Invite to "Victory Party" for Corbyn-led Labour in UK election


Hi All,

The crew at Unite Union are organising a victory party for the UK election from 2pm (or earlier) when official results will start coming in.

Myself, Joe Carolan and two Unite Union McDonald’s delegates from Unite NZ met many MP’s sponsored by Unite the Union and the Bakers Union in the UK parliament when we visited last year. They were very keen to hear about our victory over zero-hour contracts and how we organise – including the right of access. Both issues are part of the Labour party manifesto.

The future Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell and myself spoke at a seminar on organising the unorganised in the UK which can be viewed here.


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If you listen to this speech you can see why they UK establishment is in a panic over the surge in support for Labour from 28 to 38% in the polls over just the last few weeks.
Discuss the importance of this election over a few drinks. Celebrate the rise of a radical force for social change in the interests of working people in the UK. That is a victory worth celebrating.
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Joe Carolan (Unite NZ) and John McDonnell future UK Chancellor of the Exchequer
WHAT: UK election results
WHEN: 2pm
WHERE: Unite Union HQ, 6a Western Springs Rd, Morningside, Auckland


  1. At the time of posting this, it’s looking better all the time for Corbyn’s Labour party 🙂 I’m hoping like hell, he’s able to form the next UK government. Now that would be a right poke in the eye and kick in the arse for the Tories.

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