Let’s be honest about what the 5 Eyes would have discussed in Queenstown


If we were honest about what the 5 Eyes would have spoken about in Queenstown last month for their annual get together to decide who to destroy next, I think the following might have been on the agenda…

1: Trump

The fear the Deep State have towards Trump is well placed. He is too erratic to control and their Machiavellian machinations require a captured agent or someone who is willing to go along with the project of Empire, they don’t have either of those things in Trump and the 5 Eye deep state would be demanding some sort of assurance he isn’t going to unwind any of their webs. If there is any plan to dump him from Office, it would have been communicated at this meeting.

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2: Overthrowing Indonesia 

The Intercept’s scoop last month that the Indonesia Military were preparing for a US backed coup had the military desperately scrambling to threaten defamation action. It’s difficult to see exactly what the US would gain from causing a coup in a country that has already shown it’s total submission to the American Empire but the Military Industrial Complex is always looking for the next advantage.

3: Justifying a strike on North Korea

Apparently we need to attack North Korea all of a sudden, and the deep state would need to help invent some justifications for that or help plan to do it. Almost on cue our own GCSB have told Bill English that North Korea was behind the latest global cyber attack. 


  1. I don’t know that the US would contemplate seriously a strike on N Korea. They like to keep tensions simmering there as it justifies their large military presence in a geopolitically valuable part of the world, against China and Russia.
    They will also be making it difficult for the new president, Moon, to pursue his agenda of peacemaking with the North.
    Our intelligence people would have been getting their orders

  2. The the spy agencies have always acted on their own anyway why wouldn’t that continue to be the case. Trump won’t really know what they are up to just as english won’t really know what is going on at the GCSB and the SIS.

  3. Hi Martyn,

    I think all three were discussed but Trump being unsuitable for the Elite
    “Machiavellian machinations’ of empire building was the most plausible issue that is worrying them most of all from moving forward with their plans to capture the whole globe at this time.

    Donald Trump is a free spirit that we see in us all and is dangerous to them should we embrace his free spirit outlook on life.

    It was reported today on FOX that Trump said at a meeting several years ago that “he was like a man few have ever see before” and this is why they cannot control him as he always uses the element of surprise.

    We need to support him as the elite don’t want him supported at all before they finally attempt to decapitate him.

    We hope he defeat them & wins as we will all benefit instead of living in a captured slavery corporate elite world with no independent country or sovereignty.

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