Political Caption Competition



  1. What is he wearing? Who told him that the red piping on that blazer is cool? It looks like one of those company uniform blazers the tellers wore at Westpac in the late 90s. He’s living proof you can buy neither class nor taste.

    • Most of his salary must go on hand-tailored faux high school blazers.

      Is it because he didn’t get to wear one of those loud Christ’s College black and white symbols of the elite when he was at school in Christchurch?

  2. Hes looking old. Older by the years. The sycophancy is aging him rapidly.

    And dressing up as a schoolboy does nothing for the haggard face, graying hair and sags. All it does is reinforce the fake face of the neo liberal right wing media.

    Which is only natural as even the IMF is now saying neo liberalism was a failure.

  3. Looking at the bottom of that picture Mr Hoseking, and the two points you’re making.
    Well I’d be mightily surprised if the BNZ and Newstalk ZB were “Metiria’s Backing”, but it’s a sweet thought Mr Hoseking.
    I do agree with your second contention though that both entities are “Liars”.

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