Chinese vote overwhelmingly supports National


A deep suspicion by many on the Left is that ethnic Chinese NZers are pro National and this in part is a reason why National are so pro immigration and have such intimate personal business relationships with Chinese business.

That suspicion won’t go away with a new poll out in the Herald today…

Rise in Chinese voter support for New Zealand First, survey finds

Three quarters of ethnic Chinese voters will cast their vote for National if an election was held tomorrow, a survey has found.

But the party that is gaining the biggest rise in Chinese support is Winston Peter’s New Zealand First, according to the World TV-Trace Chinese voter poll.

The study, backed by local Chinese media company World TV, claims to be the first in-depth study of New Zealand Chinese voting habits here.

Contrary to findings of the NZ General Social Survey, which found low voting rates among recent migrants, the poll found Chinese voter turnout in the 2014 General Elections was 78.5 per cent – higher than the national average of 76.8 per cent.

…such a level of support looks like National are importing an electorate. This was always the criticism the Right made of Labour’s support of migration from the Pacific Islands.

Such one sided political support makes immigration not only a cultural and economic argument, it also makes it a political one.


  1. Yep. It was ALWAYS obvious that’s what is happening. After all , – would YOU vote for the party’s that made it tougher to immigrate here?

    Of course not !

    And its not always about being a ‘ business person ‘ either. I’ve said this many times in past posts on this site. Its time immigration was cut back and a quota for each country was maintained – and a general total quota for all country’s. The first maintained on a ‘ sliding scale’ per annum to match the general total.

    And as for the article above , – you will recall a Chinese party set up on the North Shore a few years back to lobby for Chinese interests. It was shut down after it was discovered that financial backing was traced back to Beijing , China.

    And as for Mainland Chinese ,- do you honestly believe that Chinese communist party minders are not monitoring Chinese students over here?

    Wakey , wakey ,… eggs and bakey.

  2. yikes…looking at immigration through the lens of ‘who are these people going to vote for’ is highly problematic.
    It is an interesting political ‘subject for discussion’, but can easily sail dangerously close to Daily Mail territory.
    Both of the main Parties, Centre-Left and Right, should stand well clear of this sort of carry on.

  3. I suspected as much. Maybe part of the deal was a guaranteed vote for the Natz as a means of gaining entry to NZ!

    Importing their voters, Natz want the trend to continue, as a means of keeping the despicable bunch of scurrilous, shady, corrupt traitors in power!

    I doubt if it wasn’t for their virtual open doors immigration policy, attracting certain foreign migrants to NZ, the Natz would still be in office!

  4. Makes sense; under capital controls which stood for years on end, Chinese citizens could at most take $USD50,000 per year out of the system. This is why the real estate market went so crazy in Hong Kong after 1997 (you could bring money over for ‘investment’ purposes), and why the casinos in Macau have such a massive turnover.

    How else do you end up with as much NZ property as Donghua Liu at a rate of $USD50,000 a year – he must have had one hell of a paper round in his childhood to have been legally putting money away at those rates.

    Nope, it was corruption which led to that money making its way here in such droves. And now that the nests are well feathered, they’re keen to shut the door. For the ones who did particularly well out of that game, it’s to keep others from joining it. For others, it’s probably more to stem the flow of National’s student visa cash cow migration, which is going to have long running consequences for whoever has to clean up after the sugar rush.

  5. It is hardly surprising, the Chinese immigrants I have met and know are in pursuit of personal wealth, are not particularly community focused, are class conscious,even through born and raised in a communist state have little interest in socialism or the basic well-being of their fellow man.Sounds like a typical Natioanal party supporter.

    • “Sounds like a typical Natioanal party supporter.”

      And all the more reason for Key and Nationals rabid attack on Labour, raising concerns of the so called “asian” sounding names house buying list.

      National marketing Labour as xenophobic and racist, just playing into the hands of their immigrant voters.

    • “Sounds like a typical Natioanal party supporter.”

      And all the more reason for Key and Nationals rabid attack on Labour, raising concerns of the so called “Asian” sounding names house buying list.

      National marketing Labour as xenophobic and racist, just playing into the hands of their immigrant voters.

      Nor have I met one Chinese immigrant that will enter into conversation about inequality, fairness and the gap between the haves and the have nots. Again, typical Nat voters.

    • Little princes and princesses, I met a fair few also, all the result of the former one child family, in urban areas. They put all their care, focus and expectations in that one child, so many got spoiled, feel they are the centre of the universe, and behave accordingly, wanting to get rich, successful and “shine” forever.

  6. I saw this happen in British Columbia also when the local body elections came around Chinese made the electoral change happen by many Chinese flooding into that Provence during the 1990’s so this is a known issue that NZ would suffer the same demise as Chinese flood into this country.

    Best get Winston Elected as he will deal to this issue as no other party can or will.

  7. Surprise, surprise; keep digging, Martyn; I wonder what proportion of National voters are actually born in No Zealand? Neo-colonialism front and centre.

