Trump screams about Muslim radicals, then signs $110billion weapons deal with country most involved in spreading radical Islam

By   /   May 21, 2017  /   45 Comments

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The hypocrisy of blaming Islamic extremism when it’s American foreign policy that fuels most of that righteous grievance and then signing weapons deals with one of the main instigators of that extremism is beyond any sane persons ability to comprehend.

Yay, the sword dance with some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet! 

Wait until the mainstream media in America get hold of this video of Trump dancing with the sword wielding Islamic fanatics of Saudi Arabia…

…it is surreal that Trump has spent so much time screaming about Muslim fanatics and closing the border to them and here he is in one of the most repressive regimes on the face of the planet signing a weapons deal worth $110billion to a country that has done more to spread Islamic fundamentalism than almost any other regime.

Saudi Fucking Arabia, the country that holds the rest of the planet to ransom because of their oil supply and who persist on enforcing a medieval version of Islam upon everyone. One of the worst human rights abusers on Earth demands constant criticism, not constant reassurance. Saudi Arabia fund extremism and are behind most of the major Intelligence blowbacks of the last 30 years that saw the support of Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban and ISIS.

The hypocrisy of blaming Islamic extremism when it’s American foreign policy that fuels most of that righteous grievance and then signing weapons deals with one of the main instigators of that extremism is beyond any sane persons ability to comprehend.

Listening to Trump give a speech on tolerance after shutting the doors on Muslims is Orwellian. 

A plague on all their fucking houses.

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  1. David Stone says:

    The “muslim ban” has never been against the Saudis , or Qataris or lots of other Muslim countries has it !
    It’s the same countries that Obama identified as being a potential terrorist threat to US . Not because they are muslim countries but because they are countries with no stable or effective government , mostly because previous US administrations have destroyed their governments, and so they provide save havens for ISIS and al Qaeda. Hence there is the potential
    for these organisations to mount that kind of attack (some might think of it as retaliation) against the US.
    Though many reports esp on alternative news sites have circulated about ISIS and al Qaeda being armed and financed directly or indirectly from the US. And there is that secretly recorded interview at the UN between the “good” Syrian rebel leaders and Kerry where he makes it quite clear that US has been allowing ISIS a free hand in the hope they will topple Assad, there is a point I have been waiting vainly for someone to point out.
    During his election campaign Trump said many times he was going to mop up ISIS quickly, implying that he knew how.
    I’m quite sure that what he meant was that once he was ” in power ” he would direct US forces to deal with them, Knowing that up till then, consistent with the leaked recording above, that US had only been pretending to.
    Though the gullible western public has assumed ISIS had been targeted all along, the leaders of ISIS have known better. They have understood that removing Assad has been US priority and that they were on the same side, in the meantime anyway, and that they were circuitously receiving assistance from them. So if ISIS or al Qaeda were to mount attacks on US homeland as they have done in Europe they would be biting the hand that feeds them , and that’s why there haven’t yet been such attacks in US.Not because US security is better.
    So if Trump were to make the “war on terror” real and seriously start dealing with ISIS and al Qaeda instead of the Syrian government ,that dynamic is out the window and ISIS and al Qaeda can be expected to address US not only as an instinctive enemy but as a treacherous one as well.
    I think he had excellent reasons for his muslim ban that wasn’t.
    What he had yet to understand , though he’s getting the picture now, is that the president of the US doesn’t actually have any power.
    D J S

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      “Though many reports esp on alternative news sites have circulated about ISIS and al Qaeda being armed and financed directly or indirectly from the US. And there is that secretly recorded interview at the UN between the “good” Syrian rebel leaders and Kerry where he makes it quite clear that US has been allowing ISIS a free hand in the hope they will topple Assad, there is a point I have been waiting vainly for someone to point out.”

      What do you mean? The US allowing ISIS a “free hand”, in the hope they will topple Assad? Perhaps quote the reports more correctly in context:

      “At another point, Mr. Kerry spelled out in stark terms distinctions the United States was making between combatants, which have upset the Syrian opposition: The United States wants the rebels to help it fight the Islamic State and Al Qaeda because, as he put it, “both have basically declared war on us.” But Washington will not join the same rebels in fighting Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militia allied with Mr. Assad, even though the United States lists Hezbollah as a terrorist group like the others.”

