UK Election – winners and losers

By   /   June 10, 2017  /   29 Comments

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Somewhere Matthew Hooton, Ben Thomas and David Farrar are in a group hug sobbing.

A hung parliament???

What a magnificent ending to an election that has shaken the foundations of British democracy to the core and has reignited the Left in a way no one in the mainstream punditry thought possible.

It told the world that when young people engage in the political process they can bring down giants.



Corbyn: They wrote him off as a joke. They screamed he could never win. They attacked him every step of the way and they tried to undermine his leadership at every twist and turn, but Corbyn managed to pull off one of the greatest political comebacks in recent British Political history. He is the most popular Labour Party Leader of the last 40 years. His brilliance on the campaign trail mixed with a genuinely Left wing policy platform has done what almost every single political pundit promised he wouldn’t, he robbed Theresa May of her victory. Fuck the haters, fuck every single one of them! Today is Corbyn’s and he richly deserves his moment in the sun as the undisputed champion of the Left in Britain.

Labour: A Party that was polling 25 points down at the start of the campaign has now robbed Theresa May of her victory. The time to start eroding and undermining the Conservative Party is now and there has never been a better platform to launch a counter movement that will redefine the economic Left and challenge neoliberalism. There has never been a better day to join the Labour Party in the UK than now.

Young voters: With one of the highest voter turn outs in sometime, this election was reshaped by youth participation. It is a clear signal to the rest of the planet that when the Millennial and Generation Xers are convinced that they have been cheated by neoliberalism and that the free market offers them nothing other than debt and being reduced from a citizen to a consumer, they will find the fire in their belly and demand change. As Millennial wunderkind Andrew Dean points out…

The Left: Instead of waging identity politics wars, the Left in Britain managed to align behind an economically left policy broadchurch platform and it resonated with the working classes, students, pensioners, the middle classes and beneficiaries. Imagine if Bernie Sanders had been allowed to do that in America instead of the failure of Clinton. Imagine if we did that in NZ?

The Canary: One of the manifestations against the mainstream media bias against Corbyn was the creation of self funded activist media. The Canary was one such creation and throughout the election have stood strong with Corbyn’s vision and they kept activists and supporters feeling connected despite the media assault on Labour.




Theresa May: She has failed. Utterly. The self interest of u-turning on her promise to see out the whole term was seen for what it was. Her terrible campaign and her decision to refuse point blank to engage with the electorate via debates left her damaged. She limps to form a Government with right wing Irish social conservatives and the entire rational for her going to the electorate in the first place is shredded as she attempts to negotiate Brexit.

Political Pundits: They all wrote Corbyn off. They all laughed at Labour’s left wing manifesto. They mocked Labour supporters. They were all fucking wrong.

Right wing newspapers: These maggots that rot democracy were all proven wrong. Corbyn spoke beyond them via social media to a youth vote who refused to be written off on the scrapheap of history.

The Conservatives: They are a joke looking for a punchline.

The Guardian: With some noticeable exceptions, the so called left wing media in Britain all attacked Corbyn and wrote him off. Their middle class pretensions and left wing aesthetics didn’t respect or like Corbyn. They agitated against Corbyn, consistently fed coup attempts and believed their own superiority and sophistry.

Centrist Labour: Those moderate scumbag Labourites who were privately plotting against him and were ready to launch leaderships challenges this week have to shelve their cancerous ego ridden ambitions to water Labour down and instead smile with shit eating grins their subservience.

NZ Labour and Green Party: When you consider the spineless ‘we won’t spook the bosses of neoliberal capitalism’ surrender note Grant Roberston and James Shaw signed in order to look respectable to our Corporate Overlords, our political left is a million miles from Corbyn’s policy dynamism and popularity. The warmed up cold grey gruel of Green and Labour policy in NZ compared to the 7 course Dégustation offered voters by Corbyn is obvious enough to force Labour and the Greens in NZ to buck up their ideas and actually start providing some radical policy rather than the safe crap they’ve been safely trying to bait us with so far.


Labour were 25 points behind when May broke her word and called for a snap election. She did this to increase her 17 seat majority to negotiate Brexit, she has ended up losing all her majority and needs a coalition with socially conservative Northern Irish politicians.

Somewhere Matthew Hooton, Ben Thomas and David Farrar are in a group hug sobbing.


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  1. Siobhan says:

    Right on!!

  2. Pete says:

    What’s that Hooton’s saying, Hooton’s implying?

    Nice and tidily, so, so easily linking a vote for Little’s party and “dark times” and war ahead.

    Clear evidence of being a fucken idiot yet you can be sure that from the teary huddle it’s the sort of crap that Farrar will pick up and use.

  3. Jenny says:

    I hope the New Zealand Labour Party will learn a valuable lesson from this and start behaving like socialists.

    Atlee, now Corbyn. Nobody is going to remember Blair. He went to bed with Murdoch and paid the price. They are both irrelevant now.

