Meet your Award winning news site NZ


If you needed another example (other than Duncan Garner winning best columnist ffs) as to why Canon Media Awards are meaningless, here’s your best news site…

…and they have the audacity to whine about fake news clickbait.


  1. Hollow media is what it should be called.

    Never should our once proud NZ news be handled by these corrupt Corporate lapdogs Maryn.

    We need the half TVNZ/RNZ owed us of the public owned media so we again can have a free press for us half of the NZ voter, and not count on corporate news.

  2. You’re gonna be sorry, Martyn, when the armada floats into sight and you haven’t warned us in advance about aliens and UFOs. Supposed to happen sometime this year. Bringing the new Messiah, don’t you know.

  3. Sometimes there is useful stuff on Newshub, I would not write it off totally. It is simply heading into the same direction as most MSM are, whether on their website, in print, or via the airwaves and telly.

  4. Interestingly , they have Tova Obrien based in London and yet not a single story as one of the most absorbing election campaigns in the history of politics anywhere in the world unfolds.
    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn against all odds has taken Labour from 27% in the polls to 40% in the polls in just three and a half weeks to have them neck and neck with the Tories.
    Now that is a phenomenal story in anyone’s books and yet what do we get..?…nada, absoluta da nada…their silence, and TV1 as well , tells you everything you need to know about the sinister control of messaging in New zealand

    • Maybe Tova already knows the result, and think it is a waste of time reporting on the election campaign? She has “contacts” to UK MSM and pollies, I guess, so the election seems to be planned behind the scenes, so “nothing goes wrong” for the establishment and the status quo.

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