Malcolm Evans – National Party slogan 2017

By   /   June 20, 2017  /   2 Comments

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Malcolm Evans

Political Cartoonist

Malcolm Evans is one of NZs best political cartoonists who was sacked from the NZ Herald for daring to suggest Israel was the new apartheid state.


  1. Castro says:

    Traffic is one thing; those on the “Left” with houses are going to be caught off guard by the violent rage of those locked out of the housing market (no, a car is NOT a house).

  2. WILD KATIPO says:

    More Patience – Less Patients….

    That could of been the motto regarding covering up illegal acts in the National party ,…. delay , redact and be patient for it to blow over , then forget and deny it ever happened…

    And just like Auckland’s traffic congestion and Nationals irresponsible immigration settings,… its only a matter of time before dishonesty catches up with you…