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With Labour, 70% of New Zealand families will be better off than with the package National announced in their election year Budget.

With Labour, 70% of New Zealand families will be better off than with the package National announced in their election year Budget.

And by not giving a $400m tax cut to the top 10% of income earners, we’ll be able to do this for less money, leaving more to invest in homes, hospitals, schools and infrastructure – New Zealanders’ top priorities.

We’ll boost Working for Families. There’s more support for those currently receiving this vital payment and 30,000 families will start receiving payments for the first time.

We want every child to get the best start in life so we’ll help them with Best Start. Nearly 60,000 families with babies and toddlers will benefit from $60 per week of support in that important first year of a child’s life.

We’ll also introduce a Winter Energy Payment of up to $700 a year, to help those on a benefit and older New Zealanders keep warm throughout the winter, benefiting up to one million people.

These policies will provide real help to tens of thousands of Kiwi families and older people.

Government is about priorities and making choices.

Labour’s priorities are about those things that provide opportunity and security. The choice between Labour and National at this election is clear. Labour’s fresh approach to support those who need it most and to invest in the services that benefit all New Zealanders; and a National Party which, after nine years, plans to give $400m of tax cuts to the wealthiest 10% of New Zealanders.

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    You guys are smooth as silk!!!

    While we now see the Greens self destructing themselves now while they pull a prank of a hate speech at the NZ First party as being racist!!!!

    Go sort them out will you Jacinda & Andrew for god’s sake.

  2. J says:

    Excellent work Labour; it’s so sad that people don’t seem to understand the underlying premise of National’s tax cut bribe. It’s all about reducing taxes and then once the cupboard is bare, selling off more assets and privatising the public services.

    The self-interest of so many New Zealanders is chilling.

  3. WILD KATIPO says:

    I will be putting my vote towards Labour this September. And that’s no small turnaround for me after 33 years of holding a grudge against Labour , – being the party that not only introduced neo liberalism to this country but also actively pursued many identity politics issues which turned me right off them.

    And while many would say Labours policy’s are too modest , some would say tinkering, – I would say its a good start – and can and SHOULD be built on even further in time.

    Your on the right track , Labour,… go the full Jeremy Corbyn and you will reawaken the old NZ egalitarian heart that STILL beats on in the hearts of New Zealanders . Its there, … still beating , … but needs you to lead the way back to social democracy to make that heart beat strong again.

    Don’t be afraid to take that risk because rest assured – if you do that , – you will decimate National for years and years and years to come.

  4. bert says:

    Sadly when articles like this are posted in the N.Z. Herald…

    Labour will continue to fight a losing battle, with an uneven playing field.

    • Siobhan says:

      Not true, as we learnt from Labour UK…if your message/policy is sound and addresses the concerns of your target voter, you can overcome to a large degree the hostile media, attacks from the so called Left wing media (Guardian), and, in fact, criticism from your own Party naysayers.
      And that even for Corbyn, who is an uninspiring orator really.

      ‘Revolutions’ of a political social type are never sold to the public by those in power and their media slaves…they happen because the people are convinced that the message and the leaders are genuine..