      As for the rebel groups, such as the Al Qaeda linked group(s), they manage to get their weapons through other channels, and while the US may supply Turkey, the Saudis and so with weapons, that is where they may pass on some of those to certain groups, or let things slip through on the black market.

      I doubt though the US does sell weapons to the Saudis and condones these to be sold or given to ISIS or former Nusra Front. Just read the comments that John Kerry allegedly made at that New York meeting you refer to. Even Trump would not condone it, and what may rather happen is that ISIS and some other groups manage to get weapons through other groups they at times have alliances with, or they obtain weapons off through conquest, seizures and so.

      That is alleged to have happened where JFS (formerly Nusra) got some TOW missile launchers and so from the FSA, with whom they had temporarily formed alliances.

    • Samwise says:

      The Muslim ban was never against Muslim nations? Crap!

      All 7 nations were Muslim, but Christians from those countries were exempt.

      Cut the crap, David and stop being an apologist for trump. It makes you look pathetic.

  2. Red Buzzard says:

    ‘Appeasing the Saudis’

    “The destinations on Donald Trump’s first official foreign trip include Saudi Arabia and Israel. On the campaign trail, he was highly critical of Washington’s military adventurism in the Middle East. Now it appears he is saying quite the opposite. Be prepared for wars Trump once condemned.

    CrossTalking with Riaz Karim, Mahan Abedin and Mohammad Marandi.”

  3. The same Saudi regime that thinks it is okay to bomb schools, hospitals and homes in Yemen and say that it is all part of stopping the Houthi rebels.

    • garibaldi says:

      USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia …… the axis of evil.

      • Quite possible, Garibaldi.

        Especially as the sarin gas attack on Khan Shaykhun may not have been carried out by Assad’s forces (as much as Amnesty International has documented mass-killings in Assad’s prisons), and Saudi Arabia may also have had access to sarin gas.

        See my report here: – note under section headed, “If not Assad, who?”.

        The US was quick to point the finger at Assad – without any formal independent investigation whatsoever. And the US certainly was not unduly taxed by Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons against the village of Halabja in 1988, nor against Iranian forces, during the Iraq-Iran War. Selective morality, to put it mildly.

        • David Stone says:

          The story about mass killings came up months ago Frank. It was based on the report of one temporary inmate and the noises he heard at night, and other reports from people who were never there. Google it a bit and get some alternative reports. It is far far from being a “documented report” it is speculation at best.
          D J S

        • jax says:

          The irony of course is that the chemical weapons that Saddam used against Iran were provided by the US.

  4. Mike in Auckland says:

    I hear that Saudi Arabia has tied strong ties with Donald Trump and the White House. A Minaret will be built as part of a new mosque behind the White House gardens, and there are rumours Trump has changed his faith and joined the Muslim Faith. He has asked God for forgiveness, he has been won over by King Salman. From tomorrow Ivanka will wear a hijab.

    Allah u Akhbar, let Allah be Great.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Not ‘Ivanka’ will wear a hijab, she converted to Judaism, Melania will wear one.

  5. Mike in Auckland says:

    Abu Trump and his loyal, friendly Beduine tribal dancers. Will Melania wear a burka soon? The things you do for money, Mammon gets another sacrifice in the temple.

  6. Lois Griffiths says:

    Robert Fisk points out:
    The Sunni Saudis and the Gulf kings possess immense wealth, the only religion that Trump really respects, and they want to destroy Shia Iran, Syria, the Hezbollah and the Houthis – which is a simple ‘anti-terrorist’ story for the Americans


    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Whosoever wrote that article is a simpleton or a biased stirrer, not a qualified, well informed journalist.

      Iraq is predominantly Shia, and the US has a form of ongoing alliance with Iraq, supporting the government in Baghdad in its fight against ISIS in Mosul.

