GUEST BLOG: Te Reo Putake – Julian Assange; Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.


The Swedish authorities have confirmed that time has run out to prosecute alleged right wing rapist Julian Assange and therefore the charges have been dropped. A jubilant Assange has appeared on the balcony of the Equadorean embassy in London and bizarrely claimed that this is a victory for freedom and, in an Orwellian misuse of language, a blow against the patriarchy.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The message for the victims of sexual violence is clear. If men have other powerful men supporting them, there will be no justice. So shut up, women, you don’t count.

Assange still faces jail time in the UK. For obvious reasons he can’t deny breaching his bail conditions and when he does scuttle out of his embassadorial bolt hole, he’ll be prosecuted for that crime. Well, unless he stays holed up for another few years, when the UK statute of limitations will take that problem away too.

Rich white men; refusing to take responsibility for their actions since forever.

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I’ve never liked Assange. I always thought Wikileaks was a tool of oppression and so it has proven to be. Instead of attacking the real centre of global power, capitalism, Wikileaks has focussed on attacking the public service in its various forms. The much maligned state is actually the only hope for the worl’s huddled masses. The government, for all it’s faults, is the only safety net we have.

Bu focussing almost exclusively on deriding democratic institutions, Wikileaks has done the world a major disservice and indirectly helped the rise of the loony right.

Wikileaks is not a progressive force and Julian Assange remains a parasitic bludger. He may moan about not seeing sunlight but the choice was always his. He could have manned up and defended himself, but instead he has acted in a self serving and denialist way, trying to portray himself as the ‘real victim’.

Sure it’s been tough for him in his psuedo jail, with only a constant stream of dimwitted celebrities and Harrod’s hampers to console himself with. But he can look forward to the absolute freedom that only being rich and famous can bring some time soonish.

And then he can get on with his real job, serving the interests of international capitalism.

Te Reo Putake – Socialist, vegetarian, contrarian and footballer, Te Reo Putake was until recently the wittiest, most engaging and most infuriating writer at The Standard blog where he was banned during their latest identity politics purge.TRP intends to continue battling for the battlers and kicking against the pricks in real life and here at the Daily Blog.




  1. Clearly you didn’t realise the women themselves were pressured by authorities into pressing charges which were obviously laid in order to punish Assange for his participation in Wikileaks – remember he is just the spokesperson.

    • Hi, Z. You are not correct. The women were not “pressured” to lay the complaints. Even if they were, that doesn’t make the complaints any less worthy of investigation. The real pressure is the dilemma all abused women feel of wondering if they will be taken seriously, if they will be believed, if they will get justice. Pressure is knowing only a tiny minority of rapes get reported and that many of those that do don’t end in conviction.

      Assange should have cooperated in the process. He’s a coward for not doing so.

      Here’s the lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz speaking for one the women:

      (It’s) “a scandal that a suspected rapist can evade the law and therefore escape trial by court … My client is in shock and the case being dropped won’t change the fact that Assange has exposed her to a rape.”

      • Come on, he would have been whisked out of that Swedish airport and disappeared into the CIA dungeons on whatever trumped up charges were convenient.
        Why couldn.t the Swedish prosecutor have conducted the case at the Ecuador embassy if she was so concerned that “justice” be done. Sweden would not guarantee they wouldn’t extradite him to the US.
        Enough said

        • Circumbstances made an extradition to the US impossible because merica is so fucking terrible using these woman like that. They pulled similar shit on Mrs Dotcom and I say fuck em

        • Exactly right Francesca!

          Amazing how these claims vanish once Obama is out of office. 😉

          If I remember correctly, these two woman both claimed to have been raped at the same time, suffered no violence or injuries of any kind and only reported it the next day.

