The dangerous fantasy of removing Trump


The current loop in liberal news media is that Trump is mere seconds away from being impeached for any number of the self inflicted mutilations the President has bewilderingly managed to find himself in daily.

I think removing Trump from office is a dangerous fantasy for a number of reasons.

The first is that it is highly unlikely to happen. You need to appreciate how difficult it is to actually remove a President from Office, it isn’t a legal process, it is a political one…

In the US context, the framers of the Constitution set up the impeachment process to be a way Congress can remove the president from power.

  • First, the House of Representatives has the power to impeach the president. A simple majority is necessary for an article of impeachment to be approved (each article lays out a charge against the president).

  • Then the process moves to the Senate, where a trial will be held, with the chief justice of the Supreme Court presiding.

  • Finally, and crucially, it takes a two-thirds vote from the Senate to actually convict a president on any count. Conviction on any count would then remove the president from office and put the vice president in power.

…with the Republicans holding both Houses and the near impossibility of 67 votes in Senate, the simple political truth is that Trump won’t be getting impeached anytime soon.

Trump took over the Republican Party by igniting an electorate of working class Nascar Dads, Wrestling fanatics and those left behind by free market globalisation. They have swamped the Republican Party and they will punish any Republican who is seen to be standing against Trump.

The second reason impeaching Trump is a dangerous fantasy is those very supporters. While we in our liberal media bubbles tell each other how awful Trump is and how stupid his supporters are, those supporters would go into fits of rage if Trump was removed by what they saw as a liberal media campaign.

Democracy only works when everyone agrees with the outcome, removing a President makes those who voted for Trump believe there is a conspiracy to invalidate their vote, that is incredibly dangerous territory to go into.

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You do not want to give Deplorable’s righteous grievance, that is a recipe for a violent civil uprising.

The third reason impeachment is a dangerous fantasy is that it once again lets the Democrats off the hook for selecting a deeply flawed candidate and doing sweet fuck all for the working poor they pretend to care about.

I despise and fear Trump, he is an arch manipulator of people’s legitimate economic insecurities and while I certainly believe there are those like Bannon around him who have far reaching crazy plans, Trump himself is a one on one charming narcissist who is addicted to overblown praise and erratic attention seeking behaviour…

“theory of mind,” a basic capacity humans develop around the age of 2 or 3 to recognize that other people are independent agents, distinct minds, with their own beliefs, desires, fears, etc. We learn to “read” behaviors as evidence of those internal states.

And because we are relentless pattern seekers, we are constantly developing theories of people, seeking to explain what they do through reference to their beliefs and plans.

This has badly misled us with Trump. Much of the dialogue around him, the journalism and analysis, even the statements of his own surrogates, amounts to a desperate attempt to construct a Theory of Trump, to explain what he does and says through some story about his long-term goals and beliefs.

We badly want to understand Trump, to grasp him. It might give us some sense of control, or at least an ability to predict what he will do next.

But what if there’s nothing to understand? What if there’s no there there? What if our attempts to explain Trump have failed not because we haven’t hit on the right one, but because we are, theory-of-mind-wise, over interpreting the text?

In short, what if Trump is exactly as he appears: a hopeless narcissist with the attention span of a fruit fly, unable to maintain consistent beliefs or commitments from moment to moment, acting on base instinct, entirely situationally, to bolster his terrifyingly fragile ego.

We’re not really prepared to deal with that.

…this clown will keep doing this shit because he can’t help it. He’s a gambler in a casino, an addict in a meth house, an alcoholic in a bar.

How do we cope and deal with such a flawed human being in the most powerful position on the planet? Long term the American Left desperately needs to learn how to reach out and bring the working poor over to their side and acknowledge that takes authenticity and genuineness, short term I have no idea, but attempting to impeach Trump must be the last option because the backlash amongst those who did vote for him could take America into a far darker place than where it is now.



  1. Quote:
    “…this clown will keep doing this shit because he can’t help it. He’s a gambler in a casino, an addict in a meth house, an alcoholic in a bar.”

    Well, he is certainly not a drug or alcohol user, unless he may have changed his habits more recently.

    Wikipedia says this about Trump:


    “A 2016 medical report issued by his doctor, Harold Bornstein M.D., showed that Trump’s blood pressure, liver and thyroid function were in normal ranges.[62][63] Trump says that he has never smoked cigarettes or consumed other drugs, including marijuana.[64] He also drinks no alcohol, a decision arising in part from watching his older brother Fred Jr. suffer from alcoholism until his early death in 1981.[65][66]”

    I still consider Trump to be somewhat dangerous and a risk factor in the White House, given the amount of power the US President has, and the forces he has to his avail. But he has at least some other ‘Aides’ and ‘Advisors’ who will most likely keep an eye on what he does.

    What has given me great concern recently is the apparent systematic dismantling of Trump that is happening. It is not so much the media itself, it is the forces behind the scene, some people working within the White House, and besides of the opposing Democrats there are forces at work, who realise that Trump is a danger to their system and order, and they seem to be doing all to get rid of him now.

    To those forces we can count some corporate business leaders, some Wall Street power brokers and players, some strong lobbyists of vested interest holding establishments, and basically the so called ‘deep state’.

