TDB Top 5 International Stories: Monday 3rd July 2017


5: Human Trafficking in Aotearoa: Children, Women and Labourers at Risk

A new global report praises New Zealand’s protection laws but a workers’ rights advocate tells VICE the government still isn’t doing enough.

New Zealand gets an overall pass mark in the latest global assessment on human trafficking, but a new report raises concerns over forced labour and sex trafficking—with Pacific and Māori children singled out as being particularly at risk of being coerced into prostitution.

According to the annual report on human trafficking released by the US Department of State, New Zealand falls short on several measures. It does “not consistently identify victims in vulnerable sectors, provide shelter services designed specifically for trafficking victims, or adequately conduct campaigns to raise general awareness of human trafficking.”

The good news, however, is that New Zealand continues to meet “the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking”, remaining a Tier 1 country; North Korea, for instance, is Tier 3.

Vice News


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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP kicked off his re-election campaign’s financing efforts with a major fundraiser at his own Washington hotel Wednesday night, excluding media but charging attendees $35,000 each.

While the president may have barred reporters from the closed-door Republican National Committee gathering, his battle with the press wasn’t far from his mind. During his speech, according to audio of the event published here by The Intercept, he singled out CNN, asking the audience whether he ought to sue what he described as “horrible human beings.”

Trump drew loud applause with his suggestion that he was prevailing in his campaign against the cable news network. “Boy, did CNN get killed over the last few days,” he said. Last week, CNN retracted a story about a Trump ally’s ties to a Russian bank; three of the network’s journalists resigned in the wake of the flap.

Trump then focused his attention on CNN commentator Van Jones, whom Trump noted was recently captured on secretly recorded audio calling the story of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia a “nothing burger,” as well as CNN network president Jeff Zucker.

“Van Jones — you see this man?” Trump said. “These are really dishonest people. Should I sue them? I mean, they’re phonies. Jeff Zucker, I hear he’s going to resign at some point pretty soon. I mean, these are horrible human beings.”

“It’s a shame what they’ve done to the name CNN, that I can tell you,” Trump went on, riffing on taking the network to court. “But as far as I’m concerned, I love it. If anybody’s a lawyer in the house and thinks I have a good lawsuit — I feel like we do. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

The Intercept

3: Qatar FM: The list of demands was meant to be rejected

Qatar’s foreign minister has said Doha will not meet any of the 13 demands made by Saudi Arabia and its allies, offering instead “a proper condition for a dialogue” to resolve the Gulf crisis. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, speaking at the news conference in the Italian capital Rome on Saturday, said the list “was meant to be rejected”, pointing to the fact that it arrived with a 10-day expiration date.

“Everyone is aware that these demands are meant to infringe the sovereignty of the state of Qatar, shut the freedom of speech and impose auditing and probation mechanism for Qatar,” he said.


2: Disability Rights Activist Arrested for Protesting Trumpcare: We Won’t Be Silent While You Kill Us

With the deeply unpopular healthcare plan having failed to come to a vote before the Senate recessed for the holidays, demonstrators across the country flooded the offices of Republicans in what they’re calling a “last stand” to prevent a repeal of the Affordable Care Act. We speak with disability rights attorney Stephanie Woodward, who was shown in a viral video being pulled out of her wheelchair and arrested for protesting outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office.
Democracy Now


1: Trump accused of encouraging attacks on journalists with CNN body-slam tweet

Donald Trump was on Sunday accused of encouraging his supporters to attack journalists, after he tweeted a video of himself at a pro-wrestling event throwing to the floor a man with a CNN logo for a head.

The video, sent as CNN broadcast its Sunday talk show State of the Union, came the morning after an appearance from Trump at an event in Washington honouring veterans, in which he used his speech to further his attacks on the press and broadcasters. “The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I’m president, and they’re not,” he said.

CNN said in a statement that Trump was encouraging violence against reporters and “involved in juvenile behaviour far below the dignity of his office”.

The Guardian