Folks, Andrew Little has got this

By   /   July 17, 2017  /   18 Comments

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Winston is blowing smoke with his slam at Andrew Little.

Andrew Little, far funnier and a better campaigner than most acknowledge. 

Winston is blowing smoke with his slam at Andrew Little.

Labour’s appeal with Jacinda and their ground game will provide real traction during the campaign.

But I also think Andrew Little will perform far better in the debates than the current media perception suggests.

Andrew Little is cautious but not frightened. He has a decency and calmness about him that will be necessary when trying to manage NZ First and the Greens in Government. He is intelligent and he will surprise on the campaign trail and debates.

You can always tell how well Labour is going by how hysterical Patrick Gower and Matthew Hooton become. Based on that measure, Labour are about to rule the country for the next decade.

Folks, Andrew Little has got this.

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  1. After listening to Matthew Hooton on nine to noon he is in complete panic mode…he is acting as a rodent caught in a rat trap, a trap of his own making and this time he hasn’t got John Key to bail him out…I was stunned by his idiotic statements about the outcome of the election. You may have noticed that he failed to talk about Bill English when he got only 20% of the vote…

  2. Danyl Strype says:

    The question is not, “is Little the perfect PM”? It’s not even “would Little be a better PM than Bill English”. The relevant question is, “would Little as PM lead a combined effort to lift up the vulnerable kiwis who are being trodden into the dirt by NatACT policy?” The best way to answer that question is to ask whether he’s already doing this as leader of the largest opposition party. From what I’ve seen so far, I think the answer is “yes”.

  3. Grant says:

    Totally agree.
    If Hooton or Gower lived in any other country they would be unemployed and unemployable.
    They are just so bad and unprofessional at what they do…..I know Gower tries to be some sort of journalist …he fails because he is either too lazy to get his facts straight or he just makes stuff up…fake news.
    He also partakes in subliminal messaging all the time on T.V which given the platform that he allowed to operate from, is a criminal offence.
    Something i intend to persue.
    Hooton obviously skipped the same ethics lectures as Gower and I as a taxpayer want to know how much of my taxes are paid to this National Party shill for going on Radio N.Z to spew forth ficticious stories and fantasies that he has running around in his head on any given week….who the hell would pay any money to a person like this?
    His puerile uneducated assessments are always wrong …they are merely a snapshot of what he personally would like to see happen. The bile that consumes him makes him incapable of any impartial critical analysis.
    Little has a lot of ticker and trustworthyness and is sharp.
    His take down of Jesse Mulligan on ‘The Project’ last week when Mulligan opened with a childish primary school- like taunt by asking , “why doesn’t anyone like you? ,was a good one.
    He simply replied, “None of that matters because it’s not about me “. Perfect answer…..

  4. Nick Morris says:

    I like many of New Zealand First’s ideas to deal to the Neo-Liberal experiment, and to expand real jobs in New Zealand; I like the Green’s energy on poverty and the environment; I even like TOP’s self-imposed mission to think outside the box, while analyzing the national problems from a Left perspective (maybe the Left should gift them a seat), but I am going to vote Labour because that positive-energy orchestra needs a conductor.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      … ” but I am going to vote Labour because that positive-energy orchestra needs a conductor ” …

      Yep. That’s what I am thinking as well. No great intellectual analysis of obscure statistical data that no one else is privy to… just the thought that without a strong Labour base , we don’t get the others…. or even the chance of a change of government.

      Much as I like a fair few ideas of NZ First and am particularly blown away by the Greens latest spectacular policy announcements regarding welfare ( absolutely a bold and much needed revolutionary move sticking it to the neo liberal narrative ) .

  5. Michal says:

    We need a list of things that a Labour dominated government need to be held to account for once in office:
    I want there to be an enquiry into the SAS allegations in Nicky’s book.
    I want someone held to account over Pike River.
    I want an inquiry into those who were dumped into state care.
    I want someone to be held accountable for the death of those killed in the CTV building.

