Paula Bennett’s call to tip is National’s new plan to subcontract out lifting wages without raising minimum wage


When Paula is not destroying the lives of beneficiaries she’s trying to turn NZers attention away from the numerous fuck ups and under investment of the National Party by plunging the country into a bullshit discussion about tipping…

Deputy PM Paula Bennett calls for more tipping
Deputy PM Paula Bennett is calling for Kiwis to tip hospitality staff more often, in an effort to increase the quality of service.The hospitality industry agrees, and new eftpos machines which automatically ask customers if they want to add a gratuity are becoming more and more prevalent.Bennett, who is also the Tourism Minister, said Kiwi service was already good but she believed it was better in countries with a strong culture of tipping like the United States.

…Bennett’s call to tip is National’s new plan to subcontract out lifting wages without raising minimum wage!

These people wouldn’t need tips if they were paid meaningfully.

Obviously Paula Bennett has not read this…

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 Studies have shown that tipping is not an effective incentive for performance in servers. It also creates an environment in which people of color, young people, old people, women, and foreigners tend to get worse service than white males. In a tip-based system, nonwhite servers make less than their white peers for equal work. Consider also the power imbalance between tippers, who are typically male, and servers, 70 percent of whom are female, and consider that the restaurant industry generates five times the average number of sexual harassment claims per worker. And that in many instances employers have allegedly misused tip credits, which let owners pay servers less than minimum wage if tipping makes up the difference.
 …so let’s get this fucking straight. Bennett wants to champion a system that is racist, sexist, ageist and xenophobic?
She really is the Scum Queen isn’t she?


  1. Don’t believe in the tipping culture – I can occasionally tip but would hate to move to the US style fake system.

    I use to wait when I was a student and employers don’t necessarily pass on the tips – especially those made with credit cards!!!

    If I do tip, I always tip cash so that it’s more likely the server will get it.

  2. But isn’t NZ, as Paula herself has pointed out, already such an expensive place to visit that surely this would create an undue burden on overseas visitors. Based on Paula’s logic we should think about tipping nurses in hospital and teachers at schools, but that is probably only giving them ideas. The only “tip only” profession should be politics and see how many are attracted to that.

  3. Tipping is a system that really appeals to people with “Ruling Class” mentalities.It puts the worker into a medieval grovelling situation .In the U.S. waiters are paid the last time I heard $2.88 per hour and they have to make up the rest of their pay by tips. Which explains the look of desperation you see with many U.S. waiters.It is demeaning and disgusting.However, it is not surprising in a situation where along with the rest of the western world we can expect a long slow fall in our standard of living , until we get to a level comparable to the pre French Revolution , in 2030. It is in the D.N.A of capitalism.Then ,it will be Tumbrils to Go!

  4. FFS, I have met waiters and other hospitality staff working for the top luxury hotels in Auckland, they ALL tell me, that for most wages are CRAP (just above the minimum wage, say around 17 dollars per hour), that mostly only overseas students and new migrants work in these jobs, and that NOBODY, almost NOBODY, gives them tips, as that is considered to not be the usual way of paying in NZ Inc.!!! I met a very experience hospitality worker from overseas, who felt rather offended about the work offered, with poor conditions, low pay and NO tips, here in miserly NZ Inc..

    Paula Bennett is disgusting, in suggesting this, to change a system and practice, that basically rules out tipping, as even foreign travel guides tell travelers, it is not common to give tips in NZ.

    Read this:
    “New Zealand has been described as having a “true” merit-based tipping culture.
    It is generally uncommon for locals (resident Kiwis) to tip except for very exceptional service.

    It is not customary and not required, however, for exceptional service (particularly with Concierges or in restaurants and cafes) a tip is always appreciated. The amount is at the discretion of the tipper and would generally be in the range of 10% according to the value of the meal/services. Hospitality and service staff in New Zealand are often students or part-time workers and even professionals are not paid well comparative to other countries. Wait staff in cafes/restaurants etc do get paid a higher hourly rate than their North American counterparts.

    It may be appropriate to leave an envelope with the manager to be shared amongst the staff if it is too difficult to pick one individual!

    This would – if you really want to give a tip, probably be the best way to do things, as the locals do not tip, and most would prefer it was not adopted as a general custom – in New Zealand, you pay for the meal, you should not have to pay the staff as well!”

