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People ask why I’m not writing about Barack Obama, because he too dropped bombs and gave military support to Israel and did any number of dubious things that American presidents seem to do as a matter of course. In fact presidents who have dropped bombs include but are not limited to Washington, Lincoln, Regan, Truman, Nixon, Bush senior and Junior

People ask why I’m not writing about Barack Obama, because he too dropped bombs and gave military support to Israel and did any number of dubious things that American presidents seem to do as a matter of course. In fact presidents who have dropped bombs include but are not limited to Washington, Lincoln, Regan, Truman, Nixon, Bush senior and Junior.

Why I don’t speak to Bill Clinton’s past record, he had charges of rape and groping and sexual harassment filed against him, so why do I have a problem now that Trump is doing these illegal misogynistic things?

The first reason should be obvious to all. Neither Clinton nor Obama are currently running the American government. Nor are Truman, Regan and Nixon for that matter, so I’m not criticising their actions on this blog either. They are not making decisions that impact America on the same scale or from the same position, and because of its impact on world politics, the rest of the world (that’s us people) is impacted too, hopefully not by a nuclear bomb, but it’s Trump, so crossed fingers everyone.

They are not nominating Supreme Court justices, or banning 7 countries from travelling because there might be terrorists in the midst of the regular travellers, while at the same time, giving a massive amount of arms to the one country that has imported more terrorists into America than any other.
Trump is.

Moreover, his behaviour is not the business as usual horrific stuff of usual American presidents. He really is much, much worse.

People are afraid to look at the news and afraid to look away in case another freedom is pickpocketed while their backs are turned. Americans joke about the revolution and resistance, but the laughter is too hysterical because they’re all wondering about the size of each other’s attics, or whether Trump will start detaining people indefinitely. Really, don’t let him detain you. It might be at Gitmo.

It’s anything can happen day in the Trump presidency and apparently torture is great, Muslims are bad, Mexican’s are rapists, women can be grabbed by the pussy because they’re nasty, he’s being wiretapped and Nazi’s make great advisors. For those who haven’t been paying attention it’s time to order your insignia and practise the goosestep.

Having a brash, narcissistic uncaring businessman with too many friends at Goldman Sachs to truly be a man of the people seems familiar to those of us who have seen American presidents before, but Trump’s administration is Orwellian, Machiavellian, and Kafkaesque. It’s all the dystopian nightmares we were warned about and it’s being perpetrated by the generation that gave up hippies and love-ins and protesting the war. Like a terrible mirror reality where the irony is turned up too high.

When the world is more connected than ever before and we have more access to better information than any other time in history, squatting in the Whitehouse like an orange toad is an isolationist president who is so ignorant he doesn’t know what the word ignorant means. Challenge the London Mayor to an IQ off as often as you like, it won’t increase your knowledge of Islam you tiny handed buffoon.

A guy that likes to fire people for a living is running what was, up until he was elected, one of the most powerful nations on earth, and no one seems able to stop it. Some people don’t seem to even notice its happening, they believe the administration’s party line that news is fake and facts are alt. We should all just shut up and eat our boiled frog.

So why does a huge portion of American and indeed a chunk of the rest of us, think that this is just another American president doing ordinary stupid presidenty things? Let’s contrast and compare a few presidential acts with the act of lunacy that is Trump’s presidency.

Business as usual is that the seven countries names in the travel ban were already flagged by Obama’s administration as countries of concern. Trump appears to have simply applied a blanket ban for everyone on travelling between the US and these countries where previously visa requirement was in place solely for people from there, not returning Americans.

If we are to believe that the reason Trump does not want even American born citizens to travel through Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya is that terrorists might get in, why would he provide billions of dollars’ worth of arms to Saudi Arabia? The Yemeni civil war that the arms are for has sparked accusations of war crimes on both sides, and has allowed the expansion of al- Qaeda in Yemen. The arms will directly add to the problem of terrorism, and war crimes. That is not business as usual, that is a president acting as the governing arm of the military industrial complex.

While Obama certainly supported the Saudi led coalition, he limited the sharing of intelligence, and blocked some high value weapons transfers, shity for sure, and business as usual. Trump not so much. Trump’s worse is that his Saudi arms deal is for a record breaking $110 billion (that’s just this time around, over the next decade he’s talking $350 billion) to provide arms to a country that produced 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers, doesn’t like women to drive and beheaded hundreds of people per year. Crimes that require head loss include consensual gay sex, believing in the wrong religion, sorcery and witchcraft. Look away, no terrorism here.

Business as usual is the four or five lawsuits against a president taking office. True, some have been more serious that others with Bill Clinton charged with rape and both he and Nixon going through impeachment proceedings. This will, if the law is not an ass, happen to Trump too, on both counts.
His charges are of course worse, with the rape charges possibly including those for the rape of a child, and there are more of them, 50 plus lawsuits including ones for the travel ban. Then there’s saying he won’t fund sanctuary cities, Okaying the keystone pipeline and oil drilling in Alaska, the Mexican border wall, allowing tax-exempt religious organisations to take part in politics and violating the constitution by receiving payments from foreign governments. The counsel for the plaintiffs in that suit, Deepak Gupta said “What’s unusual is the amount of legal problems being generated by the administration.”

That the lawsuits are being upheld is also unusual. Many presidents have had charges filed against them. Lawfare has been used to describe a situation where organisations or people who simply wanted another candidate to win use the courts to fight unwinnable battles. Again, this is business as usual. Trump is losing his cases because it’s not. It is abnormal for a president to behave the way he does, ignoring constitutional rights, American laws, and rules around the presidency, which is why the judges are siding with the plaintiffs and his reason for being impeached could be anything. Please, anyone, anything, now already!

Business as usual is for a president to commit state sponsored terrorism like with the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, the Piazza Fontana bombing in Italy and the Cuban exiles. Trump has already managed to sell so many arms to Saudi that al-Qaeda will spread through Yemen like wildfire, and green lighted an undercover operation that killed more children than it did terrorists, but when not organising for babies to be killed Trump’s administration and the president himself simply make up terrorists acts for their own political ends.

Inventing a massacre in Bowling Green or a terrorist attack in Sweden barely scratches the surface of Trump and his admin’s lies. Yes, a politician lying is so cliché it’s a joke, but most of them don’t lie about things that anyone with the internet can disprove by looking at an inauguration photo. This administration has been gas lighting the American public and indeed the world literally from the start.

The scientists are telling us that the president is lying. And they know. They’re scientists. They’ve observed closely, done experiments, drawn up graphs, written articles, and those articles have been peer reviewed. Not anymore obviously, now the Whitehouse want to review scientific articles. Ironic considering even a mid-level employee can tell the Commander in Chief is unable to process information, unless he gets it from the TV, more specifically Fox news.

It is not normal for a president to get his news from only one place, let alone all of his briefings, updates and advice. His briefings now include the word ‘Trump’ as often as possible so he will read them. Really! That is the National security official’s strategy to get the American president to read his own security briefings. Put his name in them because he’s so into himself.

Most presidents have run the country from the Oval Office in the Whitehouse, Trump is running the country, badly, from Twitter where he thinks battling celebrities is just as important as major political issues. This is just not normal presidenting!

Business as usual is having some staffing problems, but name a president who has had over 1000 staff members sign a letter of dissent against him. It’s usual for presidents to appoint qualified intelligent knowledgeable people to roles they are capable of achieving success in. Trump has a chief of staff who has said theirs were hired to destroy the portfolios they are in charge of, “If you look at these Cabinet nominees, they were selected for a reason, and that is deconstruction.” That’s a real quote from Steve Bannon.

