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from:      Frank Macskasy <fmacskasy@gmail.com>
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date:      12 June 2017
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The Editor
Dominion Post


On 16 June last year, then-Finance Minister, Bill English attributed our growth to “other sectors” of the economy;

“Despite the dairy sector continuing to be under pressure, other sectors are performing well and contributing to an overall solid rate of economic growth.”

He never acknowledged the role played by massive immigration in our so-called “economic growth”. To do so would admit that our “growth” was artificial and unsustainable, and putting pressure on housing and social services.

As Labour unveiled it’s new immigration policy this week, English was forced to concede;

“A 30,000 reduction in migration right now will stall the economy, it’ll deprive businesses of the skills they need to enable them to make the investments they want to make, to grow New Zealand. “

It’s official: our “growth” is an illusion.

Like a “sugar hit” from junk-food, immigration is not really energising our economy. On 18 March last year, English admitted that real national disposable income-per-capita fell by 0.4%. Again, he put the blame anywhere but at immigration;

“You’ve got a big drop in national income, because dairy prices are down.”

Again he let slip;

“At the same time you’ve had surprisingly high migration numbers. So it’s not surprising that when you work the figures you get a drop in national disposable income.”

Like Auckland’s ballooning house-bubble prices, economic “growth” based on migration is a mirage. Eventually those balloons will burst and we’ll be left to tidy up National’s nasty mess.

It beggars belief how National ever gain it’s reputation for “sound economic stewardship”.


-Frank Macskasy


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  1. The last time Bill English lost the election in one of Nationals worst defeats ever , he was walking down parliament steps looking crestfallen. There was a small ‘welcoming committee ‘ there to see him off as he approached …

    He was sent on his merry way with the delightfully apt words ”Wanker!!” and other equally as descriptive terms ringing in his ears from a group of what looked like some very pissed off , large and angry working Maori family men .

    I think we should recall those workers back for the next upcoming repetition of history.

    These globalist neo liberals deserve every piece of derision thrown at them for their treachery.

  2. Immigration and land/asset/business sales have been propping up our economy for decades under both administrations.
    D J S

    • You’re right. It was Labour under Clark that really kicked this socio-economic ponzi scheme off. The fallout is going to be New Zealand Wars II.

  3. So, it’s not bad enough that we cower in fear at the thought of fighting to get our state assets and infrastructure back from the swindling crooks who conned us into selling them for some shit beans and a sick cow to foreigners but now cow-smells english is selling the very lands we stand on to those with more money than we can ever have because those who swindled us have seen fit to impoverish us for their profits.


    Go to Wellington, go into our parliament buildings, find him and tell him ” You’re fired!”
    If he doesn’t go? Grab ahold of him and drag him out by the arse of his fancy pants.

    You know the problem and the above is the solution. So, what are we waiting for?

    What are we waiting for? A simple little question. Who has the answer?

    No answer? Then, why is that? Why is it, that we can’t move to protect our sovereignty, our whanau, our brothers and sisters, our friends and neighbours? Our very way of life is under dire threat from greedy, mentally unwell narcissistic egotists and we’re too stunned to move as they pose and bluster at us. We’re like possums in the head lights only worse. Poor little boy possums are possums. They live in trees and hiss and spit and smooch the girls. They know nothing about scum bag crooks ripping them off.

    Did you see, on RNZ? That grass-roots english is kissing Israel’s arse again? That murderous scum bag nettinyahoo is all forgiving so yay. Go Bill. I’ve said in previous comments that the Zionists are coming. And we sit and watch the tv and freak out when the beer runs low then we beat the missus then jump off a building. Way to go Kiwis!

    • Did you see, on RNZ? That grass-roots english is kissing Israel’s arse again? That murderous scum bag nettinyahoo is all forgiving so yay. Go Bill. I’ve said in previous comments that the Zionists are coming. And we sit and watch the tv and freak out when the beer runs low then we beat the missus then jump off a building. Way to go Kiwis!

      Yeah, I heard it on Radio NZ this morning as well, CB. I felt like puking. Did English kiss Netanyahu’s plump backside, or give it a damn good – – – – -?!?!

      • I felt like throwing up when I heard it.
        New Zealand has been made to look like an international laughing stock yet again because of this wimpy National government that doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for human rights.
        I didn’t think you could get a worse mouse of a foreign minister than Murray McCully but Gerry Brownlee has just proved me wrong.
        When you agree to apologise to a government of right-wing hate mongers because you upset them by calling them to account, you are caving in to a bully.
        Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a New Zealander and this is one of those times.

  4. The National Party, and for that matter all of the Technocratic major parties including Labour and the Greens are ALL out of ideas.

    They’ve run out of powder and shot. There is nothing more they can do to stimulate growth, because they’re already at the end of their reserves.

    House prices are as high as they can reasonably go. Interest rates are at their lowest in decades, and can no longer serve to stimulate the economy. Dairy prices are where they are, and can’t be influenced higher without major government intervention. Debt is rising fast. Investment has plateaued. Tax revenues are flat.

    All they have left is immigration – literally pile-driving people into the economy. Its already at unsustainable levels, and even this has hit its peek benefit. This means immigration has crossed the break-even threshold because of the Law of Diminishing Returns – sustained immigration is actually becoming a drag on the economy. Immigration MUST be cut, and our population returned to its natural, sustainable levels.

    The truth is, this economy has been on artificial life support for years. The reckoning has come.

