Why I will never call John Key Sir. Ever



The Herald is reporting that John Key will receive a knighthood this weekend..

…how disgusting.

I will never, ever call John Key Sir for these reasons…

  • Key’s policies saw 300 000 kids in poverty.
  • Key’s leadership saw us back involved in the Iraq war.
  • Key’s argued to hand over our political and economic sovereignty with the TPPA.
  • Key’s policies saw 41 000 homeless.
  • Key’s policies saw 560 suicides per year.
  • Key’s policies saw mass migration scams.
  • Key’s leadership saw Helen Kelly live out the rest of her life as a criminal because he refused to move on medical cannabis.
  • Key’s policies saw NZers living in cars.
  • Key’s policies saw tens of thousands thrown off welfare with no where to go.
  • Key’s policies saw one of the worst housing bubbles in NZs history.
  • Key’s policies has seen housing affordability crumble.
  • Key’s policies saw state assets sold off to fund irrigation infrastructure.
  • Key’s policies saw huge increases in state spying powers.
  • Key’s policies saw nothing for stopping climate change.
  • Key’s policies saw 10 000 in prison and the vast expansion of our private prison industry.
  • Key’s had a dirty ops campaign run out of his office.
  • Key’s saw his office collude with the SIS to frame Phil Goff in the 2011 election.
  • Key’s leadership oversaw the SAS strike that killed and injured 21 Afghan civilians.
  • Key’s policies saw the killing off of public broadcasting and attacking investigative journalists.
  • Key’s Government passed laws removing the rights of prisoners to vote and stole democratic process from water management at ECan.
  • Key’s policies saw more rivers polluted and water stolen for his Dairy Industry mates.
  • He repeatedly touched a waitress at her place of work and only stopped after she had the courage to stand up and denounce him.

This vacant optimism merchant banker whose laid back persona struck a chord with middle NZs anti-intellectualism made this country far worse for the poorest and most vulnerable amongst us.

I will never, ever call this smug prick Sir.

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  1. A knighthood for treason. A knighthood for the PM who tried to interfere with NZ’s sovereignty by initiating a change of flag, costing the country tens of thousands of dollars. His pet vanity project failed and he was allowed to walk away from his treachery!

    How low we have sunk when this traitor is honoured by the very country he sold off and betrayed!

    BTW I was of the opinion, to receive a knighthood, a PM has to serve out three terms in the position. So why is Key receiving the honour, when he didn’t fully complete the three terms?

    • Treason, that may be a little “harsh”, but for the rest I agree, a knighthood means nothing to an honest, upright and ordinary citizen, it is these days only given to the mercenaries, the servants and apologists that serve the status quo, the de facto corrupt system we have, and thus has no merit at all in my view.

      Those few among the recipients that may be deserving of some respect, they tend to be abused and used as a fig leaf for this rotten state and society we now have after decades of corrupting neoliberalism. I feel sorry for those that take this charade serious.

      Screw the “knighthood” – more like little hooded devils scheming in the dark, the ones like Key et al.

  2. There are more worthy NZers who deserve knighthoods and recognition for their work on behalf of NZers. I am referring to those who do voluntary work and have not been paid handsome pay packets along with perks of the job that politicians have enjoyed over the past so many years.
    John Key hates NZ and NZeers. In fact he even expressed his dislike of NZers who protested against the TPPA early last year by referring to them as ‘rent a protestor/mob’. To me that showed how shallow and remorseless he is in his actions, words and deeds.
    And so to whomever decides to give Key a knighthood certainly is an insult to ALL NZers who have suffered badly in the almost 8 1/2 years there has been a National government.
    I am firmly of the opinion that former politicians whether they have been employed in local or central government should never ever be given knighthoods. Many of them just don’t deserve knighthoods. They do not merit knighthoods as all they have done is milk the system(NZ taxpayers)for all that they can get out of people for personal gain.

  3. Of course he will get a K – it’s been transparently clear for the last few years that this was his plan all along (why else would he have brought back royal honours?), to be added to his ego boosting CV, like staying with the queen, playing golf with Obama etc. He will also have been very well aware of the extra kudos that will come from being ‘Sir John’ when he’s back in the international business arena.

    He was always in this for his own ego, not because he had a ‘calling’ to be a politician. Because of that it was also clear that he would resign at the end of 2016, in time to be recognised in the 2017 QB honours. He couldn’t risk waiting any longer, as the possibility of a change of government could jeopardise his chances of getting the knighthood. They don’t come much more shallow. But then again, that’s not a new realisation, is it?