Trump has fired the director of the FBI and the acting US Attorney General and everyone else involved in the investigation regarding his ties to Russia, (business as usual in Russia is to just kill everyone involved, so the Russian side of the ties have all dropped dead, but give Trump time, he’s only learning from his comrade Vladamir Putin).

His relationship with Russia is the opposite of business as usual. The idea of the two nations getting along isn’t the worst in the world; it’s the idea of America becoming more like Russia, or Russian control of the US presidency that’s the issue. Meddling in the 2016 election has had to be investigated. This is not normal.

Eisenhower was President in 1953 when the Doomsday Clock was moved the closest to midnight over nuclear testing done by America and the Soviet Union within 6 months of each other. With its movement in 2017 Donald Trump was directly credited for the dire warning because he thinks global warming is a Chinese conspiracy.

This is not normal people. Yes, we’ve had presidents who have denied evolution, and riled up the scientists (looking at you George Bush jr.), but 97% of scientists across the world believe in climate change, because of evidence. The whole planet is at stake, and Trump pulls out of the Paris Accord. Come on! Do not adjust to the new normal. This is not business as usual. Now is the time to panic.


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Andra Jenkin co-wrote Double-Edged Sword- The Simonne Butler Story, and contributed to New Zealand Anthology of Women’s Comics ‘Three Words.’

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  1. Castro says:

    Why aren’t you writing about the rapacious, organ harvesting dictatorship that is the PRC?

  2. Francesca says:

    This continuing theme rather reminds me of previous vilification campaigns,designed to facilitate acceptance of regime change or war.
    Saddam , Gadaffi etc.
    The trouble with getting rid of odious characters by any means is that there is a risk of unforeseen consequences.The intelligence services becoming more and more politicised is not good for democracy or the health of a nation
    Using the evil Russia smear, while it makes good use of carefully built up cold war propaganda, makes it difficult to remain on speaking terms with the “enemy”, vitally necessary in today’s world, if our aim is peace and stability
    Best for the democrats to concentrate on reform and build their base again, rather than this futile time wasting exercise

    • “Vilification”?

      Oh, is that what criticism of political figures is called now?

      Hmmm, considering the “vilification” that we do here on TDB of National and ACT, maybe we should stop and just meekly accept the will of our rulers?

      I think not.

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        No but what you have failed in Frank , – and I notice TDB seems a little tardy as of late in the right to reply – is in being forthright in just who in geopolitical terms both ACT and Nationals Bill English are truly working for.

        You seem content in only relegating NZ politics to within a closed South Pacific circuit rather than expanding that to international globalism. Yes , we have many informative articles from you about the failings of current right wing hypocrisy’s on an easily manageable and regional level but scant bugger all about anything outside NZ – barring a few historic and dire warnings about the East European Stazi…

        I’ve noticed among many of the Left a curious double standard whereby they are very quick to lambaste Donald Trump and use quotes from the Rupert Murdoch MSM to tear him down – that influences the NZ media – and the very same Rupert Murdoch globalist press that they are the first to castigate and bemoan regarding the fact that the NZ Left is denied oxygen by the ‘ right’…

        And as regards ‘ vilification’ – I have seen nothing BUT ‘ vilification ‘ of Trump – all I have seen for the last 4 -5 months is a steady diet of ‘ vilification’ in total line with the NZ Herald , Stuff and other MSM outlets.

        ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE between the very thing those of the ‘ Left’ bemoan about Trump and the very media outlets they also bemoan.

        I would say good on Trump for spitting out the Paris Accord.

        Why ?

        Because in doing so – he shat all over these guys.

        The Bilderbergers.

        And that’s nothing we EVER get to hear about over here.

        Just ‘ vilification’ about how Trump might have put his bloody tie on backwards or ate his pizza wrong according to some obscure Italian restaurant etiquette or some other trivial non event bullshit.

        Bilderberg Elites Panic As Trump Dismantles Climate Change Hoax …
        Video for climate change bilderberg you tube▶ 7:48

        • I doubt if Alex Jones, a known purveyor of conspiracy theories from the alt-right “Infowars” website can be quoted authoritively, Katipo. Considering that Jones has bought into the crazy conspiracy-theory that the Sandy Hook school massacre (amongst others), I dismiss him as unreliable.


          You seem content in only relegating NZ politics to within a closed South Pacific circuit rather than expanding that to international globalism.

          I don’t buy into global conspiracy theories, if that’s what you’re suggesting. The current fad of globalisation/neo-liberalism is just that; a fad. It has severe flaws and the rise of the alt-right (and alt.lft to a lesser degree) points to global dissatisfaction with the current economic dogma. Just as post WW1 Germany gave rise to various nationalist (one of which rose to power and inadvertently led to the world we now live in) and communist groups to fill the vacuum left by a collapsing Establishment.

          When people seek answers, they often turn to groups like Trump, Marie Le Pen, Golden Dawn, UKIP, et al. But they are “false prophets”, to borrow a term, and their “solutions” often involve simplistic jingoism to complex problems.

          Neo-liberalism is (I believe) on the wane. The task we have ahead of us is to ensure that the vacuum left by it’s demise is filled with social democracy – not demagoguery.

          Trump is not the answer to our woes. He is a natural reaction to people’s lives being destroyed by globalisation, neo-liberalism, and the relentless advance of automation. But he will lead the American people down a dead-end path.

          His repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a case in point. People are only now finding out that, flawed as it was, it still offered some measure of health protection to Americans who were otherwise excluded in a highly privatised, commercialised healthcare system. Many Americans are only now waking up to the reality that Trump’s promise to “repeal and replace” with something better, where “no one will be excluded” is a follow promise.

          Unfortunately, many Americans loved the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but had an unfavourable view on “Obamacare” (due in large part to alt.right and Republican lies. People didn’t realise that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and “Obamacare” were one and the same. (

          • Iain Mclean says:


            “Considering that Jones has bought into the crazy conspiracy-theory that the Sandy Hook school massacre (amongst others), I dismiss him as unreliable.”

            It’s seems ‘cherrypicking of sentences’, Frank.
            “I said Sandy Hook happened, and she wouldn’t even put it in the promo pieces. So we’re going to release — oh yeah — the pre-interview.

            The biggest news site on the planet. And TPTB hate it.
            (The reply to Priss should read “See above.”)

          • WILD KATIPO says:

            ” I doubt if Alex Jones, a known purveyor of conspiracy theories from the alt-right “Infowars” website can be quoted authoritively, Katipo.”

            Oh really , Frank ?

            Was it not The Gaurdian whose commentators were almost ALL exclusively doing their utmost to discredit Corbyn ?…

            I hardly think you can end your post with a quote or article from The Gaurdian without remembering that very pertinent fact…

            Why not check out the devious nature of the ones the globalist’s use on the Left wing to subvert the news that gets though to us , then…

            More from Alex Jones…

            Alex Jones Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked – YouTube
            Video for alex jones youtube▶ 30:06

          • Nitrium Nitrium says:

            Technically, you DO believe in “global conspiracies” since you accept the “official” account of 9/11 don’t you?
            i.e., seriously this is what you believe as FACT, right?
            Sounds like a bloody conspiracy to me, and, frankly, one that is a lot LESS plausible than most of the the unofficial ones!

            • If you’re asking whether or not I subscribe to the theory that robot planes were flown into the Pentagon and twin towers; the twin towers were brought down by controlled demolition; that this was a vast “inside job” by the US government, with full knowledge by Israel?

              Not one bit.

              Such a conspiracy would’ve involved hundreds of operatives; budgets; support; meticulous planning and execution. The US isn’t capable of such an exercise. A thousand things could’ve gone wrong and the grand plan ended up botched.

              Someone would’ve whistleblown by now. Has anyone come forward?

