Motel bill blows out as Nats fail to deliver emergency housing – Labour Party


Minister Amy Adams has admitted at select committee that National has now spent $22m on putting homeless families in motels as it fails to deliver the emergency housing places it promised, says Labour Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

“In just seven months, National has spent $22m on putting homeless families in motels. That compares to a budget of just $2m a year. It means around 500 families a night are being put up in motels.

“National is blowing the budget on motels because it has failed to deliver the emergency housing it promised. Just 188 more emergency housing places have been found in the past year; National promised 1,400 additional places.

“National’s housing debacle is hurting families. Families are living in motels, cars, garages, and filthy boarding houses because the emergency housing they were promised hasn’t been delivered by this bungling government.

“National helped create the homelessness crisis by selling off state houses. Now, it’s failing to fix it. Labour’s fresh approach will build thousands of state houses so that our families can get the decent, safe housing they deserve,” says Phil Twyford.


  1. Seriously BAD management by the NATS – labour needs to really RAISE awareness of the many badly managed depts within the government – plenty to choose from.

  2. Yes Phil,

    Nactional is on a road to ruin as the wheels fall off the immigration welcome wagon so we need to have all the Nactional MP’s stump up and pay from their pockets to pay for the accommodation shortfall.

  3. A basic societal need and birth right is shelter ,sustenance, access to medical services and the pursuit of happiness. However, these bottom line corner stones are not available to all New Zealanders, the government’s recent concerns and apparent action relating to the housing shortage is far to late to be considered genuine. I believe if there wasn’t an election looming the government would not overly care about the housing shortages,as the housing problem has been with us for many years with only begrudging interventions when nagged to by NGOs .
    Where I resided there are approximately three thousand unoccupied or occasionally occupied homes,but being holiday homes of the more fortunate members of society, the homes are not for rent.
    I find New Zealand and New Zealanders can be quite cruel and selfish,there seems to be a belief that the less fortunates are the architects of their own disposition and to intervene would be of little use as the poor are poor because they choose to be so, it is the natural order of a community. Some sort of arrogant Darwinian survival of the fittest philosophy.
    For goodness sake, have a heart and make it right.

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