Why Peter Thiel is the most dangerous man in NZ


Forget that the Minister Nathan Guy couldn’t originally recall this immigration case which required an “exceptional circumstances” clause to make billionaire Peter Thiel a citizen.

Forget that the reason for him being granted citizenship was supposedly his ‘significant investments’ where he invested $7million, received a massive Government subsidy for that ‘significant investment’ and ended up walking away with a $24million profit while Government agencies broke even.

Forget that anyone wanting to be a NZ citizen normally has to spend 1350 days in NZ over 5 years when Peter Thiel only spent 12 days over 5 years.

Forget all that – the real reason Thiel was given his citizenship was because he owns the largest private mass surveillance corporation on the planet and has company is deeply involved with the NZDF, GCSB and SIS.

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And I think this makes Peter Thiel the most dangerous man in NZ.

We are the smallest member of the 5 Eyes partners, meaning the person who owns the company that precesses all the big data that 5 Eyes records, gains an almost God like influence in that country.

Allowing a fanatical libertarian billionaire who has access to mass surveillance and has enormous  contacts throughout our intelligence apparatus to become a citizen seems to border on treason.

We’ve made a terrible mistake here.


  1. So any thoughts on why he ‘needed’ Citizenship?
    Poor old Guyon on RNZ this morning, seemed to think it was to avoid the scrutiny from the Overseas Investment Office should he wish to buy property in NZ. Which was quite ‘investigative’ for RNZ, but seems unlikely.
    If Thiel decided to change tact and become an Auckland landlord or Dairy farmer in the Waikato no one was ever going to stop him anyway.
    Is he planning to hide here when his world goes belly up?
    Come the Zombie apocalypse I think we should keep an eye out for Thiels arrival back ‘home’, I for one am more than happy to tell him citizenship has been revoked by popular vote.

  2. I’m opening bidding for my citizenship at$10,000. Going up in $500 lots, do I hear $10,500???

  3. At last Bomber you are getting to heart of this despicable act of treason by the Nactional muppets. Revoke it you spineless incompetents! It would be as symbolic an act as our nuclear free legislation. This fucker needs to be shown the door! Why is it that all these deadbeat scumbag Fascist douchebags live in fucking Queenstown.?

  4. The rest of the world is turning against America in both direct and more subtle ways and this could be a good thing for New Zealand. It may persuade the National Government to at least to start loosening its ties with America’s swamps, spies and the assortment of buffoons that front TRump. How long do you think it will take our Government to recognise how dumb and morally corrupt America has become as a nation and then do something civilised – like walk away. This president is a mirror for those that admire him and a hundred million American citizens even think he’s a good man. Americans, especially its politicians (and not just the Republicans) cast a shadow on the World and the earth I now tread on. Gradually tuning America out of my life was my mission. Soon, I may no longer be able to think of America as a barely tolerated fellow-democracy. America will be the enemy.

  5. Winston was the only one getting stuck in and objecting…or did I miss the other politicians?

    • Thiel was given NZ citizenship by the Nacts well before Trump got elected President of the USA

      ( but yes Thiel supported Trump for President rather than Hillary…good judgement imo…while the rest of Facebook owners supported Hillary, as did most of the mega rich billionaires in the USA)

      …and btw wasnt the Red Peak flag designed by one of Thiel’s companies?

  6. And listen to Bill English here on today’s ‘Morning Report’ on Radio NZ, being interviewed by Guyon Espiner.

    Espiner raises a very interesting point about Thiel’s citizenship.


    At 5:25, Espiner points out that Thiel can buy whatever he wants without oversight by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO).

    Thiel has expressed an interest in expanding his spyware company in New Zealand.

    Coupled to not having OIO oversight…

    I’m connecting a few ‘dots’ here, and it appears that Thiel’s interest in New Zealand citizenship may be more than just a ‘fad’ or ‘bolthole’ from Trump’s America.

    What is it that Thiel needs to buy here in New Zealand that he doesn’t want made public through the OIO?

    Is Palantir involved?

    Is is land for a new spybase?

    I suspect more will come out on this story.

    • Hey frank,

      Hi Frank and crew,

      Radio NZ is now a pathetic news platform in this election year as I sense a taming of any hard hitting anti-Nactional Government criticism any more now.

      Has SS Joyce out of his mega MBIE propaganda agency (paid for by our taxes) now threatening RNZ with more financial cutbacks if they criticize the government before the election??

      Perhaps somebody at RNZ can be good enough to tell us why RNZ has stopped being a critic of Nactional now please?????

  7. The 5 Eyes is in place to protect us from Islamic Extremists who want to slip into NZ and create Merry Hell, after all they managed to shut down that Terrorist Cell in the Ureweras about 10 years ago before it was going to strike.

  8. This is the new frontline in warfare. Thiel fulfils the role of an old fashioned armaments manufacturer. These people have always been deeply embedded into the defense establishment and government. On that basis his appearance is just business as usual, and a confirmation of the depth of infiltration and integration of the Deep State into our polity. That is an issue of it’s own.

    I’m more concerned that this government appears to gift NZ Citizenship to the highest bidder. Of course you can expect”donations” and information to be forthcoming to the National Party, but hey, there is no corruption in New Zealand. We don’t break the rules, merely bend them whilst corrupting our souls. It’s a slippery slope.

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