Bill English lecturing John Oliver on comedy and why National being sued by Eminem is very very very funny


I don’t even know where to begin with this…

John Oliver ‘not very funny’ – Bill English

Prime Minister Bill English has responded to John Oliver’s mocking of the National Party’s legal battle with Eminem, saying he “isn’t very funny”.

John Oliver isn’t very funny? Really?

Exhibit A…

Exhibit B…

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Exhibit C…

Exhibit D…

John Oliver isn’t funny, he’s fucking hilarious!

Bill English lecturing the world on the comedic value of John Oliver is like him telling the Italians how to make pizza.

John Oliver’s comedic brilliance to one side, National being sued by Eminiem is fucking hilarious for the very simple following reason.

Pure hypocrisy.

The National Party of NZ, illegally spied on and set Kim Dotcom up for deportation to the United States of America after our security spooks intervened in his residency application in order to trap him here.

The National Party of NZ green lighted all this misuse of power ostensibly because of a bullshit copyright claim by Corporate Hollywood, so watching the very same National Party who framed Kim Dotcom for copyright fraud now being sued for copyright infringement is beyond amusing.

It’s fucking beautiful.

I hope Eminem wins millions in damages from these sanctimonious hypercritical pricks.

Fuck the National Party.


  1. Isn’t National the party of free enterprise and property rights? Doesn’t that include INTELLECTUAL property?

    Ohhhh, riiiiight. Only when it suits them.

  2. yip Martyn they are making a mockery of our justice system and I see it is now common place for our NZ police to tell lies for the gnats someone needs to take a broom to our police force it needs to be a big yard broom hard and bristly.

  3. +10000%

    Karma has called. Hopefully a lot more to come to the Natz.

    P.S. Personally think Oliver is using better arguments than Eminem’s Lawyers!

  4. It’s the only thing Bill English has ever said that I wholeheartedly agree with.

    Despite that I share his political viewpoint, Oliver isn’t very funny, well not unless you enjoy infantile toilet humour full of constant references to penises and bottoms. It’s peculiarly English style of comedy, if it even merits the term.

    Oliver isn’t the class act that is, say, Bill Maher.

    • John Oliver is fucking hilarious ! and a brilliant communicator of boring political legislation which shafts poor people. You are an ignorant humorless bore Richard oh and Bill Maher is an arrogant Zionist prat.
      Up yours.

    • I don’t think English would be the ideal authoritarian on humor, unless your laughing at English of course.

    • John Oliver is all kinds of hilarious. I could agree with Bill English in the narrow sense, however, that Oliver’s latest offering on National’s copyright travails is far from his best work and, in fact, not terribly funny at all.

    • Sorry , Richard , but each to his own ,…

      I love English humour and wit , – often times its not the things they say , –
      its how they say it , …. or even the things they don’t say …Oliver has me in fits of laughter every time I watch it.

      Think back to the days of the Goodies mocking the English establishment , – or Monty Python just mocking everything , or Blackadder , Dick Emery , Not the nine o’clock news, it goes on and on and on – they have a long tradition of being razor sharp , irreverent and witty.

  5. There will probably be a hush hush out of court settlement of which we won’t be told much about. The National Party won’t want the spectre of abusing copyright hanging around them during the election campaign.

  6. I presume you mean “funny” as in weird, rather than funny ha-ha.
    Bill English is about as funny ha-ha as a piece of wet rag.
    Back in the 70s we had our own John Oliver’s – like McPhail and Gadsby.
    Remember when politicians (even including Muldoon!) used to say that even if they were the targets, there was room for political parody and humour because it kept politicians in touch with reality and sharpened their wits?
    Obviously no room for that sort of behaviour in today’s corrupt, corporate bootlicking mentality.

    • Bring back political comedy and satire shows!

      Sadly they are both local and require money, so I guess that’s dead in the water with creative NZ funding.

  7. Bill English is funny, but not in a good way. More like “he’s a joke” way which no one respects.

    Can we elect John Oliver as our PM? Imagine how HE would deal to the Aussies when they tried dicking us around!! Oliver has more balls than the entire male caucus of the Natzi Party! Lol!

  8. I think the musical taste of National — if you are prepared to call that MNM and MNMesque stuff “music” — would be a reason not to vote for them.

  9. Most importantly:
    “Fuck the National Party”

    Yeah, for once, I wholeheartedly AGREE!

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