              On top of which, the Russians would’ve been aware of it; revealed it to the world; and brought down the Bush presidency. That would have been the end of American influence around the world and the demise of it’s status. (Or, were the Russians in on it as well?!)

              Anyway, if it was a conspiracy, maybe Trump should ask the heads of the NSA, CIA, ONI, FBI, ATF, and any other acronyms I’ve forgotten. Oh, they won’t tell him? Fine, he can fire them like he did with Comey; his new appointees can investigate, and report back to him. Trump is the current president, after all, isn’t he?

              • Nitrium Nitrium says:

                The “official” conspiracy also must have involved hundreds of actors (the bombers, the financiers, the training, the leaders etc) – ALL of which somehow slipped under the rader. Did you even watch the YouTube clip that summarises the “official” narrative I linked above? Do you seriously believe that EXACTLY as presented, because that IS the official story. If so, well I have a super nice bridge to sell you. If not, well, join the club.

                • Priss says:

                  If it was a US government conspiracy, Nitrium,, don’t you think the Russians would know by now? Don’t you think that would have revealed it to the world?

                  • Nitrium Nitrium says:

                    Just to be sure, do you seriously believe EVERY LAST DETAIL in the YouTube clip I linked that summarises the “official story”? Remember, that even ONE detail that is out of place or that doesn’t quite gel casts doubt on the entire “official” narrative. If they embellished or created even one “fact”, can you still comfortably “believe” in ANY of it?

        • Francesca says:

          The operative words were “our rulers”
          Many writers far more skilled than me have outlined the idiocy of the vilification of Putin and Russia
          Here’s one of them

          and another

          I’m not a fan of Trump, at least from what I read which is all any of us have to go on
          But I am rather intrigued that the same newspapers, including so called left leaners like the Guardian, who absolutely vilified Corbyn , relentlessly lambaste Trump and Russia/Putin
          I am genuinely intrigued by this, as I would have thought that Trump is serving the MIC by letting the military off the leash, he serves the corporates and Wall Street, he serves Israel., he’s guaranteeing the free flow of cheap Saudi oil.And actually he’s not even that close to Russia.
          Every US president of the last 25 years has sent greetings to Moscow on Russia Day, Trump is the first who hasn’t
          Could it be that there’s a battle between an incoming oligarchy against an entrenched oligarchy not willing to lose power?

          • Samwise says:

            You’re right on with trump and his slavish devotion to Israel. That’s why the zionists love him.

            As for Putin, the guy is a member of the Russian kleptocracy. His billions stolen from the Russian people is well known. Check out the Panama Papers.

            • Francesca says:

              His billions stolen from the Russian people is well known?
              But strangely, never proven
              Guess thats why he’s so popular in Russia
              Forbes had a good article on Putin’s “billions”
              Namely that its a myth, started by Belkovsky under Berezovsky’s direction and repeated by journalist after journalist with no evidence whatsoever. It relies on Putin owning shares in Gazprom and Rosneft for which there is no evidence.
              Can’t find the Forbes article but Leonid Bershidsky in Bloomberg’s probably comes closest.


              persevere with the link, the Clinton thing is the second article.
              Bershidsky is a Russian liberal with strong connections to Ukraine and ardently anti Putin sentiments
              Even he has to admit there is no evidence of Putins billions, which would be impossible to hide from financial forensic experts in the west
              I know its comforting to have cardboard villains but sometimes they’re just propaganda constructs
              Of course Bershidsky tries to make the case that Putin can just whistle up whatever he wants from his “cronies”, no proof of this either
              If Putin truly has so many mansions , palaces, jet planes, yachts, he certainly doesn’t luxuriate in them, working at least a12 hour day, and probably more if what Obama says is true
              Apparently nothing happens in Russia that Putin doesn’t know about!
              11 different time zones, how many semi autonomous republics?, the biggest landmass of any country and 145 million people
              As well he’s meddling in elections, referenda and puppeteering Trump.
              Busy boy!
              Give me a break!

        • Samwise says:

          Really WK? You want to align yourself with a sexist, racist demagogue?? If you think trump is not part of the filthy rich establishment, you’re deluded.

          If I’m going to choose between trump and Frank, I think I know who my money would be on. And clue, it ain’t the guy who just pulled out of the Paris Accords.

          Pete and Francesca, you guys gotta reign in your Trump-love. It’s getting tiresome.

          • Francesca says:

            Oh for godsake.
            This business of” you’re with us or against us” is so Bush!
            You have been so immersed in the Trump/Russia thing that you can no longer distinguish between the two!
            I question the Russia propaganda and now I’m a Trump lover.
            This is how you sabotage discussions

          • Francesca says:

            We in New Zealand have got absolutely nothing to crow about vis a vis the Paris Accords
            We may as well have pulled out of them ourselves for all the real action taken

            • Why did we get nothing out of the Paris Accord?

              Surely, it’s about what countries contribute, not what they “get out of it”.

              • Francesca says:

                Don’t get your drift there Frank
                Your quote marks refer to nothing I said
                I’m saying we have nothing to be proud of as far as any real action goes. Obama wouldn’t sign up if it became binding because he lacked the power to get it past Congress, weakening the whole thing beyond a joke
                I rather appreciate Nicaragua’s point
                And of course its what countries contribute.
                We have contributed nothing so far but hot air and empty promises

        • countryboy says:

          @ Wild Katipo. That’s a very interesting point of view.
          Disturbingly, I see your point.

  3. Historian Pete says:

    The usual anti Russian invective with no evidence. With Trump we might as well be discussing the Ancient Roman Empire,and debating whether Tiberius,Caligula, or Nero was the most corrupt.The U.S. Empire is in its death spiral. Hopefully it won’t take all of us with it!

    • The usual anti Russian invective with no evidence.

      Difficult to obtain evidence when Trump keeps firing investigators, don’t you think, Pete?

      • WILD KATIPO says:

        Maybe he had good reason to.

        Ever think of that?

        Or is the idea of globalism and the fake left wing too much of an attraction to drag yourself away from these days?

      • Historian Pete says:

        Frank:”Difficult to obtain evidence when Trump keeps firing investigators,don’t you think .Pete? I think you can’t get that the whole U.S. Empire edifice including Trump, both Clintons,Obama,and Bush are hopelessly corrupt/criminal, and you can pick through the entrails like Caligula examining an Ox”s bowels until Kingdom come and get absolutely nowhere! Meanwhile, thank goodness for Putin.The one intelligent player in a sorry mess!!

        • Samwise says:

          But you don’t argue the point Frank made that Trump has sacked people critical of him? How is that democratic or transparent??

        • Priss says:

          “The usual anti Russian invective with no evidence. “

          Hard to tell, Pete. an innocent man doesn’t fire the head of he FBI who happens to be investigating Trump’s associates. An innocent man co-operates fully because he has nothing to be afraid of.

          As for Putin being the one ” intelligent “player in this scenario, he may well run rings around that foolin he White Houe. But Putin is as corrupt s any other Oligarch. Putin’s interests are SELF interests, make no mistake.

          Wild Katipo, I’m disappointed in you. You side with Trump over one of the best critical bloggers we have? Maybe I read you wrong.

          • Iain Mclean says:


            “Wild Katipo, I’m disappointed in you. You side with Trump over one of the best critical bloggers we have? Maybe I read you wrong.”

            You didn’t read him wrong at all.

            Frank can be as wrong as any one of us, so don’t come at that lark.
            The trick is when to admit it. (See below.)


            • Frank can be as wrong as any one of us, so don’t come at that lark.

              If I am factually incorrect, please supply the correct evidence. Please note that alt.right and conspiracy websites don’t hold much credence. Not with Infowars admitting that “Pizzagate” was BS and Trump conceded that Obama was indeed born in the US. Conspiracy theories are the modern-day equivalents to Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Trump is a prime purveyor of them.