    Also this:

    “First rule of tipping in New Zealand

    Tipping is not customary. You get a taxi into town, finish a meal at a restaurant, or get a haircut: you do not have to give a tip. The lady or gentleman who provided the service is not expecting it from you.

    People in New Zealand on a working holiday visa who find themselves in hospitality jobs should not rely on tipping to add to their wage. You will get a good wage to start with, so you won’t need tips to live.”

    Bennett is a walking political time bomb, she got away with heaps under Key, how long will and can Bill English, another idiot, put up with such a liability?

    Ah, yeah, wait, he was not much better than Bennett, when Finance Minister:

    So, Ms Bennett, the Benefit Thief, have you talked to the industry and workers before making such stupid comments?

  5. Once again this Government want to make suckers out of New Zealanders. They are seeing this as a way for us, the suckers, to subsidise the NZ employer by the way of topping up the employee’s wages by tipping. If a NZ business owner cannot keep his business afloat and has to pay poor wages to his service workers to keep it viable, then that business should not be in operation.

    A good service worker, paid a decent living wage should not have to be grateful for tipping and a decent business would make sure his workers were paid a decent living wage.

    Tipping should not be happening here in NZ – Paula Benefit is a disgrace – god help us, where did she come from – she is a total embarrassment to us all – she needs to keep her bloody mouth shut.

  6. Bring back Crusher.
    Once the Bill and Bennett show lose the next election, I’m backing Crusher and Gerry for PM and DPM.
    You heard it here first.

  7. Correct thinking from Ms Bennett.

    If New Zealand adopts tipping and gratuities, then competitive wages can be paid to New Zealand workers. It is a win-win for the consumers and taxpayers.

    Consumers get better services and lowered wage costs in their goods and services. Taxpayers get a share of the tips and gratuities in the form of some sort of tax paid on this extra income. There would have to be checks and balances put into the system to make sure that these workers pay their fair share of taxes on this extra income, just like the other hard-working Kiwis and taxpayers.

    Win-win, as always with National and its coalition partners of ACT, United Future and The Maori Party.

      • Sam,

        Argumentum ad hominem is the last resort for people like you, who cannot argue good commonsense policies when you see them. I have made no mention of the size, of your private parts, nor your sexual inclination, nor is it any of my business to do so. I would much rather enlighten readers here, with good sound neoliberal monetary policy.

        I stand for getting the best deal for consumers and taxpayers, yes I will continue to point out good sound policies promoted by National and its coalition. I stand by Paula Bennett’s brave attempts to lift the wages of the disadvantaged, through tips and gratuities.

        I’m sure the PM and Minister of Finance agree with her views, as much as I do.

        • ” I would much rather enlighten readers here, with good sound neoliberal monetary policy. ”

          Erm ,…. there isn’t such a thing as ‘ good sound neo liberal monetary policy’ .

          Try good sound Keynesian economics instead , to which ‘ neo liberalism ‘ aka the supply and demand curve , is only but a small component thereof… and therefore morons like ‘ Paula Bennett’s brave attempts to lift the wages of the disadvantaged ‘ come unstuck as the realization is that it was neo liberalism that caused the ‘ wages of the disadvantaged ‘ in the first place.

          And it was done through lobbying by the Business Roundtable (now called the NZ Institute ) of the then National government to pass the Union bashing legislation called the Employment Contracts Act.

          Shove your neo liberalism and its treasonous globalist agenda hard up your arse , See More.

        • Honey please. Name dropping leaves stains on your face.

          So the first thing you need to go over is how tipping actually works. Its way for restaurants to make their food look cheaper than it really is, because instead of the real price, they can just mark everything down 15% and then add that back at the bill.

          It’s dishonest, but that’s the nature of business. Blame the laws that allow them to pay their employees below minimum wage so long as you think give out “Commission.” It might be “Rude” but it is definitely not illegal to charge below commission instead of below minimuim.

          Just avoid chain restaurants and you’ll probably avoid the “Autograt” charges. Not tipping will imply that you were very unhappy with your service.

          It doesn’t matter what world we are in its very easy to overthink things. The secrete is having confidence in what you do. With in the hospitality world respecting that mother nature is the artist and we are just cooks. Allow her to present herself. Why would you want to take something and turn it into something it is not? In hospitality you serve your food hot and quick and allow mother nature to do all the work, we are just cooks. When you accept that in life then your hospitality career changes because like artists, hospitality workers bring all there skills and knowledge and they feel they have to use it all andover think things. But when you look at the great chefs, the great artists where commission rates are possible. They make it look so simple.

