Political Caption Competition

By   /   June 15, 2017  /   6 Comments


  1. Duncan says:

    Stuff everyone else.

  2. simonm says:

    “Fonterra – turning New Zealand’s waterways into effluent-catchment zones so a kid in Beijing can enjoy a pizza.”

  3. Sam Sam says:

    *cough* bullshit

  4. CLEANGREEN says:

    O/k where’s a river that those cows can foul up Bill?

  5. WILD KATIPO says:


    You cannot equate Donald Trumps kicking in the nuts of the globalist / Bilderbergers at the Paris Accord with the small and desperate outpost of neo liberalist globalists under Bullshit English in New Zealand.

    They have have no comparisons what soever.

    Watch this to see who your real enemy’s are:

    Bilderberg Elites Panic As Trump Dismantles Climate Change Hoax …
    Video for climate change bilderberg you tube▶ 7:48

  6. Doc says:

    Make the corner dairy great/safe again.