The 7 surreal moments from Trumps Saudi Arabia visit

By   /   May 23, 2017  /   7 Comments

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It is almost impossible to keep up with the madness of Trump over the last 2 weeks, but his trip to Saudi Arabia has to be the most fucking surreal thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

It is almost impossible to keep up with the madness of Trump over the last 2 weeks, but his trip to Saudi Arabia has to be the most fucking surreal thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.


7: Let’s start with the utter mayhem Trump left behind in America when he went to Saudi Arabia

  • Fired FBI director James Comey
  • Admitted Obstruction on TV
  • Welcomed Russians into Oval Office
  • Gave Russians intelligence during Oval Office meeting
  • Asked Comey to stop investigation into Russianconnections
  • Trump knew Flynn was under investigation but still hired him
  • Tape of Paul Ryan admitting that ‘Putin pays Trump’

Has any President in America’s history had more reasons to flee his own country?


6: The sword dance

After Trump’s screaming hatred of radical Muslim’s which he used to terrify his supporters, here he is dancing with radical Muslim’s…


5: The soul sucking globe

After denying Radical Muslim’s entry into his country, here he is appeasing Radical Muslim’s with a weird soul sucking globe photo that manages to look deeply sinister and madly comical at the same time.


4: Trumps weird bowing down for a medal thing


No image manages to sum up the total subservience to Saudi Arabia quite like this weird one.


3: Sexism beyond imagining

In a country with a human rights record as horrific as Saudi Arabia where women are treated like 3rd class citizens, watching Trumps daughter mix and mingle with true misogynists like this when their own women aren’t even allowed to drive fucking cars is as surreal as it gets.



2: Hey have we got enough of you guys to play a mock 9/11 game on Air Force One?

Nothing more needs to be said about that image.


1: Signing $110billion in a weapons contract to a country that does more to spread radical Muslim terrorism than any other country.

Where the Christ does Trump get off attacking radical Muslim’s in the election, attempting to ban them from his country and then signing a $110 billion dollar weapons contract with the country most responsible for funding Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, the terrorists behind the 9/11 attack and ISIS???



For me the most insightful thing we learned about Trump las week was that Trump’s National Security Team add Trump’s name to every intelligence briefing because they’ve noticed Trump will only read long things IF his name keeps appearing.

What the fuck have we gotten ourselves into with this narcissistic revenge fantasy fuckwit???

Trump is the perfect cultural manifestation of the worst elements of American selfishness and self aggrandisement – ignorant to the point of delusion and focused only upon their own childish wants and desires.

Trump is American privilege at its most toxic.

It is going to be a terribly damaging 4 years.

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  1. Samwise says:

    Trump condemns Iran, a nation with a nominal democracy, while cuddling up to the Saudis, a Wahhabism head-chopping monarchist is dictatorship.

    I look forward to how the trump brigade will try to excuse away his hypocrisy this time

  2. Sam Sam says:

    @SAMWISE. Ha ha ha. Even some one such as yourelf credits trump with far to much logic and skill. trump continues to be his administrations worst security leak. And just now, whistleblowers are dropping like flys

  3. Aaron says:

    Is that Sauron from Lord of the Rings in the photo you’ve got on the front page?

    At first I thought it was Gandalf but then I realised he lives in Matamata so it must be Sauron.

    Things are getting really messed up…

  4. Historian pete says:

    Why does this blog with 3 comments remain when the blog “Breaking:Sky news reporting 19 dead at Manchester Explosion ” and gaining 25 comments disappears to a blogsphere Siberia? Surely this is the main news at the moment? Given our alleged war crimes in the Afghanistan saga,N.Z. needs to consider the possibility of our own blowback?
    Why shouldn’t some outraged Islamic not seek revenge for what we have done to his Country? Surely this merits further discussion???!

  5. The United States and Britain are funding and arming Saudi Arabia knowing full well the bombs and guided munitions are being dropped on Yemeni hospitals, schools and homes.

    War crimes right there.

    This infuriates me to no end. Amnesty International have campaigned against it. Human Rights Watch often mention stuff about it.

    But the Government is like “so what? It’s not our problem”.

    Except that it is. The Government wants to do business with a despotic regime that has zero time for human rights and this what we get in return.

  6. Afewknowthetruth says:

    Life at the End of Empire, on the Planet of the Maniacs (well, the planet that is governed by maniacs).

    Expect the level of idiocy of so-called leaders to increase, as the empire falls apart, because it will.

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