CTU analysis shows funding freeze as health need grows – NZNO


The thorough CTU Health Budget analysis out today shows the raw facts of health underfunding of the public health service in particular. NZNO Chief Executive Memo Musa and President Grant Brookes say the $101m shortfall in Budget 2017 for national health services funding is irresponsible.

“Health workforce training, contracted services, maternity services and public health service funding alone is short $36m. Inadequate funding for preventive healthcare and community nursing results in more people going to the hospitals, which is not the way to keep New Zealanders well, or the best use of public funds.

“Public health is yet again on the receiving end of cuts when the evidence points to this being an area of increasing need and means our more vulnerable people missing out.
“Preventable diseases are on the rise and the public education and upskilling to keep well will be vital to stop spreading fatal diseases,” Memo Musa said.

NZNO President Grant Brookes:
“This lack of investment in the workforce may really be the tipping point that triggers many in an aging nurse workforce to hang up their boots. This is the opposite of what we need.

“New Zealand is facing new public health threats because of the increased movement of people, animals and food around the world, and this, combined with environmental effects of climate change mean the public health budget must incorporate funds for these contingencies,” he said.

The full analysis of the Vote Health budget is available at: http://www.union.org.nz/did-the-budget-provide-enough-for-health-2017/
A detailed spreadsheet showing the calculations is available at: http://www.union.org.nz/health-vote-2017-18-post-budget/

An analysis of the announced $224 million ‘boost’ for mental health is available at: https://www.asms.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Budget-2017-mental-health-funding-boost-a-cut-in-real-terms_168083.3.pdf

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