  2. I’m sorry. I think Wikileaks has done a service to all those seeking to understand and gain a wider picture of what our governments engage in covertly.
    While I am not happy that Chelsea Manning had to suffer in the way she did, I applaud her for exposing war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I applaud Wiki
    leaks for publishing.
    Which government institutions has Assange damaged?
    I am happy for him to expose the lies that have led to brutal and illegal wars for the advancement of corporations and US hegemony
    The exposure of dirty DNC tactics were beneficial to democracy I would have thought.Full knowledge and transparency are vital to any democracy
    A UN human rights panel found that Assange was being held arbitrarily and that Sweden should drop its extradition charge
    Assange agreed to answer any questions in the Ecuador embassy and did so.with Swedish officials present. The Swedish prosecutor should have been able to assess from that whether charges should have been brought, but has failed to do so, so he remains uncharged.That is a state of affairs that the Swedish prosecutor(a woman I remind you)is responsible for
    In Assange versus the CIA, corruption,regime change,Guantanamo, dirty tricks,imperialism ,torture, the shenanigans behind the TPPA,and mass surveillance,I’m with Assange
    If he’s guilty of rape, he should be punished, but to think there’s some kind of patriarchy shielding him is beyond satire,the patriarchy is out to get him, not for rape, but for exposing the emperors nakedness

  3. What can I say? Te Reo seems to have fallen out of some improbable time warp that has not progressed since 2002.Any examination of the events in Sweden by a slightly intelligent person would indicate that the whole matter was another CIA false flag setup. Aided and abetted by a Swedish Govt. that has long since gone from being a shining light of Social Democracy to being the Western country with the most inequality after The U.S.[according to James Peggetty author of ” Capitalism in the Twenty First Century.”] You get the picture.They follow U.S. Govt orders, just like slimy jack boot slobberer Bill English. Wiki leaks has been a sterling conduit to the various whistle blowers that have alerted us to the dirty deeds of the criminal U.S Empire and its Nato lackeys. Of course they hate Wicki leaks.And as a final argument that all will find unassailable, so don’t even try.Pamela Anderson has visited Julius Essange multiple times.Any one who can run up and down the beach like she does has the right of it. I want her on my team!!

  4. TRP, your article is offensive , lacks any facts and could have been written by the someone in the CIA.

    To date all Wikileaks documents have proven to be true, and in the interests of the people around the world. A simple example is the leaks of some documents of the TPPA in 2015 when the NZ govt were negotiating away our sovereignty . The govts of the countries negotiating the TPPA are the ‘white men’ you should be focusing on but somehow you appear to be promoting them by your comment above, “the government, for all it’s fault is the only safety net we have ”

    Wikileaks publishes information given to them by whistle blowers who are guaranteed anonymity and we the public are grateful to them.
    Snowden and Manning plus many other whistleblowers have had to seek exile or have been arrested, tortured and imprisoned in solitary confinement in their efforts to speak the truth.
    If Assange was to leave the Ecuadorean embassy he would be extradited to the US where he will face a fate worse than Chelsea Manning.

    The Swedish ‘rape’ allegation was always a beat up to somehow get Assange extradited to the States to shut him up.

    The idea of shoot the messenger and screw the message is a primitive idea that would be comfortable in a medieval setting.

    I think this is not going to be a good day for you !

  5. Assange challenged Swedish authorities to come to England & have the case against him heard there. Of course, he fears extradition to the US where whistleblowers are hated. Look at the way they treated Chelsea Manning.

    fyi.. Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) is a group of former CIA colleagues and other admirers of former intelligence analyst Sam Adams, who hold up his example as a model for those who would aspire to the courage to speak truth to power. Adams did speak truth to power on Vietnam, and in honoring his memory, SAAII confers an award each year to a truth-teller exemplifying Sam Adams’ courage, persistence, and devotion to truth — no matter the consequences. Recipients include:

    -Coleen Rowley of the FBI
    -Katharine Gun of British Intelligence
    -Sibel Edmonds of the FBI
    -Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan
    -Sam Provance, former Sgt., US Army
    -Frank Grevil, Maj., Danish Army Intelligence
    -Larry Wilkerson, Col., US Army (ret.)
    -Julian Assange, WikiLeaks

    Good company!