      Do you really thing this is simply about a fight of Sunni against Shia?

      There are millions Shia living also in Eastern Saudi Arabia. Half of Lebanese are Shia, and there are Shia minorities in many Sunni dominated countries:

      What the Saudis want is to get rid of Assad in Syria, and to have firm control of who dominates the Arabian Peninsula (themselves). As Houthis challenge them in Yemen, they have declared war against them and their allies there, fighting a ruthless war.

      Also do they of course want to contain the influence of Iran, but they will hardly be so stupid to fight a kind of war of Sunni against Shia, this is stuff many westerners may dream of, it would be near suicidal for the Saudis to engage in that.

      • Lois Griffiths says:

        No Robert Fisk is not a simpleton! and yes he is a highly qualified, well-informed journalist!

        • jax says:

          And the foremost authority on the Middle East .

          • Mike in Auckland says:

            An “authority” who suggests the Saudis want to declare war to a significant part of their own population, Shiites, living in the number of a few millions in the east of SA.

            That is over simplifying matters, it is absurd, in my view. Mr Fisk may suffer from age and the mind not functioning as it once did.

        • Historian pete says:

          Over the weekend we witnessed an interesting phenonema:Two world famous literary giants Robert Fisk and John Pilger, being savaged by Te Reo and Mike of Auckland;two literary pygmies world famous in Tokoroa and perhaps Takapuna respectively!

          • Mike in Auckland says:

            Interesting times, Pete, remember the last presidential election in USA, the one in France not long ago, and Brexit? Nothing can be taken for granted anymore, I think at one stage you suggested the same in former comments.

      • Historian pete says:

        Let’s have a look at these reviews for Robert Fisk.
        “One of the outstanding reporters of this generation.As a war correspondent he is unrivalled.” Financial Times.

        ” Writes a simplistic report,numerous mistakes, is a simpleton or a biased stirrer.Not a qualified,well informed journalist”.Mike of Auckland,Senior Poster of the Daily Blog.

        • Mike in Auckland says:

          Perhaps also having a personal bias – or losing oversight at times, see my comments below.

      • francesca says:

        Fisk has been writing about the Middle East all his professional life as a journalist. Not only does he write about it , he lives there in Lebanon, visiting Syria and other areas frequently.There would be few people who know the subject as thoroughly as he.
        He recently appeared in the excellent doco (by a NZ woman)
        “Notes to Eternity”with Chomsky and Norman Finklestein, about the Israel/Palestine conflict
        Really Mike, this comment brings shame to you

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Ok, Robert Fisk, he appears to write a rather cynical report on the state of affairs, and presents the tensions between the Saudis and Iran as a simplistic Sunni vs Shia dispute, likely to lead to war.

      I read this under ‘Responses’ in that entry:
      “The Guardian published a review of the book by Fisk called The Great War for Civilisation, by Oliver Miles where numerous mistakes were pointed out in the book by Miles such as regarding the Ba’ath party and Iraq’s revolutions, the Balfour declaration, locations of US bases, claiming the Hijazi Hashemites were Gulf people, wrongly assigning an Umayyad character to Baghdad, the century of Ali bin Abi Talib’s death, and mistakes in the meaning of Arabic, Persian, Russian, and French words and the birthplace of Jesus.[34]”

      So Mr Fisk may have a track record and experience in the Mid East affairs, but he makes mistakes also.

      • Historian pete says:

        Mike: Once more you usefully illustrate the difference between you and me in your research. You criticize Robert Fisk regarding the book “The Great War for Civilization _The Conquest of the middle East” on the basis of an article in the Guardian from Wikipedia. I actually read the book and have it in my library, all 1366 pages.This explains our different perceptions!!

        • Mike in Auckland says:

          He writes for the “Independent”, I thought you did not believe MSM? Here you suddenly defend a long time writer for the Independent from the UK.

          In his article referred to by Lois, he over-simplifies things, suggests there is an agenda to wage war between Sunnis and Shiites and almost follows conspiracy theory like “logic” to make a case.