              The trick is when to admit it. (See below.)

              Indeed. Please note here:

            • Sally's Husband says:

              Iain, Frank is correct more often than not. I’ve yet to spot a serious mistake from him, and even when there is, he’s usually appreciative of it being pointed out.

              You, on the other hand, seem willing to swallow the alt-right, pro-Trump, nationalist bullshit without much question.

      • Historian Pete says:

        While we are into Russia bashing ,let’s not forget about the U.S.Empire and Israels software attack on Iran’s strategic infrastructure by unleashing the stuxnet cyber attack against Iranian centrifuges.And then, who is today screaming about other countries cyber attacks on the U.S ! And then there is the U.S.govt. advisers and political operatives who enabled Boris Yeltsins reelection as Russian president in 1996. And before anyone cries “conspiracy theory” you can read all about it in a Time Magazine article , and indeed the cover!!

  4. WILD KATIPO says:

    Im confused,…

    ”with Bill Clinton charged with rape and both he and Nixon going through impeachment proceedings. ”

    Richard Nixon 9th Jan 1913 – 22 April 1994.

    And hes still being impeached ???


    A little heavy on quoting the statistics on just how many scientists support climate change, however … heres Lord Monckton:

    Global Warming Fraud – Lord Christopher Monckton Before … – YouTube
    Video for Lord Christopher Monckton – Global Warming is a Hoax – YouTube▶ 26:41

    Lord Christopher Monckton – Global Warming is a Hoax – YouTube
    Video for Lord Christopher Monckton – Global Warming is a Hoax – YouTube▶ 21:56

    Viewing these might demonstrate the hypocrisy ,- or rather the bias -of blindly following along with bogus and might go a long way towards explaining the reasons why Trump ditched the Paris Accord.

    And lest you wonder why , the original Global warming / Greehouse gas / – and as they had difficulty selling those labels , they changed it to ‘Climate change’ instead – was plan cooked up by your friendly Bilderberg Society. Those characters who love their privacy so much they always hold their annual summits in secluded locations with heavy security present and never discuss topics on the agenda with the global public.

    And those carbon tax credits were to have been gathered by sovereign govts around the world and then funneled into the globalist elites banks. Following that , this unelected consortium of globalists would then have been in a position to start introducing more taxation for fuels , food production , resources , who gets to utilize them and where the lions share of the profits were to go.

    Here’s an eye opening short video of exactly what I mean. And its interesting that a New Zealander was in attendance at Bilderberg – it wasn’t John Key this time but a man called Chris Liddell.

    If you really think this whole climate change thing is legit , at least look at where the notion originated from before asserting it as fact.

    So settle back make a cup of tea , and at least do yourself the favor of seeing the other side of the coin before you go along with Rupert Murdochs MSM narrative and the fake George Soros philanthropist and left wing sympathizer routine.

    So here it is:

    Bilderberg Elites Panic As Trump Dismantles Climate Change Hoax …
    Video for climate change bilderberg you tube▶ 7:48

  5. countryboy says:

    Jesus Christ.

    I want twinkle-sparkle now…

    I knew someone who’s father had NPD or narcissistic personality disorder.
    The guy was fucking nuts. He’d spite and hate and rant and rave and in the end, he did his very best to destroy his only son by stripping the kid down emotionally then, out of jealousy, sabotaging his son’s rightful inheritance because of a pure kind of hate and a gleeful, evil pleasure at seeing his son squirm.

    There’s only one way to deal with trump I’m afraid.

    Perhaps ironically, given they think they know everything, people with NPD are easy to manipulate and conveniently telegraph their intentions with a confidence only found in the terminally insane. That would make trump a prime target for the likes of the Russian military and that makes the USA, and us by association, extremely vulnerable. Putin will view trump as a big plump old orange turkey sitting there in plain sight gobbling away as though it was invincible. Until the axe falls.

    Trump and his flying monkey supporters are going to take great pleasure from the misery they cause others and if they can elevate their status ( In their own eyes. Who cares about anyone else right? ) and grow their $-wealth, all the better.

    Your Post is very good @ Andra Jenkin. I agree with virtually everything you’ve written. Thanks.

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      Nah . Bullshit.

      If you knew anything about geopolitics and religious affiliation and whats really going on in your rants about globalism and international bankers you wouldn’t have said the things you did.

      Way off this time , mate.

      Not even in the ballpark.

      • countryboy says:

        @ Wild Katipo.
        Lets be clear. I’m not your mate.
        As for your baseball metaphor? Oh dear.
        Re ‘ rants’ ? Pot/Kettle? Heard of…?

      • WK, we won’t have to worry about “globalism and international bankers” with Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord.

        Half our coastal cities around the planet will be submerged with rising sea levels by the end of this century.

        Trump called global warming “a Chinese hoax” – but the Chinese have as much to lose as the Americans with rising sea levels; many of their super-cities and industrialised areas are on the Chinese coast.

  6. David Stone says:

    Trump is clinging to his presidency by the fingernails. I think he is so far unable to have any influence on American foreign policy (see wars) whatsoever.
    D J S

    • WILD KATIPO says:

      HA ! … another dreamer !

      Trump clinging by his finger nails?

      Come on… that’s the problem with living way down here hundreds of kilometers away from the USA – we get second hand bullshit news from the Rupert Murdoch MSM.

      What Mueller Is Up To, Why Trump Supporters Must Be Vigilant …
      Video for alex jones trump impeachement Robert Mueller you tube▶ 18:25

  7. WILD KATIPO says:

    Oh,… and the other thing about ‘ impeachment issues’ ?….

    Why dont we start moving away from the second hand news we get from the NZ MSM – which is really just an extension of FOX, CNN …in other words – the Rupert Murdoch globalist mouthpiece – to which those on the ‘ Left ‘ all claim they abhore?

    So in saying that , – lets have a wee listen to this to get some balance, shall we?

    Comey Admits That He And Mueller Have Already Rigged The Russia …
    Video for trump investigated by mueller alex jones▶ 11:54

    • Iain Mclean says:

      Wild Katipo;

      We all need to remind ourselves constantly that the Deep State/Globalist’s
      are not our friends. They simply do not have our good intent in mind.
      This applies to all our countries.

      Thanks for the Stone clip. (16th) I had missed this and importance of.

      Dr Steve Pieczenik,Robert Steele, Jerome Corsi and Rodger Stone have all
      advised that,along with Comey, Priebus and Kushner have to go if Trump
      is to survive the onslaught that is coming. And he needs to act now.

      The backlash that Stone talks about, unfortunately, may well be the
      goal/trigger that the Deep State/Globalist’s are looking for.

      1st week in July anyone?



      • So, what you’re alluding to, Iain, in a very roundabout way, is that Trump is above investigation and possible impeachment?!

        Your slavish r devotion to this so-called “anti-establishment, non-politician” (the US version of our John Key) seems to deny any possible, in your mind, that Trump is a fraud.

        • Iain Mclean says:


          “So, what you’re alluding to, Iain, in a very roundabout way, is that Trump is above investigation and possible impeachment?!”

          No. Definitely not. I think it’s a ploy. A ‘nothing berger.’
          Just like the ‘colluding with Russia’ narrative is/was.

          These ‘intel’ and insider journalists are saying that Trump is
          surrounded by people working against him to bring him down.
          They also think “charges should start being laid.”

          I believe it took Putin 10 years to clear out the top
          heads of Gvt Agencies (re; our equivalent of Public Service)
          that were working against him/the country.

