Blog Rankings: TDB second largest blog in NZ


The latest blog rankings are out, The Standard are no longer making their stats publicly available to Ken for the blog rankings and that makes The Daily Blog the second largest blog…

This election we intend to bring you commentary you can’t get in the right wing corporate mainstream media. Here is where you can contribute to keep us online for this election.

Many thanks from the TDB Team.

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  1. Has anyone at The Standard said why they are no longer making their stats publicly available?

    Could it be The Standard’s sectarian culling of any Left comment that doesn’t tie into their narrow National bad, Labour good narrative, is turning The Standard into an irrelevant echo chamber, which is translating into a catastrophic drop in their stats.

      • I just ducted ova 2 the standard and the top blog reads fck off homless. It just highlights the state of the standard in so few words.

        It must be some one over at the standard doesn’t like what the states say why they arent being published. Even if i was 4th id still publish my stats, even if i was Whale fat and the standard id still put out some stats.

        So Bill and Weka asked me on seperate ocassions to produce links for some treaty of Waitangi and antartica treaty legalese bullshit, so I did and it was fine, no problem right? But its like who the fuck are you to try and question whether or not New Zealand has some ambiguity they needed to check line and verse. And I pretty much said to them. ‘Fella you aint that smart.’

      • Me included Paul,

        But I live in hope that “The Standard” will now become a more “Inclusive” blog site as Martyn has excellently made “The Daily Blog” as our premium free speech platform, thank him and God.

    • Urgh, I hardly even visit there now, I used to masochistically trawl it at least once a month just to despair at the notion that this tripe might reach so many eyeballs. Crazy how popular it’s been for so long though.

  2. All that’s wrong with TS in a single post.
    A reasonable post by Anthony Robbins on the housing situation entitled
    “Fuck the Homeless”, after which there is half a mile of comments by people trying to prove how clever they are, not actually dealing with the issue:


    Perhaps the best summation is Bill’s comment “Jesus. And round and round we go……….”
    People have been banned for less

    • Its like. Do they know what every shade of liberal there is in the world?

      Have they figured it out yet?

      In a million years there will be a two warehouses full of just wekas comments about the meaning of the word liberal. Youd think they would have all figured it out by now. At least theyre providing a bit of comedy

      • Indeed. When I looked at it, I couldn’t find any “Off topic – moved to Open Mike” admonishments.

  3. Easy when Whaleshit and even Farrar’s shit Kiwiblog do not even get listed, the fight must go on, full steam, full steam radical:

    Do not waste your time for false tolerance, there is NONE that is allowed towards radical right wing shit we are inundated with.

  4. All good, but most Kiwis are too docile and shrug their shoulders, while the nation is sold and corrupted, I cannot believe the people that take no action, not even speak up, what is wrong with Kiwis???

    • Very good points Mike,

      I feel the same. as though Kiwis are euthanised and now have no brain!!!!!

      Most are watching the bullshit that the hard right like TV One and Mike Hosking turn out daily, so we need to introduce them to The daily Blog before their brain is removed entirely.

  5. Checked out what KiwiBlog was; a pathetic article by David Farrar (John Key’s mate) stateing that NZ Labour Party policies were similar to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and would lead to bankruptsy—- yeah right.

    • @ FARMER GUY.
      Are you an actual farmer… ? OMG. If so, then on behalf of me, a regular commentor on the fantastic The Daily Blog… welcome.

      The Daily Blog is one of the very best things that I’ve discovered. Certainly, on the media/political level. The Daily Blog is fabulous. You guys are fucking fantastic. Honestly. The Daily Blog is so far beyond Kiwi Blog for its intellect and humanism that I feel safe and surrounded by like minded souls when I come here and that’s a good thing in these days and times. Kiwi Blog is two dimensional and weak, the people who go there and share that sentiment need to come here and be amongst human beings. Leave the Lizard People to their three meats and no vege.

      • No we don’t want the Kiwi Blog clientele over here it is bad enough when you get the odd troll appearing.

    • I think they might be soon replacing Matthew Hooton with David Farrar as the right’s spokesman on the Nine to Noon “from the left and the right” segment.
      Hooton is more poisonous to the National Party than he is the Labour Party and the right desperately need someone to resume the National Party bootlicking of yesterday. Farrar would do admirably.

  6. If you want honest reporting and factual news stories then you have found it here at the T.D.B.

    There is nothing more sobering than reading the truth about what is happening in this country and it’s led me to question where i am living, it’s certainly not in the New Zealand that is portrayed in the alternative reality that is sold every day and night in the ” Brighter Future “nation.

    Without the work of the T.D.B and its contributors i and many others would be immersed in greater ignorance of inequality , human rights and the destruction of our environment to name a few.

    William Faulkner said ” Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice , lying and greed. If people everywhere were to do this… it will change the world.

    The ” fifth estate lives here ”

    Thanks Martyn and the team.

  7. If the Standard was still providing stats, it would show the same result. Readership and comments have plummeted in 2017, mainly because it’s been taken over by an addled Greenie and a loony libertarian nationalist who’s most recent brain fart was to promote the election of Marine Le Pen.

    The problem isn’t that it’s a Labour Party echo chamber (as Pat suggests above), it’s that any challenging thought has been swiftly stamped down on, both in comments and posts. There are only a couple of writers left worth reading (MS and Antony Robins) and they can’t save the place by themselves.

    Ironically, when CV and I were culled, it was said that removing our voices would lead to an increase in women writing there because it would become a ‘safe place’. The result? Fewer posts written overall and no women other than weka writing. And absolutely no working class voices at all.

    TS has lost it’s mojo and it’s mana. But, hey, it had a great run, didn’t it?

    • this whole feminist outrage BS got stadardistas all bitter and twisted. Thats how I remember how this wave of anti Trump, pro Killary phenomenon came over the standard. It was ideologically driven by fairness and justice for woman. Ok woman get a raw deal, but that dosnt make killary of trump suitable candidates for POTUS.

      I mean it forced a whole bunch of nerds to act tough like they could fight for once in there life. The whole thing was a fad created by trump to gain support and the standard got used by trump, there most hated opponent. For awhile you couldnt even mention trump because no one at the standard was allowed to suggest trump could win.

      In bastards and weka opinion any one who suggest trump could have won s some sort of right wing ninja. As if there previous mutterings about the word liberal wasnt juvenile enough.

      And all the Lprint is so hard done by posts that he has to fix stuff to do with the standard at odd hours ie identity politics, I share your pain pian bullshit got totally destroyed when lprint says its so difficult being pulled away overseas.

      But this isn’t a total failure of the standard. Blame should be placed on Brexit MPs and Killary and the DNC and so because it was there shenanigans that shifted the public against multilateral trade talks.

    • Bill is the only poster worth reading. Before that it was Bill and CV. When Bill eventually gets culled for triggering too many SJWs, there will no longer be any reason to visit, except maybe to head/desk it at the state of the modern left.

  8. We all know why The Standard doesn’t make its viewer numbers public.

    Though maybe they could keep a running tab of the number of people banned and for how long.
    Possibly with a side bar keeping weekly tabs on how many people have been called a ‘dickhead’ or a ‘conspiracy freak’, or just generally accused of wasting a certain gentlemans precious time….

  9. Isn’t it a worry that kiwiblog had 3x the viewing of TDB? And why are squabbling over The Standard? Unless the left is united, it will be another 3 years of national.

    • Kia ora John

      The reason Kiwiblog is 3x our size is of course because Kiwiblog has been going for over a decade, TDB has only been around for 3 years. The Standard has currently undergone a purge thanks to the Identitarian activists, this is why we have zero time for them.

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