GUEST BLOG: Te Reo Putake – The Last Days of May

By   /   June 19, 2017  /   3 Comments

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It’s looking increasingly likely that embattled UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, will have to stand down.

It’s looking increasingly likely that embattled UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, will have to stand down.

The public, including many Conservative voters, appear disgusted with her decision to do a deal with the Neanderthals of the DUP, whose bigoted, backward looking and regressive nature is legendary. The DUP election manifesto has been wittily described as “basically just the bible, with fortnightly bin collections”.

May looks particularly weak and hypocritical for relying on the DUP because her party and the right wing press have, for months, made hay out of calling Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist enabler. Even the briefest of google searches shows that the DUP are far closer to actual active terrorists than any other political party in the UK. They are a loathsome, reactionary force for repression.

And they are the only thing keeping the Tories in power.

To compound matters, Theresa May has made a complete hash of the response to the tragic Grenfell Towers fire. Instead of going to the site personally, she sent her stunt double, Andrea Leadsom, instead. Predictably, Leadsom, who also sat in for May in the election TV debates, was howled down by survivors and supporters.

May has just finished a train wreck of an interview on the BBC’s Newsnight. It may be the last straw.

However, the problem remains that the Tory party is paralysed with fear. Dump May and replace her with who? Nobody with any political nous is going to want the job. Boris Johnson will bide his time and take over in the rebuilding phase. He is not going to want to lead them into the next election because it is going to be a thumping of historic proportions.

And meanwhile Jeremy Corbyn continues to lead Britain from the opposition benches.

Labour’s time is coming and the UK will be much the better for the change.

May will go soon, but it’s her party Britain needs to be shot of.


Te Reo Putake – Socialist, vegetarian, contrarian and footballer, Te Reo Putake was until recently the wittiest, most engaging and most infuriating writer at The Standard Blog where he was banned during their latest identity politics purge. TRP intends to continue battling for the battlers and kicking against the pricks in real life and here at the Daily Blog.

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  1. dave brown says:

    Talking of the DUP, reports say Sinn Fein may take up its seats in Westminster to join forces with Corbyn if he promises a referendum on a united Ireland.

    This would be a big leap if true, because it is a no brainer.

    It would mean that against a Tory Government that is formed by an alliance with the reactionary unionists of Ulster, a Labour Government could be formed committed to Irish Independence.

    The Irish Question has always been used by the British ruling class to rally British workers behind it against Irish independence.

    Not until Ireland is united and the British colony in the north ended can we talk of any real independence and any real unity between British and Irish workers.

    Sinn Fein wants a referendum on unity. This is the ultimatum it has used to boycott its Westminster seats.

    To meet this demand all it needs is for Corbyn to attack the rotten heart of British imperialism – the colonial divide and rule of its first colony – and promise a referendum.

    If Sinn Fein does not respond to such a promise and go to Westminster when it is represented in the EU parliament, and serves in an imperialist imposed power-sharing regime at home, then it deserves to languish in isolation and impotence.

  2. saveNZ says:

    Great analysis! Maybot’s in her final weeks. Even if she stays how can she govern with the DUP? Goodbye conservatives!

  3. Kim dandy says:

    Sticky end. Fingers crossed the Nats get the same here in sept.