Simon Barnett, Tom Cruise, The Edge Breakfast Madhouse and not giving a toss


Tears as radio hosts tricked by hoax Tom Cruise interview

A breakfast radio team has been left shocked and in tears after an interview with Tom Cruise turned out to be an in-house hoax this morning.

Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick had set up an interview with the film star after Barnett professed his crush on his childhood hero earlier in the week.

The worst commercial radio show in the world, the Edge Breakfast Morning Madhouse, tricked one of the most boring commercial radio shows in the world, the More FM Breakfast with Si and Gary, into believing they were talking to the most over rated actor on the face of the planet, Tom Cruise.

So, in short, a bunch of radio broadcasters I have zero respect for pranked another bunch of radio broadcasters I’d never willingly listen to into believing they were talking to an actor I wouldn’t pay money to watch.

How the fuck is this even remotely news?

Newshub has carried updates daily on the prank and opinion pieces have actually been written by people who have bewilderingly  sided with various players in this fuckfest of mediocrity as if their opinion on something so vacuous and inane offers some type of important narrative on meaningless dribble.

With less than a 100 days till the election, with 250 000 kids in poverty, 41 000 homeless, a suicide rate 3 times higher than officials acknowledge, with the poor forced to live in garages and run down houses, with 1600 dying each year in those cold run down houses, with 10 000+ in our prisons, with a Government happily expanding the speculative property bubble to con the middle classes with a false sense of wealth with all that going on, we have our news media wasting time on fuckwits whose mediocrity is so all encompassing they may as well be declared functionally braindead???

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It is no wonder those who are suffering most from the policies of National are robbed of believing they can participate and change the Government when the media are so busy distracting them with their bullshit clickbait.



  1. Music radio is on the way out thanks to the various internet apps but it’s obvious these fucktards are so wrongly convinced of their invincibility by their own over inflated egos that they don’t realise it

    So much so Barnett’s producer was sobbing. No one cares, no one that even vaguely matters.

    Oh my fucking god, you tools are dinosaurs, your are near extinction and this dulll non event is the best you can do?

    But worse, as you said, it was news. FFS!

  2. It isn’t news, its snooze.
    Its purpose is to distract people from the vital issues that affect New Zealand at the moment.

  3. “people who have bewilderingly sided with various players in this fuckfest of mediocrity as if their opinion on something so vacuous and inane offers some type of important narrative on meaningless dribble.”

    So poetic Martyn that was brilliant.

    I never listen to this crap so as soon as I hear some silly small talk going on with lots of giggles it turns me off straight away.

    These people are so full of themselves and couldn’t give a toss for the unfortunate among us some of whom may have died in an old car frozen because they have no heating or any warm home to live in.

    This era of self importance navel gazing reminds me of the Gatsby era when the great depression drove those less fortunate to enter into a dance competition depicted in the old movie “They shoot horses don’t they”
    Those less fortunate who were desperate cling to hope making some money if they are the last couple dancing on the floor, while the rich sit there entertaining themselves while those weaker couples collapse on the floor some dying in the process.

    Today’s world is so selfish and uncaring now, as those times were during the great depression.

    Sad lot they are.

  4. Agree with you, 100% Martin.

    These self-important mindless dinosaurs who think Tom Cruise is an “event”.
    It’s self parody, but they don’t even realise it. It’s funny on no level – at all.

    It’s just so deeply, deeply sad.

    These people look into the mirror and nothing looks back.

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