The Daily Blog Open Mic – Friday 16th June 2017

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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.



Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. OnceWasTim says:

    Apologies to Phil Ure in advance, but……
    You have to wonder seriously about Nu Zull’s illicit drug policy and the so called ‘war on drugs’ …. seriously wonder! considering it’s led by the once were hippies who’d subscribed to peace, love and rock’n’roll, and what they could get their hands on. Somewhere in there, there’s even some pious lefty from Burma Road who was a complete fucking hassle (apparently, because I never indulged, but who is 1 degree removed) who now feigns the sensible voice of the left) when sampling the acidic ‘Jolly Green Giant’; and even a ‘rock historian author’ and re-inventor of history who’s forgtotten who actually threw a rubbish bin through a Molesworth Street Chemist shop in pursuit of a ‘DD’ cabinet.
    I mean! there’s Peter fucking Dunce who I once had the displeasure to have been a contemporary in age old Onslow College school days, now trying to be all progressive.
    We’ve had a war on ‘Homebake’ – one that was actually quite successful where the conversion from codeine phosphate crap was converted to smack in a long-drawn out process – and (just as now) there are some seriously incompetent ‘cooks’ who couldn’t have given a shit about Ph levels or who they damage
    ………….far better that it’s victims had access to the genuine thing.
    We’ve had various other initiatives until we get to now, whilst all the while, the free flow of piss and RTD’s and the weekly Thursday Friday Saturday routine of the pre-load.
    The sniffing of benzine – in which the only outcome is a brain totally fried.
    We probably don’t need to even get into the societal outcomes – because ………….
    Same Shit with a different stink with this war on ‘P’.

    It still doesn’t have seemed to have dawned on those in authority that the indigent, all those left out and with no foreseeable chance of a better life, whomever you like – they’ll seek whatever form of escapism and the chance of an earn they can.

    Now, 20 years later – the fashion and the accessibility is ‘P’.
    The reasons behind its advance are no fucking different from the advance of Homebake.
    Thank Christ I’ve managed to steer clear of the lot of it but suffice to say, we’re still just tinkering round the edges, and under this government – clutching our pearls and pretending its everyone else.
    Quelle Horreur when some of the Gnats kuds, brothers, sisters are publicly exposed as being complete fuckups. (I understand there’s even one offshore – is it an AA? that’s in that predick)

    /Endrave ( and apologies … having just witnessed the plight of YET another casulaty )
    Going back a century – we fucked Opium, then we fucked Homebake, we expressed faux concern for the benzine sniffers, and now we’re doing the same with what’s probably the most dangerous invention of our time …. ‘P’.
    We do that, INSTEAD of addressing the issues surrounding its use – such as poverty, or a basic roof over our head.
    We even excuse the Ladder puller-upper-in Chief , some of who’s distant rellies …. no let’s not go there.
    Even Nafe fucking Goi.

    This is the 21st Century and we have people like Paula Bennet, and Anne fucking Tolley, and a heap more, wringing their fucking hands but whose main agenda is purely to preserve their own comfort

  2. Philip Ferguson says:

    Showing solidarity with the workers of the world means opposing Labour’s immigration policy:

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      This makes me sick our PM swanning around the Islands sunning himself giving them 15 Million while our poor kiwis are dying in the cold outside without a roof over their heads or living in cars!!!!

      Bill English gets friendly welcome after arriving in Cook Islands
      Offer of $15 million for infrastructure.
      Wed, Jun 14


      The Cook Islands could end up with better internet access than parts of New Zealand, Prime Minister Bill English has joked.

      Prime Minister Bill English gets friendly welcome after arriving in Cook Islands
      The PM is discussing internet access and wastewater during his time in the Pacific.
      Source: 1 NEWS
      New Zealand has committed $15 million to help connect the Pacific nation to the Manatua submarine cable, linking Rarotonga and Aitutaki with faster, cheaper internet.
      He made the announcement after a cabinet meeting with Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna in Rarotonga today.
      Connectivity is vital not only to the growing tourism industry, but also to keeping Cook Islanders in the Pacific by growing opportunities for work and education.