  8. The Transnational Captial Party is full of traitors; the only solution is to have them all put to the sword, literally. Sharpen your guillotines, the shit storm is truly coming 😉

    • Jeez, are you still at it, “Castro”?! No one on the Left will be advocating anyone to be “put to the sword, literally” or otherwise. Stop calling for violence, it achieves nothing except confirm my suspicion that you are an agent provocateur, or just being a silly bugger.

    • Yeah mate , edge it back a bit… prison sentences would be a far better idea,.. with their prison upkeep paid for in part from the proceeds of their theft of the Commons wealth’s largess over 33 years of neo liberalism…

      AFTER ,… they have been asset stripped and their bank accounts frozen and returned to a general consolidation fund for the repurchase of our sold- at – a – fire – sale SOE’s.

      Revenge is a dish best served cold….

  9. Auckland Urban Electorates is where the Elections are won or lost and the more Asians the Natzis can cram into Auckland the more chance they have of winning the 2017 Election ?

  10. This has been glaringly obvious for at least year 7 years or more.
    People can kid themselves all they like , but money is the only thing that matters to the Chinese.
    They wouldn’t have a clue about the roots of the Labour Party or who they have predominately represented, (mid 80’s excluded) .
    And they probably think ‘The Greens ‘ are some kind of vegetable.
    All they would think is… John Key very rich man ….He let us into New Zealand….New Zealand very easy …very few regulations…..perfect environment for us …. We vote National and we get rich too.
    Someone, who didn’t have a clue about the word culture and the long history that goes behind the formation of cultures, told me the other day that everyone who arrives in New Zealand is instantly a Kiwi.
    “Really; just like that “? I said .
    I suggested he try telling the ‘Basque ‘ for example, that if a whole bunch of Chinese, or whoever, rocked up to live in Northern Spain wearing their berets, that that would instantly make them ‘ Basque’ and see how far he’d get….
    The ignorance out there is breath taking.
    The Maori are going to be the big losers in all of this because most Asian immigrants have little to no knowledge of the indigenous history of New Zealand and no desire to find out .
    If Maori think they’ve had a hard time with the Europeans, (and they have); they ain’t seen noth’n yet.
    The Chinese want Mandarin to be taught in New Zealand Schools. Not Te reo. And once they hit more than 50% of the population Maori will not get a look in.
    Any fool knows immigration is necessary. But the numbers and type of immigrant have to be very carefully managed so as to preserve culture and egalitarianism…Absolutely paramount over everything else.
    This reckless Government has failed miserably on both counts !!

  11. I don’t like this post, Martyn. It’s too close to saying all Chinese are closet fascists – or communists, 20 years’ or so back.

    I think that you, personally, (not the Daily Blog in general, which has provided great, informed, material from Mike Treen and others), are taking the wrong line in general on immigration. Labour has been too, although Andrew Little did something to right that in a recent column, and Lees-Galloway has been an excellent representative of migrant workers in his raising of issues around migrant labour abuse.

    I think Labour is starting to get it right, and I hope the party sticks to its guns. There is so much idiotic opinion and misunderstanding on immigration issues, sadly much of it on the left.

    Any discussion of “what immigrants are taking away from Kiwis” needs to be firmly balanced with concern for the migrant workers themselves. Sorry, I am an internationalist, and don’t accept “Kiwis first”. I am for open immigration, and the fair treatment of labour. I am for these principles because I believe that properly regulated and monitored labour conditions will ensure a natural tide of immigration.

    Too many on the left have lost their international sympathies.

    Too many on the left have become caught up in racial identity politics to the extent that will support the mistreatment of workers because they somehow believe that arguing against mistreatment, which may lead to migrant labour becoming less attractive to employers, as being a racist lever – well, sort of; I don’t think these distinctions are well-enough parsed.

    • If you think Natz are closet fascists then the post is saying 78.5% of Chinese are voting for the Natz. Chinese have a much higher voting rate than Kiwis.

      Chinese are going to overtake Maori very soon as the 2nd largest demographic in NZ. Chinese live in Auckland and is a key electoral factor.

      The rest of Chinese are drawn to NZ First – maybe because they left their country of origin for a reason and don’t want NZ to turn into China and all the problems and issues there.

      Remember China is not a democracy, there is a ruling class, there is the death penalty, massive competition for anything, poor food regulation and environmental standards.

      The reason Chinese like NZ food is because it is considered authentic and pure. The scandals of Chinese milk powder (where fake milk that was water and dirt given to millions of babies who died or were permanently brain damaged) or reclaiming waste oil from the sewers and reselling it to resturants, fake eggs – you name it. Who wouldn’t want to escape that!

      The sad thing is that the 78.5% of Chinese voting for the Natz are voting for similar authoritarian rule that they have in China.

      Why wouldn’t they, they don’t know any other way.

  12. The word ‘National’ sounds somewhat patriotic to Mainland Chinese, I guess, the ideal party to serve as the precursor for a future One Party State, perhaps.

    NO wonder they love National, as the neoliberals also like to push the idea that people should not depend on the state, but do work and do business, to “thrive”, something Chinese will generally also feel sympathetic to, that is at least the modern day generations.