    And as for Lynton Crosby – epic fail… Let’s hope he’s still in charge of English’s campaign.

    Britain has seen through this love-in. Let’s hope NZ does too.

    • Michal says:

      Absolutely. But labour are a middle class party so don’t expect anything anytime soon.

      • Jenny brown says:

        I know, Corbyn and Sanders have shown that there is a huge appetite for genuine socialism. The middle and working class will join forces when that’s offered. Labour have to be courageous. Look at Kensington and Chelsea- that’s astonishing.

  4. Castro says:

    Yep, when the left focuses on left-wing economic policy rather than the “veneer only” identity politics over neo-liberal dogma, people may actually start regarding them as legitimately left-wing.

  5. Grant says:

    One of the most fascinating elections ever with Corbyn pulling the biggest crowds since Sir Winstone Churchhill , and up until polling day , what coverage did our msm have ?……nothing.
    Even now they refuse to mention or give any detail about what is in the Labour Party or Tory manifestos.
    Corbyn, coming from just 25% in the polls mezmorized young and old with his caring , forthright and charismatic personality , delivering a manifesto that even included putting up taxes, (unheard of in an election), for the top 5% .
    The fact that he finished on over 40% with just a 6 week window is worthy of a book and movie.
    Tv1 ,Tv3 , Radio N.Z and Radio Live all lost out big time by suppressing this story.
    Finally they’ve woken up with a little bit of polling day coverage, but there are plenty of dumbed down Kiwis out there going, “huh?”I didn’t even know there was an election going on”.
    Corbyn is a once in a lifetime politician. The young in the U.K are lucky to have had their eyes opened by such a man .
    The seachange he has created in the psyche of many people has spawned the
    new zeitgeist …..the U.K will never be the same again….neo liberalism is finished !!

  6. Nitrium Nitrium says:

    Well I can’t be more pleased to have gotten this election outcome badly wrong; thought this would be an easy victory for the reanimated corpse of Thatcher, especially after Brexit + the usual knee-jerk to the right after two terrorist attacks. Her position to negotiate with Europe has lessened rather than increased, and her “mandate” to negotiate anything is obviously a joke now. Shame she didn’t quit though.

  7. Once Was Tim (or anything that uses Tim or Once) says:

    More likely Hoots, Farrar and Thomas are in a pig fight trying to apportion blame, then trying to work out where next to apply the lipstick.
    I can save them the trouble – no doubt they’ve got CT on speed dial, but its all a question whether they want to throw bad money after worse

  8. cagey says:

    Yah for the Millenial bullshit radars – shame their elders can’t seem to get theirs to work.

    Also rather interesting – for kiwis – Theresa May’s campaign slogan – ‘Strong & Stable Leadership’ – does this not seem familiar?

    Also of interest – One of her campaign managers was also super PAC campaign manager for… Hillary Clinton

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

  9. Once Was Tim (or anything that uses Tim or Once) says:

    “Forward Together” – as in “Going ….. Forward”, and probably not “Coming … Ahead” in their current form.

    I suspect CT will be working overtime inventing new spin – going forward. It’s no longer working

  10. David says:

    An observation: Martyn couldn’t be bothered mentioning Cameron Slater. Where are you Cam? Irrelevant Trump fan boy.

  11. ankarawshark says:

    For God sake has Hooten lost the plot?????? Seriously putting Trump, Corbyn and Little in the same category…………………….

    Me thinks he is panicking because Corbyn’s victory is that he has stolen the narrative off the right wing msm and their cohorts.

    • Michal says:

      How stupid to be put them all together. Putting aside the nutbar running America, Little wouldn’t have a clue about the stuff that Corbyn has so boldly put forward. Remember that Little said people didn’t want capital gains tax so we are not going to do that. Gutless.

      • CLEANGREEN says:


        Trump is hated by the Global corporate elitists who set out to destroy him like they did with Coryn, so get used to the similarity between Trump and Corbyn will you.

        Corporate agenda is to have the only candidate succeed that pledges loyalty to these Corporate greedy elitists.

        Trump cant be bought so the public saw this and voted this way, and labour NZ must remember this now also.

        • WILD KATIPO says:

          Good on you , CLEANGREEN. You are so right.

          Here’s a link to a piece by Alex Jones, who I quite like ever since he exposed the globalists at Boheman Grove. Jones is a nationalist , though not in the negative sense tainted by historic fascism. Rather, in looking out for the peoples best interests and a nations right to sovereignty – which is the exact opposite to the treacherous globalists.

          Alex Jones: Impeach Donald Trump – YouTube
          Video for alex jones on donald trump▶ 36:42

        • WILD KATIPO says:

          And here is an interesting documentary demonstrating that the issues isn’t about left or right in the traditional sense, – it is about national sovereignty versus globalism and the ‘ New World Order’ , that George Bush Senior frequently spoke about in many of his speeches.

          The documentary covers the Obama era to which we all know Hillary Clinton was to be the successor to… but Trump got in the way and upset the apple cart.

