The 15 words Andrew Little needs to say every hour of every day until the election


Here are the 15 words Andrew Little needs to say every hour of every day until the election.

“There is no change of Government without Labour”


“Houses, Jobs and investment in social infrastructure”

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Labour have to ram home the reality and truth that there can be no change of Government without them. Voters are wanting change, Labour have forgotten to remind everyone that they are the essential ingredient that is necessary for that change.

And right after Labour reminds everyone that there can be no change of Government without Labour, they then must drive the narrative back to the bloody issues that are challenging most New Zealanders – Houses, Jobs and investment in social infrastructure!!!

Their $19 billion social investment infrastructure policy is an incredible policy that Labour need to be proud of – and when journalists try to drag them off message with some bullshit, Labour MPs should have the courage to shoot back that these are the issues that are impacting the NZers they are representing and playing politics is a media game.

Show some spine so voters can feel inspired to vote Labour.

When the media lens refocuses to just Bill English and Andrew Little in the campaign, Andrew has the chance to leap frog the low media perception of him and surprise voters.

Labour are down, but they are not out and without a strong Labour Party there will be no change of Government.

Labour need to take some risks from what has been a super cautious campaign to date, the time is now. Leaving your powder dry doesn’t work if you are sinking.


  1. Too late.
    Many of us have been saying for a long time that foregrounding immigration as a problem was a self-defeating strategy. It silences the base of Labour and empowers Winnie. Good luck with that.

    The Greens have probably got my vote because they changed from third-way/neoliberal welfare policies to social democratic policies on welfare. Metiria has been in the news thanks to her political stunt, but it was policy that gave them the bump. Now with this bump they’ll be in the headlines for another few days.

    I’m surprised Labour managed 24% to be honest. Who on the left is still voting for them?

    • Traditional Labour voters are still there as Helen Clark’s mob were very engaging & responsive to community issues Fatty, as we found when we were lobbing our local and central labour MP’s about the failing infrastructure funding for transport issues of no rail and to many trucks on the roads.

      Since National we have no response from them they ignore us all now!!!

      So Labour need to put Transport funding in the regions on their last to ram home else they will loose more votes in the regions.

    • – I’m surprised Labour managed 24% to be honest. Who on the left is still voting for them? –

      Me . For exactly the reasons Martyn outlined . And don’t worry , a fair few more than me will too , come the day .

  2. I want to wrong but I fear that National have won already albeit with NZ First at their side.

    Labour’s “strategy” if it can be called that, appeared to be eminently sensible middle of the road policy, costed to the last cent and designed to not scare the horses even a tiny bit.

    Trouble is the horses didn’t even notice.

    Little has yet to publically show in 3 years any genuine PASSION or how a leader inspires, or communicates a vision and connects with Joe Public. I hold no hope for the man who so honestly told us yesterday he was willing to give up, 8 weeks out. WTF !!

    So with their meek policies meekly delivered the other strategy appeared to rely on voters wanting rid of National. Thing is according to Grant Robertson the economy is going well. So despite National being a collective of lying cheating scum, Grant says they’re doing something right. I do not agree with Robertson but when Labour’s Finance man says so, who do you believe?

    So we have a known quantity or Mr Grey and the corpse like Labour Party who stand for, who really knows what.

    The surest thing at the moment is Willie Jackson goes back to broadcasting and Jacinda will be leader in 2 months time and I pray its not using the idiotic leader selection road show shit Labour love because thats been a failure,.

    And yet does Jacinda have what it takes?

      • RB, in which case you must know something that 99.999999% of the population does not.

        The only parties that would accede to Peter’s/NZ First’s bottom line demand of a nationwide plebiscite on the Moari seats is National and ACT. Labour and the Greens would not have a bar of it. As you put it, “it would kill their Parties”.

        Ergo, Peter’s/NZ First’s only options are,

        (1) coalesce with Labour (with the Greens as either a third coalition partner, or relegated to guaranteeing Supply & Confidence votes)

        (2) sit on the cross-benches – which would mean either supporting National (the largest single party in Parliament) with Supply & Confidence – or sparking a new election.

        I see no other options. If you have another viable option, feel free to share it with us.

  3. The Blogs have not published the Policies of Labour

    The Blogs have crowned Winston and more recently Matiria and Gareth Morgan.

    Added to which National is obviously paying off the following Sad Stars of media : Gower, Espiner, Soper, Garner, Farrar, Hosking and Armstrong.

    Interesting how their names for the most part end in “er”.

    They are the enemies of New Zealand for the all fawn before National’s wealth. Even though they know perfectly well that national have created a disaster out of this nation.

    And they have the hide to scoff at Andrew Little. ! As they did at David Cunliffe. As they will do at anybody who does not promote the sickening vomit of National.

    Incompetent Bastards.

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