          Trump simply does not have that sort of time.
          Trump and the movement behind him is the Real Deal,Frank.
          If we have any chance of heading off the Criminal Tyranny
          heading our way.


          It’s time to stand on the Right Side of History.!!

          • I believe it took Putin 10 years to clear out the top
            heads of Gvt Agencies (re; our equivalent of Public Service)
            that were working against him/the country.

            Iain, are you aware of what you have written?! You are in effect endorsing an autocrat to remove public service officials and replace them with his own people.

            Would you advocate the same here in New Zealand by, say, the National government?

            You are slyly advocating fascism.

          • Priss says:

            “I believe it took Putin 10 years to clear out the top
            heads of Gvt Agencies (re; our equivalent of Public Service)”

            And replace them with his own Yes Men stooges? I’m not sure that’s a good thing, Iain.

            • Sally's Husband says:

              “I believe it took Putin 10 years to clear out the top
              heads of Gvt Agencies (re; our equivalent of Public Service)”

              Yup, they’re in the Gulag with opposition activists, other party leaders, journalists, and anyone else who dares oppose Putin. I’m stunned anyone could voice support for a dictator.

              Blind much, Francesca?

              • Francesca says:

                I’m stunned by your belief in everything you read in a very partisan western media
                Try Stephen Cohen America’s pre eminent expert on US/Russia relations
                Try Sharon Tennyson of the American Committee for East-West accord who has been visiting Russia for decades
                Propaganda, confirmation bias, call it what you will,but belief in everything you read is what I call naivety
                I prefer to cross check, read widely , challenge my own views by reading opposite views, take everything with a grain of salt
                Things may be less comfortably black and white that way, but at least you’re open to a wider picture

              • Francesca says:

                Putin inherited the leftovers of the Yeltsin era, you remember Yeltsin, put there by outrageous and boastfully admitted to US election swindling and fraud?

  8. Andrea says:

    Now that Republican congress people have been the target of an indignant (now dead) shooter who gave them a nasty ten minutes while they were practising their baseball early one morning – can we ‘hope’ and suppose they will ask the rabid few of the NRA to “hush”!? Or shall we take their bats from their cold dead hands instead? Or wait for the irate at the town hall meetings to shriek them to death?

    Yet one was quoted as saying something about ‘if they’d been ‘carrying’ they could have dealt with the shooter’… Laughable.

    And free health clinics are opening up again – even in that hotbed of Republicanism and retirees – Florida. Filling the uncertainty gap left by the confusion over the new ‘healthcare’ act. (Someone has to pick up the 23m debris and fallout.)

    But we shouldn’t pick on Trump: Paul Ryan said so. He’s just a newbie at this political game and has a lot to learn/tweet. Breaks. The guy needs breaks. Perhaps if he trips on that preposterous tie…

    PS – yes, it would be interesting to hear about the PRC and dubious activities which they seem to hold in common with a number of otherwise respectable nations. Perhaps another day.

  9. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    “If we are to believe that the reason Trump does not want even American born citizens to travel through Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya is that terrorists might get in, why would he provide billions of dollars’ worth of arms to Saudi Arabia?”

    The answer is provided in your very question, i.e “billions of dollars’ worth”. Always follow the money when it comes to just about every foreign policy decision.

    Also since you bought up 9/11 here is a recentish “conspiracy” clip that seems to be quite well researched and reasoned and not one I’d seen before (like may readers here, I find this stuff interesting even if I don’t necessarily believe it). Remember that the “official” story itself is also a literal “conspiracy” (defined as “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful”) orchestrated by Bin Laden, so imo other conspiracy theories should be given a fair shake (it’s not like our Western governments/media have never lie to us, right?).

  10. Well put, Andra.

    When people trot out the old “But What About…” excuse, it is an attempt at deflection, pure and simple.

    The Nats were masters at it, especially when they had bad headlines hurting their poll ratings. Their deflections were usually in three categories;

    1. The previous Labour Governtment did it!
    2. Beneficiaries (and/or NZ Housing tenants) are rorting the system.
    3. It was the GFC/Other Overseas Event.

    In Auckland’s case, you can add #4;

    It is the fault of the RMA/Auckland Council.

    Trump apologist can’t get past their Dear Leader’s behaviour, so they invoke;

    1. Hillary Clinton (though she’s no longer in office)
    2. Bill Clinton (ditto)
    3. Any other Democrat.

    Trump supporters usually get their distorted “news” from far-right websites like Brietbart (the US equivalent to our Whaleoil) or Infonews (Maybe equivalent to our old ‘Truth’ newspaper).


    Because otherwise they’d have to deal with real events. When demented conspiracy theorists deny that the Sandy Hook school shootings took place, that shows how far Conspiracy Believers will go to avoid the real world.

    “Pizzagate” was another such event. That came to a bad ending…

    • Iain Mclean says:


      ““Pizzagate” was another such event. That came to a bad ending…”

      Alex Jones realized early on that the pizza cafe ‘stories’ was a successful
      ploy/diversion away from the very real facts revealed in the Podesta Files,
      on the subject of child traffiking and paedophilia ,that were released from
      Including the guy ‘that traveled such a distance to save the kids’ with a
      firearm that ended up being discharged into the floor. (More Fake News.)

      MSM has not seriously discussed ANY of the 3 major Wikileaks Dumps.

      He not only took everything down – retracted – but severely scolded
      his reporters involved and, I believe, one of them was suspended.
      Infowars has now been operating for over 20yrs (23?) and public retraction
      is a very rare event indeed.

      Can we say this about MSM? Not bloody likely.


      • And yet I still read some individuals referring to “Pizzagate” as if it were real.

        Trump conceded that Obama’s birth certificate was real and he was born in the US. So that conspiracy theory is dead (hopefully).

        But that doesn’t absolve Alex Jones and his lunatic conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook School massacre was a US govt black ops. Fifty years ago, someone like Jones would’ve been wandering the streets of a US city, with a sign hanging from his neck, “Repent! The End is Nigh!”. Now, nutcases like him have websites and followers.

    • Iain Mclean says:

      [Comment declined for publication. Repetitive from earlier 16 June, 4:14 pm post. – Scarletmod]

  11. Andy says:

    The left are gearing up for someone to kill Trump. The NYT ran a play in which a Trump lookalike was stabbed to death, Kathy Griffin did her infamous beheading “art”, and some nutter shot a bunch of GOP congressmen the other day
    Trump supporters (including women) get pepper sprayed and punched in the face.

    It’s only a matter of time, and the MSM and the left are complicit

    • Thus far, Andy, no one on the Left has condoned the lone-nutter shootings of Rep Steve Scalise and three others. And if someone was stupid enough to condone it, they’d be out on a limb.

      Whether shooting Democrat or Republican politicians, this solves nothing and only exacerbates a climate of violence.

      So your faux moral outrage is a waste of time. Noticeably, you are selective in the cases you listed. I notice you weren’t so troubled by this act of mindless violence:

      • Grogan Josh says:

        Trumps bad cos Russia …. mmmmkay

        Gee The Daily Blog has really gone to the Dogs since President Trumps Democratic & Triumphant Win

        All I Read now on Hear is Waaaa, Waaaa Hillary or Berny didn’t win & conspiracy theories that Co2 is harmful to the planet, White Men are to blame for the world’s problems ……. no wonder I
        Hardly ever visit anymore, not forgetting most facts, information ,links & comments that point out Franks hypocrisy is swiftly deleted, moderated or not printed
        – We all know how dangerous free speech & independent thinking are as dangerous as questioning the MSM &or official narratives!

        Comey was Fired for Leaking ,For Obstructing Justice with Lorreta Lynch
        over Crooked Hillarys leaky homebrew Email Server ect,
        mark my words …….. President Trump will serve for another 7 1/2 years
        The Russian Conspiracy Theory will be a nothing burger
        And America will be in the Greatest Shape it has ever been in!

