Imagine if we had Journalists in NZ who had the courage and ability to do this



The manner in which Jeremy Paxman was able to dissect and dismantle the hubris and sophistry of Teresa May is extraordinary. He didn’t let up on Corbyn once, and Corbyn graciously withstood that.

Imagine if NZ had a broadcaster with the talent and ability to do this. Imagine if the political lies could be shown up for what they are. Imagine the kind of media landscape and deeper debate we could have if we did.

Instead we have this…


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…and fucking this….


  1. Depressing, isn’t it? Muppets, the lot of them.
    They will take the 30 pieces of silver.
    You forgot to add Susie Ferguson and Guyon Espiner.
    Our owners need more nuanced pro-establishment puppets to tell the neoliberal lie.

  2. Sad but true. Like the NZ train system – we had it once…then it was killed of by the Politicans, for the benefit of themselves.

  3. I wonder where “we” are going to end up? Imagine…

    When civil order collapses (and it will) take down as many of them as you can 🙂

  4. Pathetic journalism here. Our news is truly a muppet show and nothing is taken seriously u only have to look at the project. We need to get some proper independent journos that are not influenced by the current govt.

  5. Jeremy Corbyn’s interview was a lot harsher with the constant interruptions and Paxman talking over the top of him as he was attempting to answer the questions being put to him.

    Theresa May had a much easier ride.

    Shaun Terema had a firm approach when interviewing politicians from the left or right and was consistent in every interview with getting answers to the questions put.

    Shaun like Campbell was forced out and we lost another professional interviewer who just wanted to get to the facts and truth for the viewing audience.

  6. That’s why I’ve given up on this country of NZ. Defeatest i know but I’ve run out of gas.

    That’s how they do it! They ignore you as if you don’t exist until you don’t!
    They only will do National’s BS! 🙁 Profoundly depressing shithole this country continues to be run by greedy heartless bastards.

    • Then go somewhere else.
      Nobody is stopping you from going to a better place.
      Only an idiot would stays in a shit hole.

      • This person already has, Patrick;

        Aroha of McGehan Close flees NZ

        Once she was the poster girl of John Key’s rise to power. Now, the girl from McGehan Close says she would never vote for National and has no plans to return home from Australia.

        As a young woman in Auckland, she says, there were no houses, no jobs, no hope: “There was nothing left in New Zealand.”

        In 2007 Aroha Ireland, then aged 12, had become the face of what John Key, leader of the Opposition at the time, called New Zealand’s underclass.

        Key had labelled her community in Mt Albert’s McGehan Close a “dead end” and “the nation’s street of hopelessness” created by the Labour government.

        He has now had six years to turn things around, but Aroha is not convinced. She has no plans to come back to New Zealand, where she could find only part-time work on the minimum wage in a fast-food restaurant.


        “The last time I spoke to him was when he took me to Waitangi Day. After that I have never heard from him again. I absolutely believe that I was used as a publicity stunt,” she says. “I wouldn’t vote for National.”


        Once the economy picks up again in Australia, you can expect migration to reverse.

        By the way Patrick, should we get a Labour-Green government and you start complaining, we’ll invite you to follow Jay1.

  7. NZ journalism, too much Muppet’s Show. Last night TV1 ran as top story an anti alcohol crusade based on Victoria Uni students having partied to the excess. The other day it was a crash by racing driver Scott Dixon, both channels.

    Tonight on One it was a fire at a rubbish dump in West Auckland.

    Do you expect any quality from these muppets we have?

  8. Some may criticise the BBC, some may have a point at times, but it is still a good broadcaster overall. By the way, there are many states in Europe, on the Continent, who have robust public broadcasting services, either fee or tax funded, and Germany has also a very good one, Fox News would not have a shit show there.

    NZ is one of a few countries that long ago threw out the baby with the bathwater and bathtub, giving it all away, allowing market forces to rule the media.

    Only a fig leaf remains here, that is RNZ, a very small and humble remnant of public broadcasting.

    This interview is just proof of what we could enjoy, had the NZers not been fools thinking, they’d save money and still get something better by voting for governments that destroyed our public broadcasting.

  9. Its all about the ideologies running the broadcaster’s management. Shock jocks pose as journalists because the management think thats what the audience want. That mindset is driven by ratings and the desire to please the advertisers. The whole thing is teetering on the edge of collapse because of the internet and audiences are dwindling for fixed time broadcasting. The alternative media is still alternative and its audience is scattered. And anything regarded as intelligent, intellectual or requiring more than three minutes of attention span is anathema to the mainstream broadcasters creaming it on their $100K salaries plus. So neoliberal ideology dominates by stealth, default, saturation, persistence and outright corruption, but most of all by colonisation of the psyche of the middle ground voter, whoever they are. I suspect they are the ones who either don’t vote or vote because they like barbecues or vote for self interest or vote the way their parents voted or vote the way Mike Hosking, Duncan Garner, Leighton Smith or Paul Henry told them to.

  10. We do have great journalists, just no longer on TV
    Kim Hill
    John Campbell
    Wallace Chapman
    These are the people who should be doing in depth interviews with the politicians prior to the election on TV which is what most people do, they don’t listen to RNZ.

    I do not watch any of those cretins that you have photos of up there. They are all about their own egos.

    • Really? And these three are ego free? I’d suggest they have egos as large as Hosking’s.

  11. Paxman’s horrible. He used to be amazing, clamping down on weaseling politicians trying to tell the public lies. Now he only harangues his guests with no useful information coming from it.

    Yet… goddamn it, he’s still better than what we have in New Zealand.

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