          And that’s why powerful globalist organizations and their media stooges hate Trump with a vengeance. There is included a part 1 and a part 2.

          The Obama Deception HQ Full length version – YouTube
          Video for alex jones the obama deception▶ 1:53:40

          The Obama Deception HQ Full length version – YouTube Part 2 …
          Video for The Obama Deception HQ Full length version part 2▶ 53:38

  12. Oh the salty lobbyist tears!

  13. bert says:

    “Matthew Hooton, Ben Thomas and David Farrar” and also Mike Hosking. Quite apathetic mob really.

  14. Helena says:

    Nothing good will ever come out of Westminster until someone, maybe, hopefully Corbyn, kicks the cow out of the garden and into the Thames. And for the point suggest watching links: Length 9:19 Length 5:51

  15. aWanderer says:

    The UK election has no relevance to the NZ electorate.

  16. mosa says:

    Yeah Martyn the Islington Idealist has done something far more important than winning number 10 he has ignited the Socialist movement against all the odds.

    I have been watching the coverage of the Canary and it is one of the few platforms to support Corbyn and his policies and rightly expose a lot of Tory propaganda and the behaviour of the scum bag MSM.

    No party leader has had such a negative , viscous dirty campaign waged against them in living memory and most would have failed but real leaders rise above the attack and talk directly and honestly to the people and win their support.

    Had the SNP not lost the seats they did then May would have had even less MPs and could not have carried on or would have fallen at the next confidence vote.

    The most amazing and critical point is that Labour have won safe Tory seats and that will send shivers down the spines of the neo liberal establishment.

    Can’t wait for the first sitting of the Commons and the debates to follow the Queen’s speech , it will set the tone for the next tumultous life of this parliament.

  17. esoteric pineapples says:

    Labour and the Greens aren’t necessarily losers out of this result. It will give them the confidence to be more emphatic about the progressive policies they believe in. The Greens don’t need to change any of their policies. Just know that they don’t have to be apologetic for them anymore, the result of ridicule from all quarters for more than a quarter of a century.

    On the other had Labour still has feet in both camps. Hopefully this result will be just what they need to start getting serious about progressive policies such as finally having a advert free, state funded television station (which they still don’t seem to be committed to). Fingers crossed.

  18. frank says:

    sadly Hooten et al will be far from sobbing….they will be working out how much they can make out of selling their skills to avoid a repeat here

  19. Andrea says:

    When Jeremy Corbyn became Leader of the Opposition and stood up in PMQs to bring the concerns of constituents, you know, PEOPLE directly to the PM – and kept on doing so – that’s when he started to build the foothold for this election.

    When he refused to slag off and pour scorn – just kept representing people – that’s when the foothold was established.

    When he brings in jars of his home-made jam and shares them – that’s when he’s congruent, consistent, and a boss worth supporting behind the scenes.

    When he’s true to his long-held values – even if some smear him with comments about being a terrorist lover – then it’s very obvious that he shows the same face to those below and beside and the few ‘above’.

    He’s even willing to be less irritable with pesky journalists. Mission before self.

    Could he – and a wise team – negotiate a soft Brexit? Probably. He knows about co-operation, and service. He’s not an ego on a string.

    And our local Labour mob kicked out Cunliffe who is similar. Weep, little muppets. Weep.

    PS The Great Dinosaur – Dennis Skinner, the Beast of Bolsover, was returned for the THIRTEENTH time. And some of you think Winston might be ‘past it’…hehehehe.

  20. Andy says:

    To the losers list, you should add the SNP who saw 15% swings against them.
    Also, Scottish Conservatives, who saw a double digit seat revival on their once moribund party North of the border should be added to the winners list (whether you like them or not)

    • Cemetery Jones says:

      As a left Brexiteer who loves the Union, watching the Nats get BTFO was pretty awesome. Sturgeon’s pro-EU separatist ranting has really grated over the last 18 months, so seeing Wee Jimmie Krankie get sent to the corner was pretty awesome.

  21. Mike the Lefty says:

    In seats where the majority voted to remain (in the Eu), the voters punished those candidates who supported “leave”.
    That may be one reason why Labour’s vote dipped sharply in some parts of North England, which has traditionally been Labour heartland, and even lost one seat (Mansfield) which the Tories hadn’t won for nearly 100 years. My grandmother was originally from Mansfield.
    If she were still alive, she would have been furious at that result.
    One anecdote from the Tories on election night that their vote was improving with every mile you went north.
    Contrast this with the big increase in vote Labour had in South England which is proper Tory heartland. I believe they captured a seat in Portsmouth that they had never held before.
    One thing that looks suspicious is that the Tories were virtually admitting defeat in the seat of Hastings and Rye and Amber Rudd looked like a shaken loser on TV. Tweets indicated that the Tories had given it hope on it but there was a recount ordered and just as you might imagine, Rudd scrapes back in by about 300.
    If I were Labour I would be filing for a judicial recount in that seat.