    • True Alan it does show that key was only all about himself only and not interested in saving his country.

      Key said he will depart when we all become “Tements in our own land” and yes he did know his time was up when most poor were thrown out of state housing and now live in cars and sheds.

      We were all duped again by this villain.

    • Yes, I think he reinstated the traditional “honours” with the title “Sir” and “Dame”, which ‘Aunti Helen’ did away with, also for himself to enjoy that privilege one day.

      So he can pretend to feel “humbled”, but continue his arrogant self service and ride the wave of opportunism his government expanded on, until he finally retires in sunny Hawaii.

        • He felt “humbled” for the blind trust his charmed and misled voters placed in him. If he was more blunt, he would laughed about the idiots, but maybe his conscience will catch up with him after all, feeling guilt, endless guilt, at the audacity of how he did it all.

  4. Well said. This man was a disaster for NZ and a sexist creep as well. We all know the honours system is a farce but this just further discredits it.

  5. Sounds like the ideal candidate for a knighthood, being self-serving and intentionally ineffective.Just the virtues a large section of New Zealanders admirer.

    • Now there are no sense of any honor among thieves after this day when a lying pony tail pulling Shoney currency trader ex-politician get a phony knighthood.

      • Noooooooooo… ( tch. )
        Not that kind of ‘fuck’. Not the good kind.

        All greed, no class, no style. All tinsel and twinkle. I literally haven’t watched conventional TV for one calendar year until last night in a motel unit in Alexandra. I was transfixed by the greedy, ghastly business of delivering mindlessness to the masses. There they were. Mr and Ms PinkNclean smiling, wearing things, eating things, driving things….. saving money , spending less , getting more …. we’ve become a blight on earth. Two films can be shown to detail the entire human race and our evolution to this point. Big, bloated, worthless creatures who breed and devour.
        ” The Matrix” and ” Idiocracy” sum it all up nicely.

        Sir John Key is a perfect moniker for the modern prime minister. He’s a worthless little windbag but he has the collective ‘your’ attention, is that not correct?
        He has your vote and your future in the palm of his pansy little hands and he knows you know and he also knows that you know you’re powerless to do anything about it.
        In a nut shell. It’s our fault that this laughable thing has transpired. Not Yankee Doodle Psycho Jonky-Stiens. He’s just a little cog in a big machine and the only ones who can stop the unstoppable is us. And if we fail to act? Who then is to blame?

        • You do have to wonder about the Queen though eh @Countryboy.
          I mean as far as I know she’s not yet lost her marbles….but then you have to wonder who the fuck is in the royal household these days giving her advice.
          We should probably send her a pair of fucking ugg boots for her to wear at the next frigid winter at Balmoral what? As well as some serious feshun advoice – probably either from Mex or Stiffy or maybe even someone well versed in pulling up ladders.
          Not that I ever approved of it, but you seriously have to wonder whether they’re TRYING to kill off the last remnants of the Britis Empire. If not, then basically they’re actually as thick as two planks. Maybe they always were.
          Oh Madge! How can 50 years have become so bloody cruel? – and not even a Philip quip to save you. There goes every pastel shade in the rainbow mixed and matched with the most serious fashion designs – and all you can come up with these days is an approval of the recommendation to KNIGHT ffs John Key.

          JK got one thing right though, and that was his deference to his Lady woif. She deserves the honour if only she’s had to suffer him for so long. But then I’m surprised she hasn’t advoised him thus far thet the syllabic esses and the fucking smirk are a dead give away.
          I can’t explain why Madge and her advisors didn’t pick it up.

          No ….. there’s not a lot that can be said, other than “Ew”

  6. This knighthood has been bought not earnt.

    I doubt they will be many rejoicing or at all surprised at this appointment.

    I feel just a little less proud of my country and its leadership that it would bestow an honor on someone who is a deplorable human being whose only purpose was to stroke his own ego and enrich his friends and supporters and did nothing worthwhile that will ever be remembered or made a real difference.

    A title that rewards spectacular failure…the system is rotten.

  7. If we had them here, Bookmakers would have been offering very short odds on it.
    I would happily call him “sir”.
    “Sir Oinksalot”.

