Latest Trumpocalypse: Threat to just stop press briefings altogether


You can barely keep up with the madness. Trump threatens ending press briefings altogether…

…this is insane.


  1. The “lying press” on Trump, I wonder are these all “lies”?

    “Ex-Trump workers describe egocentric micromanager: ‘Donald loves Donald'”

    “A consensus emerged of a businessman obsessed with minute detail, prone to micromanagement, who takes little interest in the diversity of his executives or the welfare of lower-level employees. Some said Trump lacks the temperament to deal with setbacks and becomes instantly impatient with those who do not support or agree with him, while remaining resolutely loyal to those who do. Others described their former boss as a workaholic with few true friends, a man sometimes awkward in company outside the workplace.

    Provided with a list of detailed claims made by interviewees in this article, Trump told the Guardian in a statement that they were “allegations by disgruntled and disloyal former employees” that were “totally false”. ”

    Trump showing his authoritarian temper and character in ‘The Apprentice’:

    So is anybody really surprised? They got their ‘Strong Man’ at the helm now, his supporters, they keep cheering him on, the media are just a nuisance, so he will show them what a self loving authoritarian and opportunistic, dictator like President looks like.

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