TWITTER WATCH: Nicky Wagner’s contempt for the disability sector all in one tweet


Wow, just. Wow.

Nothing sums up the born to rule contempt that National embody better than this tweet by the Minister for Disability. Here she is supposedly at work having a meeting on disability issues and she’s posting glorious photos of the harbour wishing she could dump this disability crap and party on the water front.

How ugly and truly revealing of the real values within these people than that one unconscious moment where she has really shown her true colours.

This is the National Party, their born to rule arrogance has tainted NZ politics for decades. We need a change of Government so we can have Ministers who are passionate about helping the people rather than ones who see it as a drag on their leisure time.

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  1. This is a disgrace, considering Nicky Wagner is the Disability Minister! It’s hard to comprehend that a cabinet minister from any side, could even think of announcing such a shameful, contemptuous statement! To even think it, is beyond me.

    From my perspective, Wagner has offended the NZ disabled community, something which cannot be tolerated from a government minister. As such, she must be sacked, if she doesn’t resign. English must act assertively here.

    Definitely shows the toxic culture of the Natz is alive and well and thriving!

    • +100…this is the sick ethical Nact mileu in which New Zealand’s health, medical and caring systems now operate…it bodes ill for our most vulnerable

  2. You’ve got to see it from Nicky’s perspective.

    Sit in the same room and deal with people with disabilities who probably don’t vote, can’t be exploited, can’t make her wealthier, can’t make her National Party colleagues more money and simply take what money that National haven’t cut to the disabled that could simply go in tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Or go out on her yacht and or launch on to the Waitemata with some equally successful people and winners with the right connections who most especially are not disabled and drink champers.

    Tough call really.

    I don’t think we can begin to appreciate how really tough it is being a National Party MP whilst having to deal with riff-raff like they have to!

  3. National have no conscience or any sign of common decency.

    One day they will be on the receiving end of the rough stick given to us by them and feel the way we do Martyn.

  4. Apart from the unpleasant nature of the context, it is such a naff thing to say, anyway.

  5. I notice Stuff has Michael Wright in damage control pretty promptly.
    His pathetic attempt to excuse her has only made it worse.
    Pass the popcorn.

  6. Wasn’t she the one that refused to accept the form petition signed by thousands of people about the rights of Veterans, and suggested it was only one submission? So the numbers reported to parliament of people submitting their opinions was minimised by her as leader of the committee?

  7. Why was there more ‘hard hitting’ questions from Susie Ferguson, on RNZ this morning, regarding this Twitter issue than questioning the Minister on the wages paid to those in the Mental Health sector and the justification for excluding them from the pay equity agreement?

    I get the issue. And it is an issue. But there are only so many hours to a news cycle.
    And Twitter mishaps are a distraction when compared to real policy issues.
    But then I suspect that’s the reason Twitter exists….

  8. At the time of posting this, early Monday evening, Nicky Wagner is still there in the position of Disabilities Minister. In fact, still employed as a government minister!


    Obviously offending the disabled community, who incidentally contribute to her wages, means nothing to her, or to Bill English, or this shameful disgusting excuse for a government!

    Shame in the damn lot of them!

  9. As poor as these personal attacks may be, they will NOT win the election, certainly with Labour fucking up.

    I fear the TDB does not understand how serious things are and how we need substance and good messaging, not cheap personalised slogans to beat the Nats.

    Labour screwed up with their volunteers recruited from overseas, where are the fucking local ones, I ask, are there any left???

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