      • Andy says:

        Frank, my “moral outrage” is not selective. I a m not denying that there have been attacks on Muslims.

        My point is that the left – in the US anyway – seem to be normalising violence.

        For example: Milo’s talk at Berkeley was cancelled after violence by Antifa activists.
        A liberal professor was violently assaulted after inviting Charles Murray for a talk
        Women Trump supporters being punched and pepper sprayed.
        Robert Spencer was invited to Iceland to talk about Islam, and was poisoned

        Etc etc.

        I’m not getting into an argument about “whataboutism” except to say that I do not condone any form of violence, especially against women

        When the MSM start supporting – tacitly or otherwise – the violence, they are complicit

  12. Paul Judge says:

    Jesus Christ! We have a Lord Monckton and Alex Jones disciple on this page. I didn’t know the Daily Blog was hosting the nutjob right.

    • CLEANGREEN says:

      We need to look at the big picture here.

      Why does the Corporate media & the Elitists hate Trump & Russia?

      Because firstly Russia is not willing to be inside the war mongering NATO organisation which is propped up by the Industrial armaments industry who are desperate for another war to make profit from!!!!!!

      Trump saw this aslo and wont be roped into their deadly antics either.

      Give trump his due, he is trying to “drain the Washington Corporate/elitist/lobby swamp which has a very tight control on the current and last Governmental administration of US policy plus the media and economic policies.

      Trump is an outsider simple as that, and cant be moulded into another stool pigeon of the rich and powerful.

      Today news reports are rife that Russia air strikes have killed the chief of ISIS!!!

      Is that what enemies do?

      Wake up people!!!!!

      Rusia was our ally in the last two world wars don’t you know?

      I support Russia as they have lost more citizens in those wars then anyone else for world peace.

      • Give trump his due, he is trying to “drain the Washington Corporate/elitist/lobby swamp which has a very tight control on the current and last Governmental administration of US policy plus the media and economic policies.

        Is he, CG?

        Have you actually looked at Trump’s Cabinet?

        List of Goldman Sachs Alumni in Donald Trump’s Administration

        Steve Bannon

        Steven Mnuchin

        Gary Cohn

        Jay Clayton


        That’s a whole heap of Wall st bankers for a swamp supposedly drained.

        So far, Mr. Trump’s Cabinet picks have a combined net worth of more than $14 billion, based on estimates from Forbes and other sources. Given that many positions have yet to be filled, it’s likely that total will increase in the coming weeks.

        ref: S

        This isn’t a People’s Presidency – it’s the elite circumventing their Republican puppets and taking direct control of the White House.

        Every appointee by Trump has been from the One Percent that the Occupy Movement railed against only a few years ago.

        I support Russia as they have lost more citizens in those wars then anyone else for world peace.

        No one will disagree with you on Soviet Russia’s titanic struggle against Nazism, CG.

        Though I dismiss Putin as an Oligarchal kleptocrat, he and the Chinese government are our best bet that Trump won’t plunge the planet into an atomic war.

        • Francesca says:

          Frank, when I look at our most “respected” media outlets, the Guardian, Washington Post, NYT etc, I’m pretty much looking at a unified voice, all …seemingly coincidentally ..endorsing foreign policy desired outcomes
          This wasn’t always so , but has become markedly so since 9/11, and was heading that way with media becoming conglomerates owned by fewer and fewer vested interests
          So our new batch of villains are Venezuela, Syria, Russia,Iran,China, the US having having knocked out Libya, destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, broken up Yugoslavia, undermined Brazil and Honduras
          No nation on earth is beyond reproach, but it seems the “evil” epithet is reserved for those countries resisting US dictat.
          This is why I take any MSM news about these countries with a large grain of salt.And why I often find myself posting stuff about Putin/Russia in an effort to balance the invective.Its not that I applaud and endorse them, but I thoroughly object to unfair and hypocritical journalism, designed to further imperialist objectives.
          And I am genuinely puzzled as to why the very same newspapers who did every thing possible to discredit Corbyn, who is a real danger to the neoliberal/neoconservative order, are actively engaged in taking down Trump, who is furthering that order as fast as he can.This observation, I’m sorry , doesn’t make me an apologist for Trump
          Have they all simultaneously found god?
          I doubt it
          Call me a conspiracy theorist, and no doubt you will, but you only have to look at how quickly Obama was brought to heel , to understand that no matter who is president, there is a powerful group of unseen, unelected parties whose agendas over ride the will of the people.
          Yes, Trump is a disaster, damaging, a bull in a China shop, but the bigger picture is what’s going on at Davos,and the highly secretive Bilderberger conferences.
          Obama put a pretty face to these shenanigans,Trump is more chaotic, less smooth, not so pretty, transparent.He could be blowing it

          • Now here’s my question to you, Francesca. Conmsidering Trump has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs executives; billionaires; and other assorted CEOs/corporate types (commonly known as the One Percent) – what makes you think Trump is not a part of (or sympathetic to) the secretive Bilderberger conferences? Look at the people he has surrounded himself with. Follow the money. Look at who benefits.

            If Trump isn’t a Bilderberger member (for which I have no evidence either way), he’s certainly in their camp.

            The planned tax cuts will favour the One Percenters, make no mistake.

            • Francesca says:

              Frank, you really have some difficulty in understanding my comments
              Maybe its my fault
              Did you not get my puzzlement?
              This is what I think
              The powerful news conglomerates are represented at Bilderberger conferences and Davos
              Along with the powerful military interests, head of NATO etc, arms dealers, Google, Monsanto, Apple
              all the transnational corporates

              I mean Murdoch for gods sakes with all his oil interests in the Golan Heights
              Trump appears to be advancing those interests… on steroids..
              Why the relentless media campaign attacking him?
              I think our differences arise from my distrust of corporate media conglomerates

              I would agree with this critique


              an earlier critique

              Whereas you derive your info mainly from them and think they speak the truth.Some of the time maybe they do, without ever truly rocking the boat

              As I said before, Trump may very well blow it for the Bilderbergers because he is so unskilled at PR, unpredictable, uncontrollable, transparent
              Pence would be preferable for them, he appears to know the drill, Clinton is a seasoned performer for those interests. She knows the game inside out.
              I guess what I’m saying is there’s a whole other game playing out here
              To make it all about Trump is missing the point
              So I guess you will still insist on calling me a Trump lover.
              Sigh…Its tiring

              • Historian Pete says:

                There is an evil blot on the planet earth that is the war criminal U.S.Empire State Sponsor of Terrorism. I calculate that there are only 3 national politicians in the entire United States that are not self seeking war mongering neo-nazis. And the 3 does not include Bernie Sanders who has recently come out as a neocon whose main beef is that the American working class are not sharing in the rewards of the U.S. predatory warmongering behaviour..
                How then can you possibly have a reform of a completely corrupted political system,with two right wing fascist parties fighting for control and the MSM and Deep State controlled by the Oligarchy One Percent ?
                Some faint hope remains with the Green Party,with the leader Jill Stein appearing to possess intelligence and integrity, rare qualities among US politicians.One can only wait, in trepidation and forlorn hope!!