    The ONLY way out of this is to actually begin addressing inequality, and redirecting income and employment back to the Working Class instead of funneling everything to the 1%. The economy is stalled because WORKERS CAN’T CONSUME. They have no disposable income.

    Without disposable income, there simply is no domestic economy. It isn’t rocket science. But it spells the end of Neo-Liberalism. The party is over, and they know it.

  5. if you read the book the fire economy its worse NZ is hollow debt driven shell
    the brighter future is a bad joke national has done bugger all in 9 long years
    now we are dependent on massive immigration inflows to keep the houses of cards afloat.
    bullshit bill should be honest and tell the new Zealand people the true ugly state of the economy. like everything else nacts do its an illusion.

  6. Hey, we’ve got to GROW, do not stop us GROWING, the government argues, and sadly many in the hamster wheel are too afraid to jump out of it, as they fear that loss of control, that uncertainty.

    The GROWTH obsession by government, business and Auckland council will lead New Zealand into uncharted, highly dangerous territory.

    Growing the population up to what number, I ask?

    Two days ago some in the MSM were at it again, rubbishing Andrew Little for daring to put under threat that growth of our “education industry”.


    Oh these “liberals”, these professional “urban liberals”, with academic background or not, they do not like anyone daring to stop that growth, it just needs to be tweaked a little, and otherwise continued.

    It is like an economy on the wrong steroids, one day comes the withdrawal, or worse, the system may collapse or we end up like just another country with slums up on the hills of the Waitakeres, and Mt Eden and so, as the ones not winning have nowhere else to live.

    I am so sick of this BS in NZ Inc., the lies we are sold, but sadly too many are too afraid to consider the reality, that we cannot have endless “growth”, that will destroy the environment and simply be unsustainable, only due to fossil fuel use can we sustain the 8 or more billion humans on this planet, of whom a high proportion live in abject poverty and misery.

    That ‘What Next’ program on TV1 also annoys me, while some may be interesting stuff that they present, it is again a group of academics and futuristic opportunists, who can only see the “benefit”. We were told the same lies before in the 1980s and 1990s, about the technological advances, and how we would all have more spare time to enjoy the blessings of advancement. What have we got? It did not at all improve lives for most, only for some, who can afford it, many lost jobs and now live in the precariat and worse.

    Time to have a recheck, re immigration, and growth in general, I think, time to reshape the whole socio economic system, for real, but that will only work on the global scale, but there it will likely fail again, as some will not want to join a new rules set.

  7. I you ever wonder why our MSM “stars” never talk about the real issues with immigration, go and meet them at some of the functions held at places like the Langham Hotel in Auckland, you will see them enjoying themselves, while being served by lots of low paid migrants and overseas students working part time or even full time as waiters and the likes.

    And sadly even many ordinary middle class people, they do not mind immigration, as they would not want their sons and daughters work at the checkout at Pak’n Save or Countdown, due to relatively low pay, they are happy to have their bags and trolleys filled by low paid immigrants.

    The same applies for the eldercare sector, where hordes of low paid immigrants do the work so many “Kiwis” do not like to do, not just because of low pay, this is not that easy and pleasant work, so again, the immigrant labour comes in handily.

    That is why we have too few speak up and out on this, and that is why the Nats and their little cowardly allies and underlings, in ACT and United Future, even to some degree the singing Maori MPs, do get away with all this going on.

    We will as ordinary citizens and taxpayers all foot the bill one, day, when more need services, social, health, retirement, certainly also in childcare, education, housing and transport expenditure.

    Thank you Bill, you are good at double dipping and at other skills out there, that serve your blinkered BS thinking and cheap talking.

    Throw them out in September, wake up, people, throw them out!

  8. All in all every time I see Bill English or even Paula Bennett in the news albeit the telly, the newspapers or even their ‘dulcet’ tones(voices)on the radio I quite literally cringe.
    These two live in a little world of make believe. They, and the rest of the National Coalition government are so on another planet(lets call it Planet Key) that most NZers know they are too out of touch with reality to be taken seriously anymore.
    They have said far too many lies and it’s all catching up with them now.
    Both English(like John Key)and Bennett have denied there are problems within NZ.
    Just today I was thinking there are so many problems that have got considerably worse in NZ since 2008 that this government just doesn’t look at. Perhaps we can only assume far too many years in government have yet again made a National government arrogant. And arrogance is a disease that will rip out(and deservedly so)the guts of the National Party.
    And so for Bill English to deny that immigration is a problem and then admitting it(unrestrained immigration that is)is holding up the economy clearly shows he lives in Cloud Cuckoo-land.
    What I have really noticed by this particular brand of government is the money has been there for vanity projects eg the flag referendum, the 34 Beemers with bum warming seats, a mansion in Hawaii and an apartment in New York, $20billion spent on the NZ military.
    Deep down I would say it’s truly sad that a bunch of people who are completely out of touch with NZers are thinking that they hold such a monopoly on intelligence that they(English, Bennett, Smith, Brownlee etc,etc,etc)think they are more intelligent and know everything.
    But like I have said it’s all due to arrogance. Something John Key said should never exist in a government but it’s now part and parcel of the National government.
    After the next election I would so love to say RIP NATIONAL PARTY. YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOURSELVES FROM WITHIN DUE TO YOUR ACTIONS(greed for money, ego and Buy-your-own Knighthoods).

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