    Now, WikiLeaks has leaked a device allegedly used by the CIA to spy on people from their televisions and smartphones. Wikileaks claims that the device, software built by the CIA code-named ‘Weeping Angel’, exploited vulnerabilities in Samsung products which would allow them to turn any phone or smart TV into a listening device. (from

    Frankly I think the article’s accusations are outrageous. How can exposing the actions of CIA.. of the US military “serving the interests of international capitalism?”

    Some of Assange’s defenders, demanding that he be allowed to walk free, are : Noam Chomsky, Yanis Varoufakis, Ai Weiwei, Michael Moore and Ken Loach. Ken Loach has said, “all who care about freedom of information should demand that the threats made against Julian should be lifted. He should be able to leave his place of safety without fear of deportation or being handed over to those who intend him harm.” (Guardian June 2016)

    Assange will someday lead a life of ‘absolute freedom’ in Ecuador?..maybe so, if he ever gets there, but he has to be allowed to step out of the Ecuadorean Embassy first.
    I doubt that Assange is ‘rich’ but yes he is white, that’s correct! And why that decades old photograph, what is the point?

  6. certainly Assange is personally responsible for anything he has done, but he can hardly be blamed for not wanting to be subject to the tender mercies of the US authorities, given the fate of Snowden and Manning

    “the public service” needs to have specifics applied imo, exhibits A & B–CIA and NSA–it is most arguable that the CIA is a state surveillance agency of the US Military and Corporates not a true public service at all

    with Wikileaks, Assange can be put to one side in assessing its work, to me the revelation of the actual text of the secretly negotiated TPPA was worth its weight in gold, and key in developing public awareness and activity, particularly in the USA itself as well as in the other 11 countries

  7. What a bizarre piece for The Daily Blog to publish on a day that will remembered in the future as great victory for citizens battling established power out in the open…and winning.
    Today is nothing less than a beacon of empowerment to all oppressed and disenfranchised citizens to stand up against unjust matter whether if you are male or female.

  8. Saint Assange

    If one man can be sanctified for hacking, then we all can.

    If one man can escape enquiry over alleged serious sexual behaviour, then we all can.

    Bugger the rights of women. Stuff the rights of Privacy – on this discussion some commentors are saying effectively we all have permission to do as Julian Assange does.

    Enjoy yourselves. But take the consequences. Ecuador won’t want him fiddling with their Privacy. Won’t want you either.

    • He doesn’t hack
      He publishes for the most part leaks
      Thats why its called Wikileaks
      The original case was thrown out by the Swedish prosecutor , after questioning,and reopened by a new prosecutor after political arm twisting
      A torn condom lacking the DNA of Snowden is used as evidence to prove he engaged in unprotected sex with the woman while she was half asleep.
      If one journalist can be threatened with charges of treason (carrying a possible death sentence)for publishing info from whistleblowers then all journalists can.

    • Assange is not a hacker. He publishes information that whistle blowers give him to expose the crimes of countries around the world especially the US and the UK.

      We don’t have investigative journalists anymore just talking heads that regurgitate their respective governments rhetoric .Wikileaks has filled the void .

      It seems that Assange is guilty until he is proven innocent a common practice we see today in the endless charges against Russia. As always let’s see some evidence.

      I have no problem with Assange exposing the privacy of the world’s war mongers, torturers, regime changers, corporate crims and the corrupt murderers, the CIA.

      What exactly has he released that has compromised our privacy ?
      Our privacy is something that should be taken up with the 5 Eyes.

  9. The language rooted, I say.
    Assange “right-wing”. No, Te Reo Putake “right-wing”.
    Wikileaks defending capitalism by attacking the state? Oxymoron.
    How is a US grand jury (the ‘judicial’ branch of the state that killed Aaron Swartz) charging Assange with treason not defending capitalism? Orwellian.
    Assange a rapist? Possible. But the punishment for rape is not rendition to Guantanamo on a charge of treason.