          Mr Fisk seems to be nearing the end of his career and to lose his plot soon.

          • Historian pete says:

            I see. So you suspect early dementia or senility for Robert Fisk. He is about my age. I too think that Sunni Saudi Arabia is trying to drum up a war with its main rival in the Middle East Shia Iran.I guess that also makes me a candidate for a rest home in your opinion. However ,I feel your analysis is frankly at the level of what I would call a “Trumpism”: Ignorance of current events,but an overblown opinion of your signifance and intelligence.I suggest that you look at Trump and face the horrible fact that his level of buffoonery will eventually be your future! Grisly!!

  7. Mike in Auckland says:

    Trump and his travel schedule:

    So after his speech to Muslims in Riyadh, due today NZ time, he will go to Israel, perhaps announce the US will move their embassy to Jerusalem, thus upsetting all Muslims he just praised before, and sold heaps of weapons to.

    He may perhaps go to the holy Jewish sites, as his daughter Ivanka and her Jewish hubby expect him to send a friendly symbol.

    He will later visit the Pope in the Vatican and talk about PEACE in the world, what else.

    He will go to Brussels and talk sweet words with the EU Ministers and delegates, at a major meeting there, perhaps about the “strong bonds” and “friendship” between the US and Europe. He will meet with Emmanuel Macron, the new French President, a EU supporter, while Trump would have rather seen Marine win the presidency.

    He will meet with Nato officials, after he questioned the purpose of that alliance in his election campaign.

    He will travel to a G7 meeting in Sicily and talk more crap and pleasing words, to try and look important and like a friend of everyone.

    The man has no moral compass, is an opportunist, a seller of whatever he can sell, and only cares about himself and his and his family’s interests (primarily in business).

    “America First” is the slogan the political, narcissist opportunist won his voters over with, but for him, in his actions now, he shows he is a total turncoat, a liar, a hypocrite, a man without any true principles, a flippant ‘President’ that will do endless harm to his country and people in the longer term.

    Meanwhile we can prepare for new wars in the Middle East, thousands if not millions more dead and injured and impoverished, and the planet heading for climate collapse in a century or so.

    • David Stone says:

      Sounds like the president of the united states doing what the president of the united states does.
      D J S

      • Samwise says:

        Engage in hypocrisy, David?

        Cuddling up to the head hopping Saudis? How is that different to the head hopping ISIS? Maybe we’re missing your finer distinction between head hoppers. Please, do illuminate us?

        • David Stone says:

          Hi Samwise
          There probably are technical distinctions, like you have to “do” something against the rules rather than just “be ” something wrong, like a journalist or a christian to get your head chopped. But I wouldn’t argue much about it. The Saudi regime seems as deplorable as is the US relationship with it. Esp in regard to sales of arms as here.
          But Trump is so personally unattractive image wise that I think he is being given no chance to prove he has any good ideas. Some things he said during the election campaign were good ideas; better than other’s alternatives in some cases. He may have been bullshitting to get elected , but I don’t think we know yet. We can see that he is under enormous pressure from the establishment that has orchestrated US policy till now , and I think that that is the most hopeful sign that he was telling the truth about wanting to end US interference in other countries. At the moment it looks like he is prepared to abandon that stance in order to avoid impeachment or being totally bogged down by the swamp, But I don’t think we will know till he has been there for a year or more (if).
          Cheers D J S

  8. mary_a says:

    So despite condemning Muslims, in particular radical followers of Islam, Trump is going to provide weapons to Saudi Arabia, the nation which finances arming the likes of ISIS, to continue its blood thirsty activities across the Middle East and possibly elsewhere in the world, namely the US or US military bases?

    A real WTF deal if ever there was one!

  9. Jeff Foley Jeff Foley says:

    Jobs, jobs, jobs for the blessed Americans in their production and supply of the terrible means and machinery of war – yes, God bless America and the American people … as only God can.

    A nation founded on the genocide of its originals. A nation then built upon slavery. One that embraces the most exploitative, self-serving and greedy form of capitalism conceivable. A nation that developed the most monstrous weapon of mass destruction – and then used it – twice.

