Political Caption Competition

By   /   June 17, 2017  /   6 Comments

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Spot the difference: Trick question – there is no difference


  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    Now we are all subjected to;
    1/RNZ National Radio.
    2/National Service. (Compulsory Army training mooted to be introduced again)
    3/National Parks
    4National road transport fund. (NRTF)
    5/National standards.
    6/National Park Villages.
    7/National Whale Centre Picton.
    8/National Exercise Program (2013)
    9/National Aquarium (Napier)
    10/National Hazardscape Report » Ministry of Civil Defence

    I can say with accuracy that we have many more “National” policies and places that have been labeled and marketed as National possibly to heighten our alignment with the political Party purposely of choice!!!!!@#$%^&*()_


  2. Castro says:

    NO difference; two arms of the Chinese neo-colonial front in No Zealand

  3. Sam Sam says:

    Rip National

  4. Essay writer says:

    End of National everything policy

  5. mary_a says:

    One merges into the other … nasty Natz!

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    There is another one.
    11. National Disaster Centre.