      Mr English and his delegation, including Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee, Pacific Peoples Minister Alfred Ngaro and community and business leaders, touched down in Rarotonga last night.
      Later today they’re expected to attend a welcome ceremony and formal dinner with Mr Puna.

  3. Pat O'Dea says:

    Grenfel Tower disaster.

    £4 thousand British Pounds was all it would have cost to put a fire extinguisher on each floor.

    £300 thousand British pounds was all it would have cost to install a sprinkler system.

    Instead of spending money on these live saving amenities to protect the inhabitants;

    £3 million British pounds was spent on flammable plastic cladding to make the building more sightly to the wealthy people living near the building, and the developers moving into the area.

  4. Sumsuch says:

    My namesake uncle fought and died for freedom and democracy. In the last 30 to 40 years the emphasis has been on freedom i.e. plutocracy. Censoring comments only strengthens that (false) story. Leave presentation to wankers and representation to us.

    I don’t understand completely, and ,thus , not at all, what ‘trolling’ is.

    My comments about John Minto are only reconfirmed twice.

    [Sumsuch, you may be new to TDB. In which case, allow me to point out that posting privileges on this site are not automatic. TDB retains full editorial rights to be selective in what is published. We allow 99% of material to be published, but there are limits that we have imposed so that TDB does not become liable to lawsuit for defamation; descend into a trolling playground; repetitive; wishing ill, injury, or death; multiple postings that ‘swamp’ the Comments section; ) “fly-by-scorning” where a person leaves a derogatory comment, but without any real content that merits publication; discloses another Commentor’s personal details; is racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise insulting to a sector of society, etc. Every blog website makes its own editorial rules and those are ours. Anyone who disagrees with those rules is free to build their own blogsite and post according to their values. – Scarletmod ]

    • Sumsuch says:

      Thanks for the comprehensive response. I’ve looked up trolling and, all and all, more specific terms like ‘off topic’ would be better. Otherwise it’s that ever-present club of the poor in the 1800s, the nebulous ‘sedition’.

      After all, you are modelling a better society here. One of the few good things about the American constitution is the elevation of freedom of expression. The benefits are exponential. And in everyday life for a NZer, difficult to impossible. You aren’t placing it as a priority, and what happens to non-priorities. People’s feelings are hurt, no shit. That’s what you are here for, y’know, the ever difficult, painful truth. Ours is a good cause, and, so, it doesn’t need protection from truth.

  5. Kim dandy says:

    The Grenfel fire will come back to bite the current flailing conservative government.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      Who the hell would cover the insides and outsides of any building with plastic and then claim the building was “fire resistant????

      Bloody plastic is full of flammable oil derivatives!!!!

      Worse still the plastic is known to contain nasty deadly toxins!!!!!!

      Enough to poison the 600 living inside the building anyway!!!!!

      So now the truth comes out! – that it was the rich and developers who own properties around the tower, that pushed London Council to pay for the cladding to be put onto that tower to make it more aesthetically pleasing to them!!!!!!

      Sick fuckers!!!!!!

  6. John W says:

    Money for someone is often the cause of many disasters.

    Govts who do not regulate and enforce public good are corrupt to the core.

    We have corrupt govt. Asbestos was sold widely in NZ by Fletchers and Hardings.
    It was known and well documented as a carcinogen and a cause of many other deadly health conditions sine early 1800s but the National Govt her in NZ refused to restrict sale of asbestos and even changed the law so victims could not sue the criminal suppliers and distributors.


    We have back door corruption which is endemic.


    Who profits – the investor state which is mainly off shore money as well as some NZ based wealthy.

    Sub human fiends who make profit and misery for others as a matter of course. We let them do it.