that moron.

  5. Priss says:


    Followed by Mike Hosking and Duncan Garner. Their recent behaviour has been disgusting. This isn’t impartial journalism, this is a rightwing witch hunt by white men against a woman of colour.


  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    The MSM have been smugly lazy over the last nine years.
    Encouraged by a National government that manipulates stats and gives us stories the calibre of Goebbels, the standard of journalism in NZ has dropped away.
    It is now fashionable to make it up as you go along and rather than New Zealanders demanding better quality journalism, they settle for news reports that wouldn’t look strange in Woman’s Weekly.
    Journalists who wrote fake news would once have found their journalistic careers in tatters, all credibility lost.
    Nowadays as long as their fake news is pro-National spin they just carry on, apparently still credible.
    It is up to New Zealanders to demand higher standards but for a long time now they have shown apathy. A quick infotainment fix is more important to a lot of people than accuracy and context.

  7. debsisdead says:

    I don’t care if she has a child either which I’m sure is the way most people think, in which case why is it still being discussed in lieu of substantively different from Natz policies?

    Erm lemme think, because it is unlikely that neolib Ardern has any policies that are substantively different from neolib English?
    Yep congratulations – and the winning prize goes to:
    A. Victim
    beat up Nissan HEL5785P
    at whatever bridge is the least cold in the middle of winter,
    South Auckland

  8. Helena says:

    Seems question is not can she but will she be able to (the answer lays with the partner).
    NZ Herald believes it has the cause:
    Those who know have the answers:

  9. e-clectic says:

    You can’t be too careful with potential prime ministers.
    It’s important to know if they’re going to shoot through at a moment’s notice.
    It was only nine or so months ago that prime minister John Key shot through unexpectedly so it’s only reasonable that we know of any prospective intentions – we don’t want that happening again any time soon.