  10. I am a fan of Assange and Wikileaks. Any look at the real issue says that he had consensual sex and the women were pressured. Dirty tricks that are done to comply with that great ‘democratic’ nation that holds itself up to us all as some sort of paragon of virtue.

  11. Long live Julian Assange, the supreme whistle blower and we need may more to expose the corruption of the Elitist corporate cabal.

  12. This article is libelous.

    The charges were not dropped because of some statute of limitations or the like, which your opinion piece suggests.

    I have forwarded a link to this article to Assange’s legal team.

  13. Hi, y’all. Thanks for the responses, though most of them sadly miss the point. Wikileaks is not an organisation that has your interests at heart. If they did, they’d be targeting global capitalism, which is the real enemy. Why no big exposures of say, big oil, big pharma, or the numerous vicious exploiters of human capital out there?

    The gummint is a soft target and undermining faith in democracy is what Wikileaks is really about. They’re a right wing anti statist group. There’s nothing to them that’s much different from yer average Trump supporter.

    The old saw still rings true; qui bono (who benefits?). Wikileaks are a useful tool for the real agents of oppression in our world.

    As for Assange, he’ll eventually either sit out the UK statute of limitations on his known crime, which is doing a runner while on bail, (3 more years, I’m told) or he’ll walk outside, face court and get a probably soft sentence. the most he can get for the bail offences is 12 months jail.

    His defence against both the accusations of rape and the proven crime of skipping out on bail is that the yanks will come and get him if he has to go to court. All the more reason to live a virtuous life I would have thought 😉

    However, I am interested in what crime Assange is not allowed to do in the eyes of commenters here. Many seem to accept that accusations of rape are not enough for Assange to follow the usual judicial processes. Is he that important that other crimes of violence should be ignored? How about murder? Is there a line that Assange’s clayed feet should not cross?

    Finally, to the commenter who reckoned my opinion is libelous. Leaving aside the well known legal defence that honestly held opinion, based on provable fact, is not libelous, feel free to again contact St Julian’s lawyers and let them know I’m happy to defend myself directly in any court any time the coward wants to step out of his current accomodation. I’ll be on the first plane to Blighty if he’s got the cojones. Shall I contact Flight Centre?

    • He can only publish what others send him for godsake.
      Good on him I say for taking on the CIA and the covert regime change tactics, which after all are about extending US corporate tentacles as far as they can go… I would have thought exposing the drafts of the TPPA was taking on capitalism
      You might as well accuse him of not defending transgenders or taking up the cause of the endangered yellow eyed dingbat.
      I wish him the very best and hope he can enjoy a free and happy life soon

    • Given that your comment was made with reckless disregard for the facts you cannot rely on honest opinion. Hit the law library, brother.

      • +1 Wxman.
        The only thing that rang true in TRP’s post – or his/her bio- is the contrarian part (status of vegetarianism or football unconfirmed).
        I want my 5 minutes back.

      • If I think I’m in any actual legal bother I guess I’ll just have to play the pity card and go hide out in the nearest Ecuadorian embassy.No doubt I’ll be able to rely on your uncritical support!

      • Oh and I shouldn’t have referred to “charges” in my initial reply. He was never charged.

    • Te Reo Putake .

      You ignore the bigger picture.

      Your preoccupation with insignificant detail and opinion has little logic linking that with your conclusions.

      Where would we be without Wikileaks today.

  14. Thank you for advising me Assange doesn’t hack. However TEXAS A and M University Kingsville say otherwise. Even though they find him intriguing. Quote:

    “The supposed nonprofit (supposed because a private limited company with shareholders isn’t supposed to be considered nonprofit) has claimed to have released over 10 million documents since its founding back in 2006, when Assange was just coming out of his group hacker faze; his cyber punk hacker name was Mendax, he hacked a lot of stuff.”