          So, see more. What ever you want to do with hospitality don’t overthink it and let mother nature do all the work.

          • spoken like someone who has never worked in hospo, has absolutely no idea on how pricing of meals works, and how restaurants operate.

            which is how “sound neoliberal monetary policy” works.

            • ok then. You set the the food costs. What would you like to make it?

              All pantry hands say 20% because thats the standard taught in technichal collages across New Zealand so thats a pretty good place for an apprentice such as yourself to start.

              How you have linked all this woth monatary policy makes sense only in your mind

      • Tipping is Paula’s suggestion on behalf of National/UF/ACT/MP.

        We do live in a democracy. Anyone who claims that democracy is “nothing”, probably belongs in North Korea, or in Russia.

        Perhaps standing alone, promotes a sense of nothingness and anger at the world? Complex? I think not.

    • But DAVID…? Tipping was a custom developed to augment better returns to Black Slaves when it was considered not the done thing to outright pay an old nigger the same wage as a White Man.
      And you’re an MP being paid how much by us and what entitlements do you enjoy again? Oh dear. The wages of stupidity is… ? I can tell you ! It’s mocking !
      I bet you didn’t SEE-THAT coming. Ba hahaha aha a haha ahah ! The only gooder thing what can be said of you is that you make even the dumbest red neck Right Wing crypto fascist Nat/ACT/UF/Maori party tax bludger look positively moderate.

      Bahahahahahahahahaha haha a a !

      You and Paula should have babies! You could take turns poking them off the ceiling with a broom handle.

    • David See NO More enjoys the system of serfdom and subservient employment systems, as that is what he believes in, as the ACT members and supporters. You are expected to compete selling yourself, and by doing so lick the bum of your boss, to get “rewarded”. What a despicable character hides behind this pseudonym, I wonder, is it that up himself little prick that sits in Parliament, thanks to the Nats letting him have a self entitlement nurturing seat as MP?

  8. I’m thinking Bennets comment is just more verbal diarrhoea and has absolutely no investigation or even an iota thought behind it.

  9. Paula Bennett would have to leave a tip. Her and most of the national party ministers are cunts to deal with. Dismissive, arrogant, and just down right rude is how i would describe them.

  10. Paula Bennett.

    A thick oaf.

    Between her and the likes of Judith Collins, Jenny Shipley , and Ruth Richardson – they all cut a figure of dark comedic satire. Dark because of their vicious character traits and willingness to go down in history as malevolent societal destroyers , comedic because of they way they try to defend their blatant neo liberal perversions while thinking their doing a good job of concealment.

  11. Since been Deputy PM she has been an even bigger waste of the taxpayers money. The gleeful bouncy neatygirl, I don’t do interviews with anyone who will question me, Paula.

    This life long benny is now searching for relevance and this bullshit is the best she can do.

    She will be aware that some restaurants run by nice upper class white volk keep the tips themselves, they do not go to the underpaid overworked staff at all.

    What is it with her enthusiasm to embrace the fuck up that is the US? Had she been trailer trash there, like she was here, you know the kind she so ironically despises, there is no way this individual would be sucking off the public teat the way she is now!

  12. Begin with the National caucus please. Zero hour contracts, minimum wage and tips for good service.

    • Everyone ! – stop and read what this person has just offered !!!

      THIS ,… is the answer we have been all searching for !!!

      THIS , … is the panacea for the neo liberal disease !!!

      Even if we disregarded the tips and the zero hour contracts – give these politicians the MINIMUM WAGE – and watch them all scuttle quickly like maggots and beetles off into other lines of employment !!!

      THAT , … will sort out the ulterior motives and the subversives and the treasonous one world government operators among them.

      And the end result?,… The scum , and the dross , – would quickly be burnt off and purged , – and we would be left with only those with good intent and the mind and heart of the servant / leader.


    Of special interest is the graph, halfway down the page, comparing ‘minimum wage’ and ‘tipped minimum’.

    Not only does tipping undermine wage growth it directly encourages wage ‘shrinkage’.

    My other concern is the foreign workers in the food industry who are already vulnerable in a number of regards, the odds of them receiving the full value of their tips seems, in some cases, pretty darned remote.

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