    I have met a fair few immigrants from various countries though, many of them tend to think along neoliberal lines of thinking, and that should not surprise, as our immigration system encourages people that offer low risks, will not likely cost the country, and that have high work ethic, have savings or available investments for business, and who are battlers and thrivers. Many frown on the welfare system here, as they fall for the propaganda that it is “too easy” to get something “for free” from the government.

    With high levels of immigration, and the individual effort praising immigration policy we have, it is no wonder at all that the Nats and also ACT, by the way, get a lot of votes from new immigrants.

    The Pasifika immigrants mostly came in earlier times, that is in high numbers, when different values and a different social system existed. So they quite enjoyed Labour and less neoliberal governments, which all changed in the 1980s and especially 1990s.

    The Nats know all this, through their pollster Farrar, and so they love more immigrants, under the present settings. Divide and rule is working just very well and fine for them.

  13. I don’t see the need for the anti-Chinese sentiment.

    Please do yourself a service and keep the racism out of it. You only help your detractors.

    Most Chinese people are much poorer than you are. That the NZ government seems bent on only bringing in tycoons is not the fault of the Chinese people.

    • The current NACT party are introducing neocolonial policies which changes the socio economic strata and demographics in favour of themselves this is detrimental to te tangata whenua and naturalised New Zealanders start thinking outside the square.

      A country such as NZ only has to shift the demographics 1.5% to squew the country, this is being done on purpose by Key, English and their puppet masters in the NWO.

  14. The wealthy Chinese here do mainly vote National.
    The students, the restaurant workers, etc. rarely vote – they aren’t interested in politics because they have little practical experience of it in China where there is no such thing as choice or a free vote.

  15. When Helen Clark was the PM, I she had the majority of the Chinese NZ vote. From the posts above i can see why Chinese NZes are going for National now. Some of the left wing hate Chinese people and demonstrates it frequently. There isn’t enough good people speaking up like The Weatherman.

    When the Labour and Green party (especially) lists lack ethnic diversity, it will continue. None of the top 14 Green list members (current numbers) are Asian. They obviously discriminate against those of East Asian origin.
    Only 3% of Labour MPs are Asian, not as racist but still pretty damning. They cannot plead ignorance as they have positive discrimination policies for certain groups. So it is active discrimination and is for the maintenance of privilege of certain ethnic groups.

    [‘Justice League’/’David’, please use only one pseudonym on this Forum. – ScarletMod]

    • TBH Im not sure where you think all the drama is? New zealand accepts over one hundred thousand migrants a year and big questions are being asked if New Zealand can sustain that number. I think it could be sustained with the perfect set of policies but whos perfect. New zealanders cant even mention a migrant crises with out self ridicule because maori are the ones who live in a migrant crises because migrants has almost destroyed the indigenous populations.

      Thats all its ever been about, greedy foriegners eyeing up foreign lands and foreign woman. There are a lot of pacific climate refugees being denied asylum on technicalities that costs tens of millions to find and prosecute. Thats rediculouse.

      Unless the government flips for the social investment needed to maintain immirgration numbers, the amount of migrants New Zealand can process each year will have to shrink or we will end up discriminating against new zealand citizens, possibly risking triggering a treaty claim, loss billions more from trade and over crowding and congestion and so on.

      And these stupid ideas that New Zealand cant produce skilled workers. We produce skilled workers, thousand of forign students for example tran here in New Zealand only to find there degrees are useless and there are being deported. Genius!

    • Thanks ScarletMod, But I had noticed under ‘David’, my posts were blocked or delayed for days. But noted. I didn’t think my posts were abusive or inappropriate.

      In response to Sam, debate about policy is fine but have you noticed the tone and in these posts/comments?
      Is dog whistling reaching the right audience?
      To give Martyn his due, I do not think he is racist but a lot of the above comments are.
      Ad hominem attacks to racial groups based on perceived voting preferences is not social justice. This is my ‘north star’ and kudos to those who speak out against racial profiling.

      Can I ask, what is the voting preferences of Europeans? If it is similar to Chinese, is that group going to be attacked?

      • Or maybe now that we know the percentage of how many chinese vote National, we now ask, why they do?

        This is not race based but more about how National buys it’s voters.

        • How about some research? I am sure Labour can afford that.
          Remember Helen Clark had the Chinese vote. These are not baked in voters as compared to the Pacific Island/Maori demographic.
          More similar to NZ European vote in my opinion. Not really a single issue voting mass.

  16. This was always the criticism the Right made of Labour’s support of migration from the Pacific Islands.

    This was indeed the case. I recall media reports precisely on this very issue.

    However, we shouldn’t forget also that Pacifica people were imported into New Zealand as workers in the 1960s/70s to fill labour shortages. This was a time when unemployment was measured in the hundreds or single-thousand figures. And before neo-liberal “reforms” worked it’s “magic” to “improve” our lives. (Note heavy-duty, industrial-grade sarc.)

    • Agree, but humans are highly subjective in their judgments, as long as fossil fuel enables a lifestyle that is over longer term unsustainable, people will NOT realise and accept they live beyond their natural sustainability means. Urbanisation also insulates many from the strain that becomes evident on the natural environment in the regions, where food is grown, and where the remnants of native species still live.

      People simply do NOT get it, what goes on

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