    It would be good if the Saint’s Supporters could tell us what good he has done releasing millions of documents that don’t belong to him.

    Sweden is a well governed Nation and I find your criticism of it unproven and unfounded – given the evasive tactics of Assange over a number of years. Plus a long stint of begging.

    Wikileaks has a lot to answer for. “Data dumps by WikiLeaks have outed rape victims and gay people in Saudi Arabia, private citizen’ emails and personal information in Turkey, and the voicemail messages of Democratic National Committee staff members. “Mass data releases, like the Podesta emails, conflate things that the public has a right to know with things we have no business knowing.’’

    Ecuador was so concerned by what its government saw as a blatant attempt to impact the election that the embassy shut off Assange’s internet access a month ago. “The Government of Ecuador respects the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of other states,” it said in an Oct. 18 statement. “It does not interfere in external electoral process, nor does it favor any particular candidate.”

    Journalist Rosie DiManno The

  15. Look to yourself Te. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes then go look in the mirror. Concentrate hard into your eyes and ask yourself what would you do?
    When you are walking down to the dairy have a feel for your freedom of movement and again ask yourself. And when you are reading because you aren’t locked away from the net or papers and can communicate freely again ask yourself. And when you stir in the night and think to demand retribution for some aggrieved party ask yourself what do you really know?

  16. Any one who wants a full picture of what happened to Assange, go to John Pilger’s site.
    Today he has written the fullest account you will come across.
    “Getting Julian Assange:The Untold Story”
    He has many details I was not aware of and exposes all the behind the scene machinations.
    Te Reo Putake, I would be interested in your take after reading

    • Thanks, Fransesca. This is the link to Pilger’s article:

      It’s an interesting opinion piece, but doesn’t add anything that wasn’t already known or, more correctly, already claimed by Assange’s supporters. Indeed. most of the direct quotes are unattributed and unreferenced, which is shoddy work from someone who claims to be a journalist.

      It also has a line that is unashamadly rape apologist and he’s dismissive of the women Assange is alleged to have raped in a sadly paternalistic way.

      That’s very poor form indeed.

      However, I do like John Pilger. I’ve met him on several occasions, though mostly a couple of decades ago. He can be annoyingly one eyed, however he does occasionally hit the target anyway.

      Pilger certainly annoys the powers that be from time to time, which is a good thing. I can see why he might have a blinding affection for Assange and possibly see some of his younger self in the Wikileaks founder.

      • I was also quite surprised at the lack of references or citations. It’s usually a “journalism 101” from someone with his reputation.

        While I doubt he’s made stuff up, it would be handy to know what’s independently published source material, and what’s unattributed conjecture.

      • As I predicted you have got this one wrong. With the exception of the Lone Observer Tokoroa, everyone else thinks so too.

        I support Francesca’s comments and if that makes me an Assange ‘groupie’ too so be it.

        Clearly you are not able to see that this time you have produced, in my opinion, a masterpiece in literary incompetence. However in terms of your ‘contrarian’ credentials a literary disaster is a triumph.

  17. Moving Forward

    I hope the Women who claim Assange used them in some sexual way without consent, can get Francesca’s support in mounting a legal case. Perhaps in the Ecuador Embassy London. Or wherever.

    Fransesca clearly has a large social conscience and would be the first to protect the rights of Women. Even if she is besotted with Assange.

    it is a pity that the Ecuador Government has recently had to ban Assange from interfering in other nations’ elections and Candidates.

    But surely Francesca can cope with that, in spite of her deep felt regard for the strange Assange.

    Every nation and person who dislikes Assange – is as evil as “the devil incarnate” to Francesca.

    • Suggesting that the only reason a woman would support Assange is because she is “besotted” with him is pretty damn sexist and paternalisticly presumptuous.

      Just love how all these NSA types become rampant feminists only when there’s someone they want to wack.