  8. Sir Judas Key,
    Working for this country he claimed!
    Yeah Right!
    Why not hold him responsible for all the losses & debt-liable as he was exposed as a banker-double agent that sold us all out. USA proxy Muppet clearly a traitor of his people. For Kiwis he could be the costliest parasite in NZ history?
    What about the Billions NZ lost to him his cronies?
    While he worked for corporate bosses specialising evading Taxes losing kiwis Billions while leaving them in debt carrying the cost. While he escapes with our countries wealth to his Tax Haven.
    Knighted for what?-Treachery & Treason?
    Government of Pirates,
    Government for the pirates & Government by the Pirates-scuttlers operating in jurisdiction of the high season – but- on dry land

    • 100% Richard.

      It was all smoke & mirrors he played on us all.

      Like when Key colluded with NY’s top currency raider Alex Kreger in 1987 to bankrupt the NZ Labour Gov’t economy then.

      Later again Key made $40m shuffling money during his time at Merrill Lynch assisting a US company to buy the NZ Rail system in 1993.

      He was the biggest hoax in NZ history.

      Did he take all his phoney flags with him too?


      • Whole heartily agree, Key ripped his country off as a trader and sat on his hands for 8 years while failed politicians governed the country into huge debt.

  9. Knighthoods mean nothing, always who you knew, played rugby for and a monumentally outmoded title for the self indulged.

    I’ve said it many a time but it is an excellent marker for the terminally loathsome and with Key on board the truly untrustworthy. A rogues gallery!

    • Spot on.

      And Thatcher got a statue as well.

      If there ever was a bright idea for one for Key,then under todays political
      climate I would consider it fair game.

  10. This has done more to strengthen the republican movement in this country than any other single act.

    While many may deserve recognition for selfless service of their fellow man, that plonker Key nowhere fits the criteria!

    Labour was right to do away with this archaic tradition!

    • Why don’t you get rid of the insults about your namesake.
      That sad episode was many years ago now. He pleaded guilty, accepted his sentence and regardless of your opinion is the top sports broadcaster in the country.
      Or do you feel that anyone who has ever done wrong in their lives must be made to carry the shame for the rest of their lives – that ex prisoners should have “EX Con” signs around their necks for ever.
      I recall some bloke saying something like “let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
      Guess that’s you.
      Smell the roses and shorten your title.

      • Why the hell should I?

        I originally posted as just my name – and was immediately mistaken for that prick who did kick his girlfriend etc!

        Respond to the points I made – that giving Key and his like honours for doing his best to make this country fit for the rich does not deserve any honours!

        And he still remains a second or third rate broadcaster!

        • That’s fine.
          Just a suggestion as I don’t believe that anyone should carry a label for life.
          You obviously do.
          How sad.

      • @ Patrick. Tony Veitch is the top sports broadcaster in the country? Really??!! Next you’ll be trying to tell us Mike Hosking is NZ’s top current affairs broadcaster and Brian Tamaki in NZ’s top “Bishop” lol!

        Seriously mate, you should be writing satire – you’d be wonderful at it.

        • Simonm,
          I am entitled to my opinion. Listened to him and his guests yesterday and was thoroughly entertained.
          Who would you rate as the best sports commentator and would you also agree that Tony Vieitch should be labelled for life or do you have a more forgiving nature?

  11. The ‘honours’ system has been devalued even further.
    Talley was an awful decision; this is worse.
    Do they know the meaning of honour?
    I cannot think of someone less honourable.

  12. I think someones taking the piss. It must be April 1st. John Key and Julie Christie.Time for the vomit bucket!

    • Yes Bert, Julie Christie, she who was involved in taking a good honest TV programme in the form of Campbell Live off air on TV3, because host John Campbell spoke up and spoke the truth, championing ordinary Kiwis.

      What was it Key said at the time, referring to Campbell “… get rid of that left wing bastard.” And Christie obliged, under the dubious guidance of Key former financial crony Mark Weldon in having Campbell removed!

      If this is what the NZ honours system has come down to, then stuff it where the sun don’t shine!

    • Kim it certainly dilutes Graeme Dingles well deserved title, a title he claimed by way of…

      “It’s for his decades of work with youth, getting them into the outdoors to build their confidence.’

      “DECADES”, compare that to 8 years of Keys destruction and he’s awarded a Knighthood, yes the whole system is a joke.

  13. See the nice car he got he should donate it a few of the people he made homeless could sleep in it…

  14. what we tend to for get was john key was shoulder tapped by a certain group of business men to enter nz politics and for them he has performed admirably and my guess is the knight hood is just the tip of the iceburg of rewards he has/will receive for services rendered. So for the few he wholly deserves said knight hood, for the rest of us F%#k the C%*T.

