Political Caption Competition



  1. Needed a job
    Earn a few bob

    Enough to nourish
    Sign with flourish

    Clap my hands
    Hear the bands

    It is so hard
    Be immortalised by Bard

    Back to Golf estates
    When I pay the rates

    Not yet six feet under
    Ride in Golf trundler

    Need to cut the lawn
    Landscape is forlorn

    Fees are too high
    People pass by

    Shortage of water soon
    According to the moon

    Pittsburgh voted for Hillary
    Though tried my best to pillory

    Got there in the end
    Though wires did bend

    Make Golf Great Again
    Not yet will I be slain

    Orange and red
    Even in bed

    Will keep my cap
    Until I get the rap

  2. Leader of the Free World

    Air Force 1
    Take it for a run

    Sold Saudis arms
    Did not grease palms

    Promised to settle
    Israeli / Palestinian battle

    Checked hole in Wall
    Did not hear any Wail

    Others walked in Sicily
    Golf cart carries gently

    Pushed to front through jam
    Must be known who I am

    Wrestled Macron to the floor
    He’s barely in the door

    Lives in Palace splendour
    Needs Trump Tower tour

    Pulled US from Agreement
    Without any lament

    US will go it alone
    Won’t throw any bone

    We’re alright mate
    We know how to hate

  3. I don’t see Kathy Griffin’s photo up there,
    Steve Cuckber said that President Trump was Putin’s Cock Holster,
    if that’s not love then again your Hypocrisy is slipping again

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