    • If Assange could be questioned in Sweden, and then if unlike the first female prosecutor who decided there was no case to answer, the prosecutor decided to charge him, I would be fully behind a trial, as I believe Assange would be.
      With this one proviso
      That Assange be given an ironclad guarantee that he would not be extradited to the US for entirely other charges.
      Your assumptions about me are florid , overblown and unfair, I’m beginning to feel the weight of the patriarchy ganging up ..haha..believe me I can handle it

  18. Just to clarify the nature of the rape allegations..

    “The accusation against Assange dated from August of that year when the alleged victim, who says she met him at a WikiLeaks conference in Stockholm a few days earlier, filed a complaint.

    She accused him of having sex with her as she slept without using a condom despite repeatedly having denied him unprotected sex. He has always denied the claims. ”

    I’m pretty sure that meets the threshold of “rape” in any country worth living in.

  19. TRP, it’s not hard to see why you were banned from the Standard.

    Julian Assange is innocent until proven guilty. He was never charged with any crime.

    Charging him would have been the easiest thing in the world to do, it’s just a piece of paper, but you have to have some EVIDENCE, and then there is that pesky little matter of conducting a TRIAL in OPEN COURT. The Swedish authorities never went there, because they had NOTHING. All they wanted was to get Assange extradited, so that he could be handed over to the US. That failed, so they had to drop all proceedings. It was a STITCH-UP from the beginning.

    @Martyn, if getting this person to come in here and make-crazy is some kind of plan to drum up controversy and readership, count me out. Wikileaks provides an essential service to Democracy and all progressive activists everywhere. If nothing else, it serves as a perpetual thorn in the side of, and deterrent to the very worst excesses of our corrupt Neo-Liberal governments.

    God knows where we would be now if it weren’t for WikiLeaks.

    So if you are going to allow the Daily Blog to be used as a platform to attack and smear Wikileaks, I promise you, I will NEVER read or post comments on this blog again.

    • Yes it is disappointing.

      Not so long ago the security services used women’s sexuality and the sexuality of homosexuals to blackmail and intimidate.

      In the UK, they even harassed and intimidated to death the man as responsible as any for winning World War II – the creator of the enigma code breaking machine, Alan Turing. There are numerous other examples in the history of western spying and intimidation. Sex has always been their favorite weapon.

      Now they are using feminist arguments and even the far right are using gay rights to justify the murder and mistreatment of Muslims.

      When will you people ever learn.

  20. So, in summary, supporters of the guru of openness and transparency believe that a writer criticising him should be sued, silenced and banned. Oh, such a delicious irony! Oh, such humbug and hypocrisy!

    Anyway, it was great to read all the comments, even the more pompous ones. I promise to take no notice whatsoever and to continue writing my opinions without fear and without restraint.

    It’s the least I can do in age where ignorance is strength and unthinking obedience is a cherished freedom.

    Cheers, TRP

    • Hmmm. Irony is so delicious isn’t it. I literally imagine it tasting like home made peanut brownies.

      Putin is a genius! He single handedly destroyed freedom of the press, made britian vote brexit and rigged the US elections. Oh and golden bathrooms arent the only thing Putin and trump have in common. And killary is into snuff flicks (A-l-l-e-g-e-d-ly)

      Tast familiar?

      In other news recently elected President Lenin Moreno has re-pledge his predecessors commitment to Assanges asylum from political persecution. And I consider Rafael Correra and Lenin Moreno to have significant gains for the left and freedom of the press and womans rights and a whole lot of other stuff worth mentioning.

      Do you like brownies?

    • My saying that you are an idiot is not curbing your free speech.

      And I hardly think Julian’s legal team are going to bother with you.

      But you are making false claims, which contradict UN rulings. You are denying all the facts and the decisions of the UN as well as the Court of Appeal in Sweden and propagating hateful propaganda.

      I am well aware that there has been a NSA JTRIG campaign to attempt to turn the left against Julian and Wikileaks. I may in fact know quite a bit about it.

