BREAKING: UN ask NZ to investigate Hit & Run War Crime Allegations

By   /   June 9, 2017  /   30 Comments

There is a claim that video taken by the SAS on the night shows a very different picture than the one Bill English has claimed.

This announcement by the UN forces the investigation which Bill English tried to hide. It is humiliating for National to be effectively told by the UN to investigate.

Bill English can’t hide any longer.

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  1. Kim dandy says:

    Great news. About time ‘someone’ was held accountable!

  2. John W says:

    The NACT cabal will be spending big to influence key players while the whitewash is being manufactured on 24 hour shifts.

  3. XRAY says:

    Nationals so called enquiries are about as trustworthy as Sir John Key, and I laugh when I wrote that.

    The UN need to do this independently of one of the party’s hiding the truth, not expect them to do the right thing.

  4. mary_a says:

    Thanks for this Martyn.

    Don’t trust this government with such an important enquiry as this one. An international independent investigation is what’s needed. However this request coming from the UN is a start. Better than nothing. Let’s hope this at least gets the ball rolling towards some justice for the victims as well as some serious questions asked of those responsible … Key, Mapp, Mateparae et al and also Keating for lying his head about the event, as well as Bill English.

    Funny I haven’t seen this piece of news on any of msm sites so far! Been told not to publish as usual no doubt. Too unfavourable to the Natz. Could also be damaging its lying, corrupt new dark knight of the realm as well!

    Justice for little Fatima please.

  5. Dave says:

    Who cares really?no one thats who. other other than than maybe some political opponent who sees some potential mileage in it

  6. jay1 says:

    Some of our elite Master Race got killed by the sub human scum one in fact! Therefore we had like the NAZIS did to teach these scum sub humans some rules of behaviour! How fucking dare they kill one of our elite? Nothing like a War Crime to teach the scum to get back in their hovels! Totally terrorise a village with an Apache attack helicopter and position a sniper to shoot a perfectly innocent upstanding young man of the community.

    Well done Master Race! You taught the towel heads a lesson,Mate!

  7. Francesca says:

    Let Bill English dig his hole a little deeper

  8. David Stone says:

    I reckon when the yanks came in on the party they did what the yanks do, and NZ SAS no longer had any control of what would happen.
    D J S

  9. countryboy says:

    I wonder how…? How did Bill English become Prime Minister of NZ/Aotearoa??
    How did he do that?
    Seriously. How did a clod hopping Jed like English navigate his way into the absurd structure that is the ‘ Bee Hive’ ? What were his tentative first steps? What was his motivation? How… why… ? Did he wake up one morning in Dipton and say to himself while shaving…? ” Bill, you’re gonna be Prime Minister ” That’s like me saying ” Countryboy! You’re going to be a block of flats with a tanker full of toothpaste tethered to a herd of flamingos parked outside. ” That’s like paula bennett fitting a size ten frock. That’s like a Gerbil not knowing about the Gay Sydney mardi gras. How is it that, that tangle of grass thoughts and sheep smells made it all the way to Wellington unnoticed?? And here he is now, being asked somber questions about solemn events that happened to people in ghastly circumstances?? I’m truly gobsmacked at the bizarre script that God can write while high on His LSD after not sleeping for three months after a Huuuuuuuuuuge session on the glass barbi.

    The very best bit about the Freud meets Mork from Mork and Mindy is that WE… The collective ‘WE’ are settled in for a winter of this shit.

    I mean, really? Look at it? Just take one look? What. The. Fuck.? ( I know. Full Stop plus Question Mark. )

    It’s like you come home from work and your cat tells you what to do ! ?

    Oh. Wait. Now I see. We’re feeble minded minions to our abusers and we have no part of the brain left that says ‘ Fuck this!’

    I see now. Sorry I interrupted the show. Carry on.

    • Whispering Kate says:

      Wow Countryboy – you have done it again – whatever you were on when you wrote this – I would like some of it please.

      What I find even worse than the clod hopper as you called him being in charge of the show – is the fact we have kiwis who keep voting in this slimy lying lot and haven’t a bar of conscience about it. Frightens the hell out of me really how frightful we have become as a people. Selfish, cruel, thick as bricks and an embarrassment to one’s sensibilities.

      Keep up your wondering musings/ramblings – I really enjoy them.

  10. Kevin says:

    Nothing will be investigated, with the National government polling at 49% it’s plain to see a large number of New Zealanders just couldn’t give a toss about such issues.
    I assume the most important concerns to the politically apathetic Kiwi is themselves .

    • wanafli says:

      100% Kevin. I seem to recall an incident years ago, where one company (not local) borrowed money off the government of the day (Yep, it was the Nats) to buy out a Kiwi company, then promptly laid off everyone from that company. Did anyone remember come the next election? Not a chance! Maybe it’s a DNA thing . .

    • bert says:

      Sadly so true, as “Dave” has highlighted with his ignorant comment.

  11. mosa says:

    Third term sleaze , lies and corruption and that’s what is in the public arena.

    How is it that we have to have a foreign agency with the influence that the U.N has see that this operation needs investigating but not our own government.

    Had this been a cover up by any other administration there would have been hell to pay and vengeance sought and quite rightly too.

    Turning a ” blind eye ” to this government’s actions has become a national past time.

  12. Sam Sam says:

    John Keys is a traitor.

    Keys: I know you don’t know

    Dotcom: I know you know

    Me: No, I know you know. Sue me fool

  13. Michal says:

    You can almost guarantee that the SAS video will go missing that’s what those bastards do.

  14. Andrew says:

    It’s a fizzer.

    Timed to cause a fuss leading up to the election – several inaccuracies undermined any impact it might have had.

    Back to the word processor Nicky! 🙂

    • What “inaccuracies” might those be, Andrew? So far I think there has only been one (which Hager admitted to), but which did not refute the actual story.

      Can you list those “several inaccuracies”, please? (With citations, naturally.)

  15. silvertuatara says:

    as quoted from above text article with the video;

    “The Government has received a list of issues from the United Nations Committee Against Torture as part of a routine reporting process and has two years to respond, he said.”


    “Mr Brownlee said the committee will make its conclusion about the 33 issues raised after the Government has responded, as required, by 2019.”

    ….by the time the NZ Govt reply to the UN if they extend through the 2 years the UN has allowed for the response to the 33 issues the UN has requested further information for, Fatima, and all of the other civilians that died that day will have been dead for 9 years…..NZ Govt should just release the complete video coverage, along with explaining why video coverage that should be held from the SAS helmet pieces as others have suggested is common practice, if this is so, has not been either retained, or was not recorded as per proper protocol.

  16. CLEANGREEN says:

    Yes and the MBIE spin doctors on the MSM were swiftly moving to claim this as another incorrect assumption that the UN was not seeking NZ to look at any war crimes over the Hit & Run War Crime Allegations

    The bloody lying toads the Media and Joyce the puppet master for NatZ are.

  17. Helena says:

    With a smile of course they will investigate. First things first: appoint a committee which of course needs a sub-committee then clearly a special investigator needed who, after some time, needs a short delay due to family woes…etc…who then after some procrastination steps down so matter must go back to committee which must of necessity refer it back to the sub-committee which by that time cannot meet its obligation due to the fact that New Zealanders have woken up and kicked English over the goalpost. Hooray.
    Thought this so appropriate: