Next Parliament must heed call for new climate law – Generation Zero


Youth organisation Generation Zero is calling for Parliament to heed the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s recommendations to establish a historic new climate change law, which align very closely with the group’s Zero Carbon Act proposal launched in April.

Commissioner Dr Jan Wright released the report ‘Stepping Stones to Paris and Beyond’ today, which calls for the development of a climate law containing the key elements of the UK’s 2008 Climate Change Act. Generation Zero’s Zero Carbon Act proposal is based on the same UK law and shares these key elements.

“Dr Wright rightly says that climate change is the ultimate intergenerational issue. As young people we are fighting for action that gives us a shot at a thriving future,” said Lisa McLaren, national convenor for the Zero Carbon Act campaign.

“Dr Wright’s report clearly explains how New Zealand’s current climate policy approach is failing, and why we must follow in the UK’s footsteps.”

“If our elected representatives want to do the right thing for young New Zealanders – for all New Zealanders – the choice is clear. Pass the Zero Carbon Act.”

“We agree entirely with Dr Wright that it is not enough for a law like this to scrape through Parliament, and that’s why we have been pushing for cross-party support from the outset.”

“We also believe it is essential to get political consensus on a long-term target that is firmly grounded in science and consistent with globally agreed goals. We’ve proposed a target of zero net carbon emissions (excluding methane) by 2050 or sooner, subject to review by an independent climate commission before being finalised.”

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“We are calling for all political parties to agree to come together after the election to take the Zero Carbon Act forward.”

The Zero Carbon Act campaign is backed by Forest & Bird, Oxfam New Zealand, WWF-New Zealand, ActionStation and others. Together the groups are running petitions which will be delivered to the next Parliament after the election.

The Young Nats, Young Labour, the Young Greens and the Young Māori Party have all recently endorsed the Zero Carbon Act.


  1. 1000% behind this article as we can no longer “lead from behind” in a cloud of bullsit words and no action!@!!!!!$%^&*()_+ GGGGRRR

  2. The Education system in NZ has ceased to support educating the young in critical thinking and the basics of what is happening to the world with consumerism . Simple stuff that was curbed since the mid 70s.
    Since we have neoliberal mind washing.

    No longer is information about global trends examined openly. The curriculum has diverted education away from any controversy deliberately created by parties interested in business as usual.

    Teachers who try are branded.

    Simple concepts are labeled as disruptive.

    Economics does not allow examination of what money is and where wealth comes from.

    Shrinking natural resources are ignored as is our extremely limited future. Instead a shoulder shrug is offered.

    No wonder the young are anxious, angry and depressed.
    Their anger needs to be vented and a response demanded.

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