GUEST BLOG: Julie Carter – Well done Labour!

By   /   June 13, 2017  /   7 Comments

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Labour’s plan to put an end to fake student’s is bang on the money.

Labour’s plan to put an end to fake student’s is bang on the money.

Have had interaction with several of these individuals who do little to conceal their fraud. One claimed to be training as an electrical engineer doing domestic work, but didn’t even possess a screwdriver.

His cousin claimed to be training to become a Microsoft security systems specialist, but had never heard of Linux! In reality they were toilet cleaners and each had significant health issues. By contrast, another man from the same country managed a 1000 hectare growing operation with up to 60 staff.

So it is not an ethnic issue as many would claim, moreover it is closing the door on phoney applicants.

Well done Labour!


Julie Carter is a 70 years old, single retiree living in Ohope
I’ve had a diverse career spending time in both publishing and the law.
Am interested in politics, human rights, conservation and animal welfare. Recently fostered animals belonging to Edgecumbe evacuees.

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  1. Good call, Julie!

    A lot of migrant workers are being used and abused and many of the courses they are nominally doing are really just a cover to allow unscrupulous bosses to make more money. It’s in the interests of all Kiwi workers that this artificial wage constraint is lifted.

    It’s going stay hard to achieve a living wage for all workers here if a small, but significant, proportion of the workforce are unintentionally driving wages down.

  2. CLEANGREEN says:

    100% Julie,

    This was a National party money go around rort once again to fill their rental properties with tenants, and provide bums on seats in our privatised jails.

    All are similar rorts.
    Fire this government in September.

  3. countryboy says:

    But any right winger would applaud them for being self sufficient and inventive? And given the lunacy, and I mean that literally, that envelopes us daily, are they not being so?
    Before we go galloping about on our high horses we’d best take a long hard look at ourselves and ponder where our stuff and things are and why we’re not pushing for them to be returned to us, clearly including our standards, that the crooked right wing traitors who were excreted out of Labour in the 1980’s swindled us out of?
    The greedy Bankster lobbied initiative that is student loans has made this possible remember.
    I’m not defending those individuals either. It’s just that neo liberalism, for the want of a better term, like perhaps con artistry, has created a perfect storm for crooks and cheats to flourish and going back and dealing with that has to be a priority.
    If Andrew Little wants to make an impression perhaps he should drag roger douglas and others through the courts?

    • Mike the Lefty says:

      If Douglas, Prebble, Caygill, Moore and the numerous other Rogernomes were put on trial, I would die a happy man.

  4. Mike the Lefty says:

    All true, but it doesn’t stop National-loving MSM from distorting the whole thing. All we get about it is weepy stories about how immigrants don’t think they are welcome in NZ, although paradoxically they are talking about NOW, not later. Also the dodgy tertiary institutions issuing English language degrees and certificates that are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. If those dodgy dealers are forced to close, good job!.
    The whole immigration system under National is unregulated chaos, crooks making a whole lot of money bringing people here under false pretences and leaving them to work in third rate jobs.
    The National government is squarely to blame for this. Even they are belatedly beginning to acknowledge there is a problem but Labour’s announcement of policy gives National a chance to do its usual deny, deflect, deflate tactics instead of redressing it.
    They can always rely on their media cronies like Hosking to spin it for them.

  5. L.A.V says:

    Maybe the three teenagers in my house will get a chance.
    At the moment they can hardly find work as the competition is so tough for entry level jobs, and when they do get work they are treated appallingly, there is no training and they are ‘fired’ at around day 89.
    One of them was working at heights with no safety training, no harness and no Sitesafe certification despite being on a site that required it. When he had a minor accident and had to take a day off to go for medical treatment, he was fired for ‘taking too much time off work’.

    I keep telling them to join the union, but they are afraid that if they join the union before the 90 days are up they will be fired for it.
    The Employment Contracts Act and subsequent anti-worker law changes need to be pegged back.
    We need a change of government.

  6. Cemetery Jones says:

    Nice examples. Much more in tune with ordinary New Zealanders and what they’re seeing than odious Marxists whining on twitter about how it’s rayciss.