    A nation of people so good at giving themselves opportunity after opportunity to pick up and ware that cloak of shame – but yet an immature people of hubris beyond shame – dangerously addicted (it seems) to the adrenaline rush of juvenile delinquency.

  10. countryboy says:

    Classic narcissistic personality disorder (AKA NPD) stuff. A very, very dangerous mental illness. He’ll tank and drag everybody else down with him while proclaiming he’s righteous in doing so. We should all be very worried until he’s nailed.

  11. remo says:

    Anxious moment in paradise#1. Saudi /arabia, land of patsy 911 hi-jackers, exporter of Wahhabi mercenary terror the world over; Israel, conspirators with deepstate USA 911 false flag and UN designated apartheid regime to whom ISIS apologize for mistakenly striking when they aren’t being treated in special hospitals after slaughtering the citizens of Iraq and Syria ; USA, behind the murderous 7 nation campaign of regime change in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etal ALL over the world but in this case, backing the creatures that behead children and false flag attacks of Ghouta and Khan Shiekhoun and the slaughter at Rashidin; and Turkey, recipient of ISIS oil and charge hands to replacement mercenary terrorists in the Syrian Proxy war….are the good guys?
    Big Brother came in orange.

    • Mike in Auckland says:

      Here we go again, with BS:
      “conspirators with deepstate USA 911 false flag and UN designated apartheid regime to whom ISIS apologize for mistakenly striking when they aren’t being treated in special hospitals after slaughtering the citizens of Iraq and Syria”.

  12. Tony Veitch (not the partner-bashing 3rd rate broadcaster)” says:

    What I find really ironic is that Iran has been singled out yet again as a promoter of terrorism – which may well be true, but they’ve recently held pretty fair elections and voted in a moderate who wants good relations with the west!

    Yet Chump sells arms to totally undemocratic, extremist supporting Saudi Arabia!

    This is about the Sunnis wanting to sort out the Shias once and for all!

  13. jax says:

    Trumps Muslim countries orgy is all about Iran. He has clearly indicated that he wants to arm the terrorist countries headed up by Saudi Arabia so that they can take on what he describes as the ‘leading State terrorist’ in the world Iran.

    This will complete the Bush’s evil campaign on destroying any Middle Eastern country that could threaten Israel and destroy Iran’s power in the region.
    A segment just released to confirm this,

    “The leaders welcomed the establishment of a global center for countering extremist thought to take base in Riyadh, and praised the center’s strategic objectives of combating intellectual, media and digital extremism and promoting coexistence and tolerance among peoples,” said the text of the document, published by the Saudi Press Agency.

    The exact membership of what the communique called the Middle East Strategic Alliance will be decided next year, but putative members have committed to assembling “a reserve force of 34,000 troops to support operations against terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria when needed.”

  14. Kim dandy says:

    If it wasn’t so scary – it would be laughable – it all makes a mockery of power, government and so called democracy. Just a veneer.

  15. Mike in Auckland says:

    Sooo much ‘peace’, the ‘Messenger of Peace’ has come from Riyad, S.A. and landed in Israel, there will be ‘peace all over’ soon, he is like a new Messiah, or is he not?

    After making peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, he will travel on to the Vatican, where Messenger Trump the Anointed One will be handed over an olive branch of peace by Pope Francis, who will put him on the list of Saints to come.

    And even more peace will break out all over Europe soon, after the Messenger will carry his message of Total Peace to Brussels and NATO delegates, who will arrange an urgent meeting with Russia’s President Putin to sign a peace deal with Ukraine, and also, between Assad’s regime in Syria and the rebel group leaders, who will meet in Geneva.

    Wow, history in the making, or is this a bad or not so bad dream, or nightmare?

  16. Mike the Lefty says:

    Wasn’t it Trump who said that the Saudis were basically responsible for the 911 attack?
    And now he’s selling them arms, the latest arms and lots of them.
    If that isn’t the irony of the century, then what is?
    This will come back to bite him very hard, eventually.

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