    In addition to this there are many other things which include closing the gap between the rich and poor, making sure solo parents have sufficient to live on and can hold their heads up high. Cleaning up all our waterways. taking responsibility on climate change, stop deep sea all drilling, increase the health and education budgets. Stop sending people off to wars that are absolutely nothing to do with us and never should have been. Close the gap between gender pay.

    Housing, housing, housing – do something real about this and ensure amongst other things that all landlords must have a warrant of fitness for their properties and that this is updated on a six month basis.

    Of course the list could go on and on.

    • mosa says:

      +100 Michal

    • Nitrium Nitrium says:

      100% agree on most of those things, but I doubt you’re going to get it from Labour or ANY of the other major political parties. Corporations and the “elite” (e.g. banksters) are the effective rulers. The democratic society you think you live in is just a façade to placate us so we peons don’t start a revolution that would end with them hanging from lamp posts, i.e. democracy is a system to protect the elites from us by giving us an illusion of the power they actually have, not the other way round.

      • Iain Mclean says:


        Yes. Another fellow that understands the bigger picture.

        Half their policy will be ‘handed down from high’ and anything controversial
        will be handed to a coillition partner (think Act – Charter Schools,now Euthenasia) and a lot of legislation will actually be written by these ‘consultants’ or ‘advisors’.

        There was a time when these functions were performed by the various Public Service Depts instead of being contracted out.
        Entities either foreign owned or controlled.

        The myth that this was going to save money was just that. A myth.
        I believe that most of these functions now cost at least double the amount and you could easily see that this would lead to the opportunity to ‘price gauge’.


    • Iain Mclean says:


      “I want someone held to account over Pike River.”

      Only NZF would do something about this because Little was part of the problem.
      He won’t want to go anywhere near it.

      Complaints and letters were sent for quite a while before the disaster, about the safety,amongst other issues and Little(head of the Union at the time) stood by and did nothing.

      No cheers.

  6. Kim dandy says:

    +1000 Michal. Time for some accountability.

  7. patricia bremner says:

    Today, 18/07/2017, Andrew Little announced that if he is PM after 23/09/2017, multi-nationals must pay tax at a penalty rate if they try to avoid it by moving funds!!!
    This coming Labour Green government means business, and I am certain that many items on your list, Michael will be part of their agenda..

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Its exciting isn’t it ?

      That we could finally overturn and see the butt end of this National party kicked out the back door !

      However , I would like to add 1 more thing to Michals list – WAGE INCREASES !

      Which both the Greens and Labour have included recently – including eventually raising them to a Living Wage .

      Bloody awesome !!!

  8. CLEANGREEN says:


    Hell, KIM DANDY, NATZ dont see this possible as accountability costs money and NATZ only keep the money they physically cannot give money, it’s not in their genes.!!!!!!

  9. bert says:

    “He is intelligent and he will surprise on the campaign trail and debates.”

    I have witnessed this in Little’s time as a union leader. He will surprise many in the debates and I seriously believe kiwi’s will then understand the person that is Andrew Little, not what National or the media make him out to be.

  10. Observer Tokoroa says:

    What is being done to Andrew Little was done by the same people smothered David Cunliffe.

    Cute nobody Jesse Mulligan with his cute little voice (who rummages around grubby low content rock music while praising every untalented artist he can find, does not realise he is fawning basically over preteen girls). He even talks like them. Not grown ups.

    He is a total waste of air time. His abuse of Andrew Little is utterly unforgivable. What will he do when the preteenies dump him for someone even more cute.?

    Labour has provided Helen Clarke, Michael Cullen, David Cunliffe and Andrew Little. No other Party has presented any leaders of that quality!

    We must storm the Media every time they abuse Andrew Little. By phone; by complaint; in person; in anyway we can.

    New Zealand needs the intelligence of Andrew Little and his Honesty. Our Country needs this abused brave honest man !

    • Iain Mclean says:

      Observer Tokoroa;

      I believe Little will be rolled by Judith Ardern sometime after the election.
      I can feel it in my bones.

      I am genuine in being sorry but I don’t think he is PM material.
      He is not experienced enough.
      Besides, I think he would crack under pressure,

      Then we have Adern. (Shudder.)