                • Francesca says:

                  I agree Pete
                  Trying to do a Jane Austen here:

                  “It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a free and secular nation in possession of a goodly amount of resources must be in want of a large dose of democracy”

                • Francesca says:

                  I had a couple of young guys from Vermont staying with me. They were disappointed that the US Greens only put up presidential candidates, they don’t build their base in between elections
                  I really liked what little I saw of Jill Stein
                  Mind you, she was sitting at the same table with Flynn and Putin at the RT celebrations, in fact horror of horrors , she spoke to him!
                  He said it was surprising to him but he agreed with most everything she said
                  And she’s appeared on RT!!
                  The FBI will be hot on her trail, the goddam traitor pinky commo muslim
                  She’s probably dashed any chances of a political career in the hyper paranoid state that is America

                • Priss says:

                  “And the 3 does not include Bernie Sanders who has recently come out as a neocon whose main beef is that the American working class are not sharing in the rewards of the U.S. predatory warmongering behaviour..”

                  That is a slanderous lie, Pete. It shows how deep you are into the alt-right.

                  You’re gorgetting that it is Trump that has increased US military spending by $56 BILLION, while slashing social services. Trump is the one bombing Yemen, Afghanistans, and Iraq. Trump is the one building up the American War machine.

                  Your silly pathetic attempt to shift blame on to Bernie Sanders shows the level of dishonesty of you alt-righters.

                • Samwise says:

                  So your an alt right nationalist, Iain? The Ukrainian mob would embrace you.

                • Sally's Husband says:

                  ““And the 3 does not include Bernie Sanders who has recently come out as a neocon whose main beef is that the American working class are not sharing in the rewards of the U.S. predatory warmongering behaviour..”


                  Are you pimping for the alt-right now, Pete? You’ve deflected to Hillary Clinton and that got tiresome fairly quickly. Now you’re targetting Sanders to take the heat of your clown in the White House. The alt-right has a reputation for fake news and lies Pete, be careful you don’t smear yourself with the same swamp-brush.

          • Priss says:

            You’ve ignored the fact that Trump has filled his cabinet with Goldman Sachs operatives, Francesca??

            • Francesca says:

              Jesus Priss,, no, not ignoring it!!
              If you read a little more carefully you’ll find its the use of the Russian smear that I object to I’m stunned by some contributors inability to read and comprehend.
              And I also think each president has got worse, foreign policy wise,Obama droned 10x more than Bush, got the US in to more bombing wars, believed in American exceptionalism with all the fibre of his being
              And Now Trump is worse
              I couldn’t give a tuppeny f… about his domestic policy, they’ve never been a socialist state and never will be
              I cant believe when all my posts and links have been about the foolishness of blaming Russia for the DNC,s corruption and Clinton’s bad campaign, you can turn around with a total non sequitur like that
              The good thing about your post was its brevity

              • Iain Mclean says:


                “So your an alt right nationalist, Iain? The Ukrainian mob would embrace you.”

                Alt-Right is a term it seems that many here use, like MSM,that is meant ,I presume, to slur/demean/smear.
                It’s almost as if these people have attended the same ‘night classes ‘or handed the same memo/study notes, that like the correct term Alt-Media,is somehow Fake News and not legit. And lets be clear here.
                Most Alt-Media are not necessarily ‘left’/ ‘right’ or non-partisan.
                The main thing they have in common is usually covering the important truths that are not being mentioned on MSM. ie;

                These very sites, in similar order, are the sites Hillary said she wanted to shut down during the election campaign. That they should not have the right to exist.!
                That should tell you something.

                They are now also being ‘search
                manipulated’,certain clips censored and have had their advert platforms /sponsors removed. (some of)
                The Daily Caller is a Left Leaning Foundation.
                They topped my list of Alt-Media sites I posted last year on TDB before she even said it. Add

                I believe it was the Alt-Media that created the term Fake News to explain what the MSM had been doing,especially during the American Election campaign,or how it operates during conflict with propaganda,lies and spin directed
                at any perceived enemy. In this respect, can actually create false scenes/witnesses in support of a particular narrative.

                Now they have been exposed they have tried
                to turn it back on where it came from.
                The idea repeat,repeat,repeat,repeat,repeat.
                It just doesn’t work any more,like the term
                conspiracy theorist.
                Conspiracy analyst is more accurate.

                I know that Hillary (and many others) studied a guy called Alinsky (Forget first name)
                that taught in any conflict for power etc one of the first rules of engagement is to accuse your enemy of the very same things that you are doing to either divert/confuse or occupy that space. ie, Attempt to put them on the defensive.
                (eg; Russia meddled in elections when America has done so on a regular basis or Trump colluded with Putin when in fact Hillary and Podesta are the guilty parties)

                As far the Nationalist label is concerned,
                ”Simplistically, Nationalism is the desire of a nation to self-determination.”

                This quote came from a discussion with Frank that can be found here; towards the bottom of comments.

                I suggest yourself and others take a look at the Philosophy-Basics link contained there-in to discover the many variations of each single ism listed.


  13. Archonblatter says:

    ‘ This is the best analysis of the last 35 years of the American leadership’s arrogance and utter stupidity I’ve read anywhere. He’s absolutely correct; Donald Trump is no “outlier,” he’s no anomaly in the history of “America’s greatness,” he not the originator of the breakdown of American leadership. On the contrary, he’s the culmination; the inevitable result; the natural progression; the only possible completion, of a process of brutal madness engulfing the ruling American elite over the last 35 years.’

    On the above article? Nah. An apt comment on a good piece by Tom Engelhardt posted on International Clearing House.
    Journalists must face comparison with others on the global stage these days. Putin bashers are encouraged to watch Oliver Stone’s Putin interviews and to watch Yeltsin’s speech of apology to the Russian people.

    • Francesca says:

      For US foreign and domestic policy, however, the grand illusion of Russia meddling in America’s political process helps in at least three fundamental ways.
      First, it provides a distraction for the American public. While President Trump continues the policies of previous administrations in the service of the unelected special interests that actually determine and benefit from US foreign policy, the “US election meddling” narrative provides a diversion that prevents President Trump’s backtracking and hypocrisy from taking precedence in public debates.
      Second, creating hysteria over the possibility that a foreign nation might have interfered with America’s political process helps reinforce the illusion that America’s political process is legitimate and meaningful in the first place. It buttresses the notion that America’s destiny is determined by the electorate and the representatives it puts in office, not the multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations and financial institutions that lobby America’s legislative bodies and place their representatives within each presidential cabinet regardless of who the American public vote into office.

      And third, accusing Russia of interfering in America’s political process helps perpetuate the adversarial nature of US-Russian relations, justifying the continued existence and expansion of NATO and all of the conflicts it both fuels and feeds off of. In addition to geopolitical objectives, this process reaps billions in defense contracts and opens up new potential markets for US corporations and financial institutions.

  14. Archonblatter says:

    @ Franscesca

    ‘And third, accusing Russia of interfering in America’s political process helps perpetuate the adversarial nature of US-Russian relations, justifying the continued existence and expansion of NATO and all of the conflicts it both fuels and feeds off of. In addition to geopolitical objectives, this process reaps billions in defense contracts and opens up new potential markets for US corporations and financial institutions.’

    Very good. Altogether a succinct and truly readable comment. Wish Andra Jenkin could do half so well.

    • Whoa there, Archonblatter! You, Francesca, and Iain seem to have overlooked that Trump is boosting US military spending by US$54 billion!!

      President Trump put both political parties on notice Monday that he intends to slash spending on many of the federal government’s most politically sensitive programs — relating to education, the environment, science and poverty — to protect the economic security of retirees and to shift billions more to the armed forces.

      The proposal to increase military spending by $54 billion and cut nonmilitary programs by the same amount was unveiled by White House officials as they prepared the president’s plans for next year’s federal budget. Aides to the president said final decisions about Medicare and Social Security would not be made until later in the year, when he announces his full budget. But Sean Spicer, his spokesman, cited Mr. Trump’s campaign commitments about protecting those programs and vowed that “he’s going to keep his word to the American peopl


      Not only that, but Trump is cutting social services, education, and health services. When this happened in New Zealand, you were all spitting tacks at Key. But it’s ok when Trump does it to the poorest people in America?! How the hell do you reconcile that?!

