The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday 10th July 2017

By   /   July 10, 2017  /   8 Comments

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

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  1. OncewasTim says:

    Just another OnceWasWhoever brain fart and a challenge.
    In this era of (what should we call it?) “Late” / or perhaps “Crony” capitalism, and of “post-truth”, and of left-right/authoritariam-libertarian condusion, of indidualistic ego versus communal welfare, and of economic versus social welfare (in that late-capitalist economy/ecosystem/
    How best to preserve/reinstate an inclusive and functioning democracy. By which I mean onw that functions in a NZ- specific,non-Backbenchers

  2. OncewasTim says:

    Non-TS ( OR any other bubble for that matter)

    Btw TDB – YOU have a software bug that just caused this disjuncture in completing my comment. PERHAPS the greatest, most experienced programmer/developer on Mother Earth, and obssesive compulsive TwiddlerinChief, LP (NOt to be confused with the long suffering LP) could help.

    It was a good brain fart worthy of others’ participation-i.e. how to restore and preserve a NuZull finctioning democracy in which all its citizens are able to participate.

  3. CLEANGREEN says:

    Work required to bring mothballed Wairoa-Napier rail line back into service … (“Dominion Post”)

    (P.S. – The imported Peruvian sleepers are in the vicinity of Ohinepaka area (9-12 km’s west of Wairoa!)… )

    We have requested a meeting with the minister of transport on backing the repairs to get the Gisborne end of this line reconnected also now because we can’t leave Gisborne isolated any longer than Kaikoura was.

    Gisborne line had a 1km section washed out only costing $3.5b Million to fix so we believe the road is no longer able to handle then volumes and size/weight of traffic in future.

    They are spending Billions on the road & rail at kaikoura checkn out this site vidoe it is showing how much it is to fix that rail so Gisborne rail was a simple fix by compassision

    Fix it Government please it is a no-brainer.

    Government! did you know the road is also now closed to Bay of Plenty from Gisborne with another massive slip from truck road vibrations in the waioeka Gorge and unsure when it is to be safe to re-open it again?

    If Government had re-opened the rail in 2012 when it was damaged the rail would be now carrying the freight through to the main line again to all points in NZ but now the long road around by truck is happening, so much for reducing the carbon footprint eh!!!!!

    Gisborne is right now feeling very isolated indeed.


    • John W says:

      If the Iwirail private partnership using Govt money is allowed to float then we go down the path of privatising rail once more,

      The Maori party are Nacts right hand privatising tool. Their greed and shortsightedness is appalling.

      Underpants Morgan has shown his credentials in ripping off iwi long ago.

  4. Quicksilver says:

    Got to agree with you CG. Could not believe it when after saying they weren’t going to fix the line for $4million, they then went and spent $5million on the bloody road.
    Because of their public —> private conversion mindset, I do wonder if they would have been happier spending taxpayer money on the railway if it was still in Tolls or Tranzrails greedy clutches. They seem to have no problem spending our money when its on corporate welfare. Because Labour bought back the railways, they appear determined to destroy it along with our other few remaining publicly owned assets.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      100% quicksilver and worse Labour in 1937 under the first sentinel of the Labour party actually built the rail line from Wairoa to Gisborne which opened in February 1942, with Michael Joseph Savage greeted the first train to Gisborne so of course nactional hate Labour with a vengeance to want it closed down the bloody criminals.

      • John W says:

        NACT Criminals backed by The Maori Party cronies and Dunne dealer, supporting gang raping of public good and still the greedy and brain dead vote for them.

        We have a battered NZ with a growing poor, suicide rates rising amongst the disillusioned young, no hope for most young NZders of dreaming about owing a house and having stable employment.

        Slaves are usually housed and fed but many young Kiwis are not.

        NACT false dream of a better tomorrow is crap and you have to be asleep to even imagine it.