      You are an interesting fellow.

      Why the .exe files on your WordPress blogpost about Julian? Why the tracking malware? The security profile of your blog, and the tracking software and .exe malware on your blog is quite curious in light of your above post. Who are you, exactly?

      • Beats me, weatherman. I use a bog standard wordpress account and the links you provide seem to be for their tracking purposes, not mine. However, thanks for the info, I’ll do some research myself and if there is anything untoward I’ll post the results here.

        I suspect the trojan is actually on your computer, rather than on the wordpress site. Still, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Protect yourself here:

        Who am I? Bomber knows who I am, as indeed do many in the blogosphere. As those that know me know, I don’t limit my activism to pounding keyboards. I walk the walk.

        • Dude. I’v meet bad men. Assange isnt a bad man. Hell him and I could have traded lives. We lived in the same areas for a time. Where about the same age. He and I probably even recieved the same Acer computer for christmas. You know? I could have just as easily stumbled accross unsecure pentagon communications. Any one of us could have just as easily been bailed up in a foreign embassy.

        • No they are on your site. There’s no Trojan on any of my machines.

          I have great respect for anyone who walks the walk. I’m no keyboard warrior either mate. It’s gone well beyond that.

          Please take some time to really study the accusations against Assange closely.

          To allow smears, and in this case smears against someone cleared by the UN and the Swedish Court of Appeal and others, to influence you doesn’t give me much faith in your ability to analyse and weigh evidence in an objective manner. But I don’t want to insult you and respect that everyone is entitled to speak their minds – I won’t say opinion, because legally your opinion would not be covered by an unbiased legal system under the defense of honest opinion.

          Otherwise you should be concerned as to why there are exe files on your wordpress site and what they mean for those who visit your site. Best regards and peace

  21. Hi Martyn

    We know that you, the Spinoff and others are receiving money from Garett Morgan.

    Know that the revolution is WELL underway. Choose carefully.

    • That was tongue in cheek but I am concerned about the amount of cash changing hands for influence on blogs and in the media in general.

      At least the Daily Blog is not accepting money from people who exploit people on student visas and from real estate speculators, presenting those articles as proper journalism.

  22. Hi Francesca

    Most Nations, like most individuals do not like their documents published without imprimatur. They are rightly protective of their information and personal knowledge.

    Most woman do not give consent to every possible sexual action at every possible inconvenient time.

    I cannot see this changing no matter how often Assange followers say otherwise.

    Supporting Assange with all kinds of boundless sweet nectar will not assist him or anyone. As i see it.

    • And I dont give you my permission to attribute to me outrageous and false opinions .”besotted with Assange”any person or country who doesnt like Assange is to me “the devil
      How like a man is all I can say
      It is not Assange who has impeded the rape investigation, It is the Swedish authorities for refusing to conduct questioning within the UK. A function they have themselves, in other cases , followed innumerable times.If that doesn’t smack to you of politicisation, I give up

  23. One of the silly bits around alternative accounts on Assange “running away” from any actual charges is time spent basically imprisoned in the embassy. Should Assange been charged tried in Sweden and convicted he would long since walked free of any jail sentence.

    I doubt his advisors did not know this, one must therefore conclude that they considered the risk of US rendition real and highly probable. That being the case it never ceases to amaze me that idiots like TPR/OT loudly proclaim against Assanges actions. Whether this is justice denied for the women is very secondary in terms of a logical course of action when a man is confronted with a life sentence under extra-judicial circumstances with the known water boarding Gitmo department of the USAdeep state.

    For TPR / OT what a useful fool you are for all you profess to object to. Mindbogglingly stupid.

    • Hi Nick J

      I would prefer you didn’t confuse me with any other person. I am Observer Tokoroa.

      Your friend Assange is very good at running away from the mess he creates. Isn’t he.? Are you similar Nick J ?

      All the best

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