GUEST BLOG: David Birrell – Responding to Spinoff’s 7 reasons left can’t win

By   /   July 17, 2017  /   6 Comments

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Hi, wrote this in response to SpinOffs article talking about 7 things that will stop the left from winning. Thought it might raise some interesting points for some of your bloggers.

Hi, wrote this in response to SpinOffs article talking about 7 things that will stop the left from winning. Thought it might raise some interesting points for some of your bloggers.

7 reasons the left should win the election:

1) Todd Barclay debacle – Proof that the National government is corrupt, and rotten to the core. Paying out taxpayer hush money to cover their own criminal activities, irresponsible. This alone should be enough for all confidence in the National party to be lost.

2) Government debt has reached unprecedented levels under National government completely debunking their claims they can responsibly manage the economy.

3) The consequences of neoliberalism are rearing their ugly head… we have a housing crisis with a generation locked out of home ownership because the government has left the free market to bubble. Unfortuately neoliberals faith in the efficency of the free market fails to account for the social impacts of leaving something as important as housing, health, education to capitalists. Now we have the disgrace of having Kiwis living in cars, garages, leaky and cold homes. 3rd world.

4) Once again related to neoliberalism the National party considers the concepts of free education and free health as charity not a human right. This causes them to disdain the poor and middle class “peasants”. Once again this comes from a place of ignorance, because investment in health and education leads to a improved society that will benefit in the long run. Lack of investment in the youth for example will lead to more crime, overflowing prisons – which we are already experiencing. Time to stop the rot.

5) “Working for all Kiwis..” Yea right. We now have unprecedented levels of poverty, particularly child poverty in NZ. This is a real shame as NZ once prided itself as being an egalitarian society where everyone had the chance to succeed. Now we are seeing this is not the case and we a headed towards more of a American level of wealth inequality, some living the high life (think Max Key), while others are struggling to feed their kids and living in Ghettos (i.e. tent camps with 1000s of tents have arisen across West Auckland).

6) “Double Dipper from Dipton”, Paula Benefit scandal. National have come across as trying to line their own pockets. They are more concerned with keeping their high paying MP jobs than actually working for NZ. See Todd Barclay picking up 3000 dollars per week to go on holiday after shafting the tax payer for hush money after secretly recording his staff. Is he paranoid or something?

7) Winston Peters, I personally would prefer to see a Labour/Greens government but one cannot deny Winston Peters has hit a chord with the NZ pubic. After all he seems to be the only candidate with charisma.

Reasons the left will not win the election

1) Kiwis have become selfish, and consumerist under the neoliberal agenda. Promising tax cuts has traditionally been a winner come election time, even though National have a history of promising and then never delivering tax cuts. People would rather have a new phone than see their health/education sectors functioning well. Although people are pissed off with the overstretched infrastructure and associated traffic this may swing these selfish voters.


David Birrell is a 28 year old doctor living in Auckland.

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  1. Castro says:

    The left can’t win because in No Zealand “we” allow foreigners (permanent residents) to vote in “our” elections. Madness that will result in the collapse of the nation.

    • Danyl Strype says:

      Permanent residents are by definition not foreigners. They are new kiwis. Unless your ancestors are 100% Maori Castro, you have ancestors who only a few generations back started here as permanent residents. Also, recent research into the “missing million” suggests that a large number of non-voters are recent immigrants who are waiting until they understand the country and the various political parties better before casting a vote.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% CASTRO,

      It is called more appropriately as Genocide mate;

      I winessed this phenomenon when I was in Kenya years ago when the Government opened the gates for Chinese to settle.

      Many came.

      In three years they voted the Government out who had been in power for 20yr and was expected to be incumbent for another 10 yrs but the chinese voted against the Government and they over turned the Government there.

      yes that is why we need NZ First in the Government with Labour/Greens or you will see the greens join Maori party in a National government again.

  2. Cemetery Jones says:

    This one example from Simon Wilson is important:

    “Enemy number four is the right-wing commentariat, whose general approach is ridicule. Laughing the opposition into irrelevance. It’s a two-way street, of course, but while left-wing commentators tend to see the government as having devil horns, the right-wingers treat the opposition as if they’re wearing clown suits. It can be pretty effective.”

    The left has forgotten that this was our tactic first, before the grim pedantry and puritanical drive of identitarianism and soft-neo Marxist cultural warfare took over. Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals, rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.

    We’ve forgotten how to do funny or fun, because we’ve forgotten that it’s actually what people relate to the most. That’s because we let the voice of the left belong to often mentally unstable and perpetually unhappy people who wish to chase ghosts like ‘neoliberalism’ instead of stand for hard basics, which veers back to concepts of nation state (identitarians hate the nation state), a people, and a derived sense of solidarity which spring from accepting the existence of a nation and its people instead of the atomised archipelago of ‘communities’ over which identitarians prefer to preside.

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    It was a struggle , but once the Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse sideshow of John Key was removed it exposed the whole neo liberal rot of the National party.

    The state this place is in , is the legacy and sullied crown that the ponytail puller left it in.

    And now?… well ,…

    Its up to the Left to drive home the true damage of 9 years of a corrupt and incompetent neo liberal government . And how they will do much , much better by the people of New Zealand.

    And as a recap …the lies and the bullshit started way back in 2007 with this cynical example of a political stunt. Except that now we have far more poverty , homelessness and housing un – affordability… and people dying of the cold sleeping rough on our streets.

    Aroha of McGehan Close flees NZ |

    It was all an elaborate con job from start to finish.

  4. Siobhan says:

    This is the second reaction I have read to the Spinoff article that mis quotes it…the article is “Why is the centre-left doing so poorly in the polls? ”

    That’s the problem, the Labour Party and its activists are thinking they look like ‘The Left’, which admittedly they do look like to hard core reactionary Tory types.
    But to the struggling voter Labour look like the Centre Left.
    They look like a kindly well meaning bunch who will soften the blow as we struggle under the weight of neo liberalism.