With less than 100 days until the 2017 election, New Zealand launches ‘Campaign for Change’

By   /   June 17, 2017  /   15 Comments

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1 million people did not vote in the last election. 250,000 people who were required to register did not. These numbers represent a crisis of democracy. This group overwhelmingly consisted of young people, workers in low paid occupations, as well as Māori, Pacifica, and other ethnic communities. 

With less than 100 days until the 2017 election, New Zealand launches ‘Campaign for Change’
1 million people did not vote in the last election. 250,000 people who were required to register did not. These numbers represent a crisis of democracy. This group overwhelmingly consisted of young people, workers in low paid occupations, as well as Māori, Pacifica, and other ethnic communities.
“The Campaign for Change will channel the energy and passion of New Zealander’s who want to see a change of Government this election.”  says Director Matt McCarten.
This non-partisan campaign is being created in order to get people engaged and involved. The disconnect between a million citizens and political participation is a threat to our democracy.
The Campaign for Change is directed by the goal of full political participation. Through this campaign, we will aim to have 1 on 1 interviews with 100,000 New Zealanders who are not enrolled or who did not vote at the last election to not vote. We want to turn the issues these citizens care about into a campaign.
“We are launching our push for volunteers next week. If you want to be part of a campaign that promotes political participation, we want to hear from you!”
The programme is independent of any political party but is supported by progressive organisations in Auckland. The focus of political activity is voter enrolment and participation.
Instagram: @CampaignForChangeNZ
Matt McCarten
Campaign for Change Director 
Emma Barnett
Press Officer
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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Labour,greens and NZ First must join in a platform campaign together and call for their new way Government offering egalitarian principals of a shared between all people of a “shared commonwealth” set up by a new government who is “kind,gentle, compassionate, & open to listen and work with the people!!!!!!

    This was what got Helen Clark voted into Government in 1999.

    National are not this type of “inclusive” Government, and never were, – so this is the only way the opposition parties will win over the million lost votes.


  2. Tiger Mountain says:

    great idea, needs to include full info on the unpublished roll, a lot of people are scared of debt collectors, violent ex’s etc. or just want to be beneath the radar for whatever reason, which should not exclude them from voting

    info about maintaining a mailing addresses etc. would be helpful for the huge transient numbers too in these times of car sleeping etc.

    the bureaucrats will not help, or cannot help, due to budget shrinkage, the bulk of non voters, so it is well worth trying a community campaign

  3. Adrian Thornton says:

    Why would any worker vote Labour?

    Labour has made it plainly obvious that it is a political party working for the middle class, and their children, defending their rights and lifestyle, and is NOT a party that defends workers, the working poor and disenfranchised.

    Labour is a centrist party (carrying some serious negative baggage from their recent past)with no political soul, no political courage,and obviously has no long term vision for a fair and equal NZ for all…..unfortunately for them and more importantly for the citizens of NZ, this is the widely held opinion of Labour amongst most motivated progressives in NZ, well is certainly is with all that I know and the many that I meet in my bookshop.

    This is the reason why it cannot break 30% in the polls, and won’t unless National fuck up.

    Turn Labour Left.

    • saveNZ says:

      @ ADRIAN THORNTON – if that is your position why not turn to the Greens or someone else who are further left?

      What I can’t understand is the commentators who keep posting anti Labour messages, but never bother to post about their concerns about the current government who has been in power for nearly a decade and is actually got so much power now that they and can push through any policies without needing the opposition…

      Seriously, just pin on a National supporter badge and post under Slater’s little helper, because constantly slamming Labour helps keep the status quo which I’m presuming you don’t seem to agree with either.

      Labour has not been in power for a decade, stop smoking what ever it is that keeps you in a time warp, or reading Marxist weekly that’s taken a leave of reality by seeming to love National policy too, and use your democratic right to vote further left, which seems to be the Greens or Mana and post for them!

      Be a supporter of the left parties with the policies you want to push, not an obstructor to Labour that is realistically the only hope for a change of government and is highly likely to go FURTHER LEFT once in power IF the other minor LEFT parties GET ENOUGH SUPPORT!

      • patricia bremner says:

        Thank you, I agree. We need to donate, walk the talk, enrol and Vote for change.

        • Kate Lang says:

          Absolutely. Yes, we must remove fear from the voting roll! Is there adequate legislation to prevent use of the voter roll for debt and other forms of intimidation?

  4. RosieLee says:

    Is McCarten still a Labour party strategist?

  5. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Until Labour, the Greens etc. are prepared to face the fundamental issues they currently refused to face they very much remain part of the problem (rather than part of the solution): no wonder the level of disillusionment and disengagement is so high in NZ, and is likely to increase.

    • patricia bremner says:

      A few know the truth.Please state the impediments you say are causing you not to choose to change the Government. It is hard to take your position seriously without detail. What is it you want?

  6. saveNZ says:

    BTW, Corbyn didn’t just get himself from nowhere to nearly winning (and it still might happen as May’s got a pretty dodgy coalition), he got there due to the people of the UK getting off their arses and voting for him.

    So if voters want change and think life is not fair, then get off your arse, register and vote for someone else. Nobodies gonna do it for you!

    Likewise beneficiaries and low paid workers, if you hate the changes at WINZ, fight back, by voting.

    That’s they type of message that needs to be said.

  7. Jack Ramaka says:

    Not voting is voting for the incumbent party and that is NATIONAL.

  8. kappanz says:

    I find the posting of any concerns anti- an opposition party, stridently if not correctly, highly supportive of the incumbents. If you want to change a party, join it. Meanwhile, keep pro left–of Nashnull/Act/UF/TOop. My vote is always FOR Labour & left. And ffs listen to their candidates.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Waheyyy !- I’m voting Labour this time round and hope both the Greens and NZ First come on board as well.

      But I also support Donald J Trump and reckon he did the world a favour by pulling out of the Bilderberg inspired Paris Accord.

      AND the TTPA.

      So how does that fit in?

      Its a tough road being a nationalist and an anti globalist socialist all in one these days…

      – bracing for the flaming-


  9. Jack Ramaka says:

    We need cross party support to get this country back on track, if we are not all going down the same road and in agreement we end up in a MESS unfortunately both Labour and National have followed the Neo Liberal Experiment for the past 40 Years and the country has ended up in a
    MESS ?