    Trump is unconventional, he is upsetting, he even wants to create uncertainty and turmoil to a degree, as he knows that chaos serves his personal interests of running affairs that way, playing off persons and officials, and also interest parties against each other.

    Where he faces his limits is the networks and their power he faces, and has to work with, including the intelligence services, the FBI and so forth. Trump is not the best educated and best informed of presidents, he has his intellectual and other limits, he has some personality or even mental ‘disorder’, and he is not very diplomatic.

    So we are experiencing a serious clash of powers, and Trump is starting to appear more lonely like a lone fighter, a desperado of a kind. That may lead to him making even more rash and risky decisions, which can lead to unforeseeable consequences, think of Iran, of North Korea, and what may happen if he does the unthinkable there.

    It will be nothing good that will come out of all this. When Trump took over his Office, I thought he may not last six months, now I think, he may be impeached, but as it will not happen quickly we will see this unfold over a year or so.

    He will not walk away, not be removed without a fight, and that is another great danger, those hard core supporters, they will not be rational and change, the US could be set for very great internal uproar to come for years to come, it may even break up.

  2. Maybe this is blowback in the karmic sense for all the violent regime change
    colour revolutions the rapacious US has inflicted on other nations with the lives of innocent citizens ruined., and countries destroyed.
    The danger to us is that Trump will follow the practice of going to war to unite the country behind him
    I just wish all the other nations of the world would unite and tackle the rogue elephant to the ground before it can bring us all to catastrophe
    Not much chance of any of our lame political parties getting up on their hind legs

  3. You want an answer to how the Left can start to bring on board those workers etc that were disenfranchised and felt passed over ?

    It all goes back to Maggie ‘ Thatcherism ‘ and Ronnie ‘ Reaganism ‘.

    Throw in a little Mont Pelerin Society , some Milton ‘ Freidmanism ‘ for good measure and a dash of ‘ Rogernomics ‘ over here , a little bit of ‘Keyism ‘ and some ‘ Englishism’ to be sure…

    There’s your answer,… right there.

    And starting at that point and working back ,… that’s how Martyn , that’s how.

  4. ‘The Assault on Trump’

    “We are witnessing an assault by the national security state and its liberal media on a President of the United States that is unprecedented.

    Wild and unsupported accusations of treasonous or illegal Russian connections have been the mainstay of the news since Trump’s campaign for president. These accusations have reached the point that there is an impeachment movement driven by the national security state and its liberal media and endorsed by Democrats, the American leftwing which has turned against the working class…

    ‘Media at war’

    “There is a media war being played out before our eyes. The American mainstream media are intent on destroying President Donald Trump. Trump returns the contempt. Are the media making themselves the story? And is this dangerous?

    CrossTalking with Roger L. Simon, Roy Gutterman, and Patrick Henningsen.”

  5. Yes Marty,

    But follow this thread to see how the left was carefully manipulated by Obama for using vast amounts of federal funding to benefit “big pharma”

    Here you see how in just one of many so called Obama initiatives to restore the health of the nation!!!!!!!

    Big Pharma supplied worthless chemical pills to claim they could treat alzheimer’s in a money cluel contrived scheme to rip off millions of sufferers.!!!!!

  6. Babies and bathwater. Baby is any semblance of and respect for democratic principles. Bathwater is that turgid anomaly, the unfortunately elected nutcase PrezDT.
    Drain the bathwater and you are left with a bath…a hard cold dry mix of Deep State, neocons, pseudo Dems, the MSM, banksters, hucksters, and masses of willing fools.

  7. Good riddance to Trump.

    See Noam Chompsky on Youtube about the Republicans being the most dangerous organization on earth.

    • Its really troubling when I considered trump to be marginally fairer than killary and now I think trump is thousands of time better than mike pense.

      • If the Democrats are to regain any credibility as the party of the workers, their next candidates must have better reputations. A Warren/Sanders ticket would stand a good chance of being electable. Especially after millions of Americans start dying through lack of health insurance, which Trump has all but destroyed. (So much for his lies that all Americans would be covered under “Trumpcare”.)

        However, we should not overlook the ability of the New Right and alt-right to launch a campaign to discredit Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders (and be picked up by individuals outside of the US). After the lies told over Obama and the demonisation of Hillary Clinton over her private server, Warren and Sanders should know what to expect.

          • On a more serious note all the DNC should be worried about right now is halting GOPs move to grab a majority of state legislatures which would remove a limiter to presidential orders. That should be all they are focused on right now. They just wont be able to do anything unless they ruthlessly crush corruption.

            trump is actually helping us on the left out by kicking workers in the teeth. Since Feburary about 200 billion was added to Apple/Facebook/Google Amazon and Apple should be higher because they supress earnings so theres another 200-400 billion of public assets that will vanish. That was cool and predictable and all but trump also promised to share these gains better and that hasn’t happened so every time he goes off on another twitter fire and forget mission he’s kicking his own voters in the teeth.

            The stage is totally set for a lame duck POTUS. I mean the Presidency is still the Democrates to lose.

            My boy Sanders is pretty high up DNC ranks now and he’s assured in some interesting state candidates.

            By my standards I’d put Warren and Sanders in a mentoring role and do something with Tulsi Gabbard but my point is if they are serious about ruthlessly crushing corruption with in DNC theyll sort there selection process out.

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