A REPORTERS GUIDE TO THE OPPORTUNITIES PARTY (straight answers to simple questions that will let us talk about important stuff)

By   /   June 19, 2017  /   2 Comments

Q: Is the Opportunities Party left or right wing?

A: Yes.



Q: Who are TOP’s core supporters?

A: Everyone who cares, thinks and votes



Q: Is Gareth Morgan really serious about getting into Parliament?

A: Yes, he will be TOP of the party list and has been working non-stop since November to build the party into a viable contender come polling day.  But he won’t stay in Parliament forever. Any truly progressive movement has to evolve and when the time is right Dr Morgan will pass on the baton to others in the Opportunities Party.



Q: How should we describe Gareth Morgan?

A: Well some of you call him a millionaire; that is a bit odd as there are plenty of other millionaires in politics but you don’t use that term to describe them.  Some of you call him a wannabe politician but there are lots of politicians who haven’t been elected yet who you don’t describe in those terms. Often you make reference to cats, but even the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has recognised Dr Morgan’s cat campaign as important for the preservation of native birds.  Why don’t we go with “The Opportunities Party Leader Gareth Morgan”?



Q: Who will TOP go with after the election?

A: TOP will not be going into government with anyone.  If we are needed to provide confidence and supply support to a government we will make that decision based on how many of our key policies any party or grouping of parties gives us.  The Party is currently deliberating on its approach to New Zealand First and will make its stance on that known well before polling day.

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  1. OnceWasTim says:

    “Q: Who are TOP’s core supporters?

    A: Everyone who cares, thinks and vote”

    You mean EVERYONE? No one else cares or thinks or votes of course.

    (Not sure if anyone else agrees, but to me that’s an arrogant, elitist kind of answer for a start and a complete turnoff. Till I saw that I was beginning to get interested)

  2. Castro says:

    I still can’t believe that the so-called left are giving this rich prick oxygen… it boggles the mind… what is the strategic plan, here? To divide the vote and gift National a fourth term? Oh, wait… there is no plan to bring about a change of government, is there?