  15. John Key is our Donald Trump. Both capitalists who have rorted the system. Both pandering to the masses with their brand of anti-politician, so-called anti-esrtablishment populism.

    Those who support Trump and revile Key should take a moment to reassess their belief systems.

  16. ………. so it’s agreed generally then huh?:

    You have to wonder why Madge (given that she’s not/or wasn’t stupid) appears not to know what a complete fucking philistine this guy is – maybe that’s why the image of her at Balmoral (or wherever it was) in clashing tartan, and wearing what might have been carpet slippers.
    When I saw it, I wondered if it was genuine or a spoof a la the Royle Family.
    The trouble is, they’re actually serious!
    There’s a Joolie Krusty in there as well – so they are fucking serious!!!. A queen in her own Right (at least in her own mind, and in the minds of those that have made the rekmendayshuns).
    I really hope the detail is recorded to such a level (I mean how and who came to put these Ummm….. people forward – because I’m sure both Madge and Phil might eventually be interested to know – or maybe they’re now just tired and have given up caring and couldn’t give a fuck)
    (Are they TRYING to commit chop suey – Hong Kong et al. I mean I know there’s probably the collective guilt with all that surrounds the Britis Empire – from that Jewel in the Crown – Kolkata, Amritsar etc; to an Africa (Oh, how we had such good times in Kenya); to the Pacific’s most subservient).

    Oh! Dear Dear Madge – you really, really, really are slumming it these days.
    No doubt ‘Phil’ would have something appropriate to say if you could let him near a microphone, and mumsy is busy rolling in her grave.
    What is it?
    It’s either the early stages of dementia, with a side salad of those young guns Willy and Harry, or some serious bad advice from the colonies

    The old saying – the harder they rise ……..

    I hope I can hang on to watch it, and I won’t forget to piss on your graves

  17. Whatever one thinks of Key, he was just a public servant doing a job. I don’t see this as a valid reason for a Knighthood, anymore than my plumber should get a knighthood for unplugging my drains

    • ” he was just a public servant doing a job”

      Then, like most other public servants, he can do without the recognition.

      Place him among the compliant at WINZ, the pen counters at Health, the lofty airheads at Treasury, and add him to The List because ‘they’re just following orders’ so –

      they’d none of them be missed. (The Mikado)

      (Those with souls and brains that they use in true service are excluded and deserve the gratitude and thanks of the public.)

  18. Could someone please make a coat of arms for Sir John.
    It could include some of the following elements:
    A ponytail
    A white fern
    A threeway handshake
    A queue of people
    A polluted river
    and a masonic eye

  19. I’m trying hard to think what exactly Key has done , in such a small space of time, that he has already been paid to do and that involves the giving of his time and money, that warrants a knighthood?

    Answer: nothing

    • He has actually done plenty.
      He has turned the NZ knowledge economy into the NZ ignorance economy.
      He has turned dirty politics into “business as usual”
      He has also made it OK to tell lies.
      Quite an achievement I reckon.

    • He did increased the national debt from 18 billion to 92 ish billion, that’s certainly a notable achievement even for a financial wizard as John Key has been proclaimed.
      Wouldn’t give him my Kiwi saver to invest, bloody useless .

  20. So what did John Key actually do, to deserve a Knighthood?

    I defy anyone to name just one achievement.

  21. After watching Key and his nauseating behaviour on One National party news tonight at his knighthood it makes me relieved that he has resigned.

    In the real life and challenges of New Zealanders to survive it means absolutely nothing at all.

    Key could have been worthy and earnt real respect but chose a different path.

  22. Start a campaign to have his knighthood denounced based on his disgraceful conduct. It won’t stop it being awarded, but it will spoil the Hawaiian Snake Charmers day in the sun.

  23. Since the money-lender-industrial-exploitation empire is founded on corruption, lies and exploitation, it naturally follows that the empire rewards and honours those who are corrupt, who lie and who exploit.

    As George Carlin put it, it’s a big club, and we’re not in it.

    Disengagement and contempt are the only rational responses.

  24. A knighthood for destroying NZ? He obviously bought it. I always knew the little fascist creep brought back the ‘honours’ list for the sole purpose of getting a knighthood. It makes me feel like vomiting.

  25. We’re all good people but complainings not gonna change anything. Complaints and protest are just negative things, let’s actually DO something?

    You guys seem pretty smart, how can we CHANGE this corrupt system..?

    Politics aren’t my strength, my interests are conservation alternative energy etc, and I am DOING positive things.

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