Schools before tunnel – Greg O’Connor


“While having lanes in the Ngauranga Gorge closed for several hours this week was inconvenient, and highlighted the need for immediate remediation and prevention, it needs to be kept in perspective compared to the frustration of pupils, teachers and parents with years of overcrowded schools and classrooms across Wellington’s northern suburbs,” Ōhāriu Labour Party candidate Greg O’Connor said today.

He was responding to a suggestion by Ōhāriu’s Member of Parliament of 33 years, Peter Dunne that a tunnel be built from Ngauranga to Glenside, through the major Wellington fault line.

“I have called and visited a large number of homes in the electorate, and it is clear burgeoning school rolls, lack of policing, and public transport, including the lack of a rail station at Glenside for Churton Park residents, are people’s priorities,” Mr O’Connor said.

“I am all for well thought out and sensible infrastructure development. But even contemplating such a poorly thought out, impractical, and incredibly expensive proposal, which could only cause a greater bottleneck, was taking us back to the days of Robert Muldoon’s Think Big projects. They are still being paid for years later, for very little result.”

“For a start, I would like to see a railway station for Churton Park residents, and improved roading around the Johnsonville Mall, as well as more classrooms and better policing. I look forward to advocating for pragmatic, workable and necessary projects for Ōhāriu if elected,” he said.


  1. What a stupid rant.
    Wellington needs a Ngauranga tunnel like it needs less public transport.

    An earthquake can cut Wellington off at any point. The active fault runs along the Hutt Road/ SH1 motorway.

    As sea level rises the rail to the Hutt will become jepardised as will the road between Wellington and the Hutt.

    Another route out of Wellington needs to be formed. The WCC looked at this some decades ago but nothing has happened.

    These are all massive long term projects. A tunnel would soak up money and do nothing to solve our real known problems.

    A bit of congestion and mouthing off hair brain ideas takes headlines.

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