Why NZ officials are talking about North Korea hitting us with a nuke & how ideological are National really?


The nukes are coming, the nukes are coming 

For the love of Christ…

Government gauged chance of North Korea attack on NZ

Prime Minister Bill English has revealed that Government officials looked into whether a missile from North Korea could hit New Zealand.

Mr English is in Tokyo for talks with the Japanese government and spoke at a media conference late last night.

“There’s been some discussion about that – it looks extremely difficult given they haven’t yet generated an inter-continental missile,” he said.

“But they are on the way there which is the real threat. There’s no indication they have the capability to get to New Zealand.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence assessed a possible strike after North Korea threatened Australia.

…there is only one reason why NZ Officials are talking about being hit by North Korean nukes, and that’s because the Government are desperate to obscure why Bill English is in Japan, and that is to try and kickstart the fucking TPPA.

One of the great secrets to National’s success is that they have made hard right neoliberal policy look like it’s moderate and incremental. They have co-opted the language of the progressive left to justify whittling down the states obligations while limiting the states ability to raise revenue.

How ideologically driven are these wide eyed free market freaks in National that they will ratify the TPPA in Parliament despite Trump killing it and then  fly to Japan and try to re-engage them in the deal while spinning a story about North Korean nukes to mask it all?

We should be demanding to know why this Government are still trying to sell our economic and political sovereignty when the majority of Kiwis don’t want this deal to progress.

North Korean nukes is such an obvious front of a story and our embedded media who should be asking questions like, ‘why the hell are you trying to kick start this anti-democratic pro corporate power trade deal off again’ are breathlessly reporting to us about imaginary mushroom clouds.

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  1. There’s a rush to get this well on the way before the election.
    Labour should be asked some hard questions about it’s stance on the TPPA
    Interestingly N Korea is being used in the same way it was used to get the THAAD missile system in place before the S Korean election
    Much harder to get rid of after the fact. THAAD is overkill for disposing of NKorean missiles.It’s real function is to give the US first strike capability over Russia and China.
    We were totally had, once again , by all the media hysteria.
    Notice how that has quietened down, the response to Pyonyang’s latest test has been very muted.
    NZ should be acting as a peacemaker, not restoking the fires

  2. This is how engaged they are: they’ve admitted that we’ve given, yes GIVEN away our concessions without the US having any obligation of reciprocating, but despite access to the US being THE MAIN reason for TPP, it’s now still worth pursuing.

    I hardly ever use a phrase of Hooton’s, but in this case: the person who signs off that deal is either profoundly incompetent or worse.

    • English is hugely incompetent as he is just the corporate Gate-keeper and carrying out corporate business here so they ca do anything they want to NZ before they are ejected come September.

      English = traitor.

  3. ” there is only one reason why NZ Officials are talking about being hit by North Korean nukes, and that’s because the Government are desperate to obscure why Bill English is in Japan, and that is to try and kickstart the fucking TPPA.”


    Deceit and the use of unrealistic fear as a diversion .

    It is almost too shallow and childlike to be credible but there it is.

    And yes,… just WHY isn’t our Mainstream Media AT LEAST pulling a few jokes about this over all the broadcasts ?

    If Kevin Black were still around today I can almost hear the mocking sarcasm and send up phone calls being made …

    What a pack of puerile simplistic dishonest arseholes we have in office these days… It’d make Nixon , Lyndon B. Johnson and Silvio Berlusconi look like paragons of honesty and sophisticated integrity…

  4. So… where, exactly, does roger douglas live again? And does anyone have Kim Jong-un’s phone number?

  5. Our Government are not really focused on what we should be doing they keep throwing up the false flags like this ?

  6. Outrage:

    A nuclear first strike on NZ might wake the f*ckers up. But I hold out no hope. Foff to your greedy shithole society I’m finished with you!

  7. I thought Bill couldn’t go any lower… But he just did. This is not a responsible PM . Shocking.

    • Bill English answers questions of journos, I wonder which journo asked him these questions? Paddy Gower by any chance? Wow, there you go, a story to sell.

  8. This is not the first time we have sided with the US over Korea.

    For those who can remember we sent troops into Korea long before there was a North Korea and South Korea. We helped to divide the country after assisting the Yankee War machine kill many thousands and wipe out most of the industry, infrastructure and also housing over large areas of Korea.

    Korea wanted to end the occupation by Japan and then US and if it wasn’t for China giving some assistance to the Korean people the the US would have had a much bigger puppet state.

    I listen to the US prepared dramatised news about Korea and its Northern anti US survivor being demonised. Why a NZ news service allows this propaganda is plain . We are under direction form the US shadow Govt.

    The TTPA is another directive for that Murky oligarchy’s Corporate arm.

    English is doing what he is told

    Why would North of Korea wish to have nuclear weapons you may well guess.

    After being bombed ruthlessly by the US and attacked also by its “allies” including NZ, then threatened repeatedly in current decades; is North Korea supposed to lie down and do what US bids.

    As NZ helped with the slaughter in Korea our conscience should be turned to rectifying our relationship not antagonising it.

  9. Come on, this is just another hyped up story by Paddy Gower, he has offered a continuum, yet again, on the 6pm news tonight, on TV3.

    This is the one from yesterday:


    This is today’s part (wait for the next episode tomorrow):

    It is the fear story about North Korea, and fear sells, it sells for “news”, Paddy knows this, so he sells it.

    North Korea is suspected to be behind the cyber ransom attacks all over the globe, again just allegations or suspicions, without sufficient evidence, but it sells, that fear of North Korea.

    I bet the North Koreans do not even know where NZ Inc is, even if they do, they will not have much interest in sending a rocket and bomb here. Even if they have capable long distance rockets that may carry a nuke, the fact is, they will invite self destruction by firing one into South Korea, or onto Japan or even towards the US, as it will lead to retribution, of course.

    The North Koreans are experts in generating fear, as that gives them air and attention, and that is wanted, so they can hold the US and South Korea to ransom, for what they want.

    Paddy is high again, high on something, it seems, he cannot contain himself, he has nothing of substance to report, so he pulls North Korea out of the hat, while the Japanese go about their daily chores and business as usual, without much worry.

    Kiwi audiences, that is those that watch TV, may fall for this, but has it any real relevance to us???

  10. […] This is why Paddy Gower was fed the bullshit from Government Officials that that they had tested how…, to seed the fear of a nuke attack from North Korea rather than asking how right wing are the National Government to push ahead with a far right neoliberal ‘free’ trade deal that robs us of economic and political sovereignty despite America pulling out of it. […]

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