      Don’t try to pass off Trump as some kind of anti-Establishment, anti-imperialist political rebel, because he clearly isn’t.

      • Francesca says:

        Frank Frank Frank, I give up on you

        Do you actually read the comments!!
        I cannot believe that after everything I’ve written you still believe I’m defending Trump
        I challenge the whole pairing of Trump with Russia as a total red herring, taking up the time of Congress, distracting the populace and avoiding facing the true state of affairs
        Any chance that reading someone who puts it much better than me will help you to understand what I’m getting at?

        Let’s put aside all this for now, disheartening as it is, and focus on this: if the intent is to bring down Trump, then there is ample material just lying there for the taking — evidence of blatant criminality and corruption that could be taken up right now, keeping Trump and his whole sick crew tied up in prosecutions, investigations, special committees and independent prosecutors out the wazoo. The man had known Mafia figures with him at his New Year’s celebration in Mar-a-Lago just months ago, for God’s sake. You don’t have to pry piss-tapes from the Kremlin to bring down a mook like Trump.

        Of course, part of the problem is that a genuinely wide-ranging and thorough investigation of Trump’s criminal corruption would doubtless expose the deep rot at the heart of our system, the incredibly complex entwining of the underworld and the “upper world”: the dirty deals, the tax dodges, the sweetheart contracts, the cut-outs to maintain “deniability,” the bribes, the “gifts,” the special arrangements, the corporate espionage, the interpenetration of state and corporate power at every level, even in warfare and diplomacy — in short, all of the “corrupted currents” that lay behind the gilded facade maintained by our bipartisan elites and their servitors in the political-media class. If you start to pull too hard on the stinking threads of Trump’s criminal entanglements, who knows what else might come undone, who else might be exposed?

        full article in link below
        And before you go off on a yahboosucks Global Research!!! riff remind yourself that its just a website that collects the writings of many diverse journalists,Max Blumenthal, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky and Dr Binoy Kampmark included

        • Francesca, one point I will make is that I care zero for any “piss tapes” that are alleged to exist. Trump’s sexual behaviour between consenting adults is no one’s business but his.

          (Just for the record.)

          On the matter of “the whole pairing of Trump with Russia as a total red herring” – if there was collusion then, like the Brethren in New Zealand attempting to influence the 2005 election, I put it to you that it is far from being a “red herring”.

          We don’t countenance the US interfering in other countries political systems, so having an [alleged] Russian/Trump Team collusion is also a matter of concern. The next time, it could be our election being interfered with.

          • Francesca says:

            Oh dear
            You didnt read the link
            Mystery solved
            You don’t read the comments either
            They’re merely an opportunity for you to launch in with more of your set pieces
            This isn’t a conversation Frank, you have obviously become invested in the whole”Russia “narrative
            Anyone who challenges that or says it is taking vital oxygen away from the real crimes of Trump(who is merely amplifying the crimes of previous presidents in carrying out the wishes of an unseen and unelected 1%)is tarred as a “Trump lover”
            I give up on you
            Good luck with Pence or Clinton in2020

            • Priss says:

              Francesca, I’ve read plenty of Frank’s comments on American politics. Unless he’s changed his views, he’s a Bernie supporter (like me). So not sure where you’re coming from on this.

              • Francesca says:

                Once more Priss gets to the nub of the matter with a searingly incisive retort…..not
                Unless the DNC reforms itself, and faces up to its failures,it will once more deny the will of the people and endorse a candidate more aligned to the MIC and Wall Street.
                With their insistence that Russia stole the election from them I’m not holding my breath that they have any desire to do that
                If Trump gets impeached and removed from office we get Pence ..whoopy do!

                The way we’re heading Gorbachev is probably right
                “We may not survive these times”

  15. Francesca says:

    I think there was interference in the democratic process. There’s currently a lawsuit dealing with it
    Namely, Bernie supporters have brought a class action against the DNC for fraud
    The DNC argues back that there was no expectation or obligation to be neutral(ie respecting the will of the people)in regard to presidential candidate selection
    That to my mind is a serious breach of faith and undermining of the US elections
    Do you read about it in the MSM?
    How many stories about the DNC lawsuit in comparison to Russiagate
    Next, AIIPAC
    Israel’s influence on US elections is not even a secret
    Gulf States money fuel American think tanks that place stories in US media
    that are enormously influential to US policies at home and abroad
    Big money and its affect on the US elections
    I humbly suggest that unlike Russiagate these connections are all traceable and provable and don’t require endless time and effort and investigation after investigation over several months that have come up with what?
    Businessmen doing what businessmen do in a global economy, meet with each other, do deals
    The Russian ambassador doing what ambassadors are meant to do, meet with people,represent his country’s interests, foster dialogue

    An excerpt from The Israel lobby in the London Review of Books

    Money is critical to US elections (as the scandal over the lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s shady dealings reminds us), and AIPAC makes sure that its friends get strong financial support from the many pro-Israel political action committees. Anyone who is seen as hostile to Israel can be sure that AIPAC will direct campaign contributions to his or her political opponents. AIPAC also organises letter-writing campaigns and encourages newspaper editors to endorse pro-Israel candidates.

    There is no doubt about the efficacy of these tactics. Here is one example: in the 1984 elections, AIPAC helped defeat Senator Charles Percy from Illinois, who, according to a prominent Lobby figure, had ‘displayed insensitivity and even hostility to our concerns’. Thomas Dine, the head of AIPAC at the time, explained what happened: ‘All the Jews in America, from coast to coast, gathered to oust Percy. And the American politicians – those who hold public positions now, and those who aspire – got the message.’

    That is what I call interference

    and this from, spoiler alert:it won’t confirm your anti Russian bias
    don’t click on this link if you’re afraid it might leave you better informed

    That’s it for me

  16. Archonblatter says:

    An interesting article on WSWS on U.S./R.F. relations.

    Another worth reading by Thierry Meyssan on Trump and the M.E.

    Both are refreshing antidotes to the ramblings of schizophrenic scribblers determined on maintaining that the present is in no way connected to the past.

  17. Archonblatter says:

    ” As we watch, it seems almost possible to see President Trump, in real time, tweet by tweet, speech by speech, sword dance by sword dance, intervention by intervention, act by act, in the process of dismantling the system of global power — of “soft power,” in particular, and of alliances of every sort — by which the U.S. made its will felt, made itself a truly global hegemon. Whether his “America first” policies are aimed at creating a future order of autocrats, or petro-states, or are nothing more than the expression of his libidinous urges and secret hatreds, he may already be succeeding in taking down that world order in record fashion. ”

    An extract from Engelhardt’s article in case no one bothered to read it.

    As for the trials and tribulations of U.S. citizens in the dismantling of their so called welfare system, my sympathies are more with the millions slaughtered, maimed, dispossessed by the cruel, bloodthirsty and plundering hand of the indispensible nation. If the U.S. and it’s citizens fell off the planet I wouldn’t turn a hair.

    • Francesca says:

      Yes Archonblatter,
      I really rate Tom Engelhardt
      I reckon its a rocky road ahead for all of us as America’s decline gathers apace,they do have the most nuclear weapons,the willingness seemingly
      to use them when all else fails, and no desire to go quietly in to that dark night
      As Gorbachev has remarked “I don’t know if we’re going to survive this”

  18. Sally's Husband says:

    Excellent reporting, Andra. As usual, it puts the Trumpista apparatchiks into fits of hysteria, but this is the demagogue who currently rules us. I don’t know if Trump is worse than Bush Jnr, but he’s crazy as batshit.